Brian Houston reflects on Richo



18 thoughts on “Brian Houston reflects on Richo

  1. Yes I guess if you think wanting him to at least take a gander at apologising properly is harsh, then I’m being a “well hard mallard”!

    Merry Christmas Dave – and everyone else aboard the good ship groupsects! Lance- hope you have a great holiday season and may the noodle appendages of the great spaghetti monster in the sky bless and touch you i places that feel great ad shameful both at the same time!


  2. “Say sorry or I won’t forgive you”

    See this is how you twist things – that is not what I said at all – I have forgiven you – I do;t require you to do anything in order for me to forgive you – however for me to accept your apology and move on and continue communicating with you online – I need more than “Sorry. Lol” You can’g even say a simple Sorry without taking it back with the very next word you type.


  3. Q – you accused me of being a woman basher – not something I’m got to just accept a generic apology – I’ll have a merry Christmas regardless of you and your stupidity. Apologise properly, don’t apologise at all, it matters nothing to me – I simply choose not to communicate with people who have so low a view of themselves that they need to insult and viciously accuse others of hateful things in order for them to feel good.

    It’s a patter with you – you all nice and ‘Christian’ for ages and then someinth little tips you over the edge and you lambast people with things that are just disgusting and entirely until the person you present your self to be, to such an extent that I suspect you either are a secret drinker or have bi-polar – either one I’m ok with – just acknowledge you said some hateful things, lies in fact, apologise for saying them and we can move on. If not – that’s your choice.


  4. Greg.

    I honestly can’t remember.

    I’m not that interested in online reconciliation though.

    If you want a sorry I can say that. Sorry. Lol

    But if you want me to get on my hands and knees ….? Nah.,

    The insults that have come my way outnumber anything I’ve given 10 to 1.

    You’re a big boy, I’m sure you’ll get over it. If you don’t want to have a merry Christmas so be it.


    “Say sorry or I won’t forgive you”

    Reminds me of the guy who was so mad that the Christian didn’t admit Islam was a religion of peace that he left got his guns and came back and killed him.,

    Don’t take life so seriously or you hair will fall out.


  5. Is that some kind of backward apology Q? You insult the shit out of us – accuse me of the most horrendous things, disappear for a while because you know you were entirely in the wrong with your disgusting insults, and now come back, call us crazy all while your attempting to insult another person and then you ask us to forget your insults?

    No. I won’t.

    Apologise properly and with some humility and I will – but not with that sad attempt at reconciliation – do it properly or don;t bother doing it at all.


  6. Boring?

    Tv shows, podcasts, repeatedly turns down interviews, this site is obsessed with him (maybe he’s attractive to gays??), there’s a bunch of crazy Calvinists who made a whole website about him, thousands go to his church and turn up to listen to him overseas, a Calvinist come pirate does radio segments going through every sentence of his sermons – and some guy called David reads about him and comments…

    You may not like him – but here’s the ugly truth.

    You are the boring one. You got a comment or two out of Greg and now one out of me.
    So that makes you the person least responded to in the history of this site.

    Greg, Bones etc are crazy (they don’t know it yet …) but they aren’t boring.

    You Sir – well maybe you should find that joint you were talking about and watch some telly.

    But you won’t. You’ll be back here to see what Brian is doing and what people are saying about him.

    Hey it’s Christmas. Go out and sing some carols or something. But spending your time commenting on how some famous guy is boring is little … Boring.

    To the rest of you , Merry Christmas.
    Hope Greg, Bones, Wazza etc can forget my insults and have a great time with family and friends and not eat/drink too much but just enough to finish out the year with a smile.


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