Merry Christmas from Hill$ong


18 thoughts on “Merry Christmas from Hill$ong

  1. Salutations David.
    I love Nembutal but I think their old stuff is better than their new stuff. My brother has the box set of remasters.


  2. Lol

    No I just was going to sign as “The ever sorry Q” as a joke but somehow sent by mistake, and thought it would be obvious that it was me.
    Happy New Year Bones.

    And yes. I am very scared of Greg.
    He’s a bald Anglican with tattoos. Be afraid, be very afraid.
    He’s almost as scary as the woman in the video. Maybe it’s his wife?

    Be of good cheer guys and just spend some time on the beach. That’s the true meaning of Christmas.


  3. Or maybe ‘not David’ ?

    As a long time listener/first time caller will I be defined by who I am or who I am not?

    Gnatty Q


  4. Bashing Hillsong for Christmas trees and Santa.??? What a lovely lady….
    She’d fit in really well here. Maybe even become an honorary member of the exclusive Hillsingchurchwatcher club. Failing that she get get a job with Greg as an apology enforcer. You know the type that demand apologies then say it isn’t good enough. This tough Yankee lady could probably thump people until Greg and the Watchers deem the repentance good enough.

    Maybe she came to Australia to make up more impressive numbers for the next anti-Hillsong demo?

    Her, the groupsects boys and the Watchers…
    They might make double digits this time!


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