Hoverboard priest suspended


Asia One reports…

“There is nothing unusual about a priest singing Christmas songs on Christmas Eve during mass. But not when this is done on a hoverboard, according to the diocese of San Pablo in Philippines. – 

The Guardian reported that the Roman Catholic diocese in Manila has suspended a member of its clergy for greeting parishioners in song while gliding through the church aisles on a hoverboard.

The priest was suspended after footage of him making his way round the church on a hoverboard was uploaded to Facebook, reportedly by a Colombian radio station.

The clip has since gone viral on YouTube.
A traditionalist Catholic group, on its Facebook page called Novus Ordo Insider, also reposted the video and it has attracted over 400,000 views. 

The diocese has released an official statement on its official Facebook page as well as to international news agency Agence France-Presse (AFP).

AFP reported that the statement released by the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines on Wednesday, Dec 30, also identified the priest as Father Albert San Jose.

The statement added that the priest acknowledged that “his action was not right” and “that it was a wake up call for him”.

It also indicated the priest’s suspension, saying: “He will be out of the parish and will spend some time to reflect on this past event.”

The incident has garnered mixed responses online.

There were those who did not condone the priest’s actions with one Facebook user AL Lan Calibuso stating that the apology “satisfies (his) anger” and that he “will continue to pray for (the priest’s) return to holiness.”

But several others also stepped forward to offer their support for the priest.

Facebook user Rob Trainor commented on Novus Ordo Insider’s post on the official statement: “I have seen Priests in Churches wearing Hawaiian shirts, accepting gifts of NHL blankets from his parishioners, using Homilies to reference sporting events and other fun pastimes. This is exactly the same and the Church survived and frankly thrived. It is exactly this sort of thing Pope Francis wants to promote.”

Another social media user Camilla L. (@readdreamwrite) also expressed doubts over the priest’s suspension and tweeted: “Roman Catholic Diocese of San Pablo, there’s bigger issues happening in Laguna and the Philippines than a hoverboard. Love, my family”

According to AFP, the Philippines is a conservative bastion of the Catholic Church in Asia and about 80 per cent of its 100 million people are members of the faith.

Hoverboards have been making headlines of late, with retailers issuing recalls after the devices were deemed too unsafe to ride.

They have been banned in New York and is reportedly the subject of a possible ban in the Philippines due to security concerns.”

From http://news.asiaone.com/news/asia/philippines-priest-reportedly-suspended-riding-hoverboard-during-mass#sthash.pgm76QtX.dpuf


4 thoughts on “Hoverboard priest suspended

  1. But the issue not reported here is that he changed the style of the popular Christmas carol Silent Night. He greeted the parishioners with, “word up gangsters” and everytime he walked past the Chang sisters he said, “ho ho ho”. Before the ice wore off he had his rainments covering the board and he was singing, “I’m a pretty angel”.


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