Rwanda genocide pastor jailed


The Telegraph reports…

“A Rwandan pastor accused of leading and co-ordinating attacks on minority Tutsis during Rwanda’s 1994 genocide has been sentenced to life imprisonment, Rwanda’s high court said on Wednesday.

In the genocide, an estimated 800,000 ethnic Tutsis and moderate Hutus were killed by dominant Hutu forces in 100 days.

Jean Uwinkindi, who once led the Kayenzi Pentecostal church in the rural outskirts of the capital Kigali, was convicted of crimes of genocide and crimes against humanity committed during the slaughter.

“The court finds that there were killings of the Tutsi at Rwankeri and Kanzenze hills and that the attacks were led by Uwinkindi,” said Judge Kanyegeri Timothee.

Uwinkindi, 64, was arrested in Uganda in 2010 and the following year his case was referred from the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, in Tanzania, to the Rwandan national court system. It was the first such referral.

At the time, the ICTR said that legal reforms in Rwanda, including scrapping the death penalty for genocide suspects held in Tanzania or at large, had made the transfer possible.

The former pastor said he planned to appeal….”


34 thoughts on “Rwanda genocide pastor jailed

  1. Okay Gregory, here’s the deal. YOu say you won’t talk to me. Then you do. You also say you want to block me. ANd complain that you cant.

    Here it is. This was the last comment I will ever make on this webstite to anyone about anything. Absolute promise. Forever.

    YOu are free to reign and decide who is a Christ follower or not.


  2. And upon what basis do you make that claim David? Your vast experience of the worldwide Anglican communion? The one Sunday you went to a baptism?

    Seeing as I’m neither high church, nor liberal I think you might well be wrong.


  3. The Anglican church is just a social club for people who enjoy tea and biscuits. High church Anglicans prefer scones. Any decent Anglican priest would be atheist or theologically liberal which is the same thing.


  4. @David

    No. He’s going to heaven.

    I’m the one who is not a Christ follower. And Greg knows. He’s an Anglican.


  5. Why do you have to be also personal derogatory Q – go fuck yourself. I won’t be engaging in conversation with you again. IT’s a shame these blogs aren’t like Facebook so i could just block your sorry excuse of a self. You consider yourself a better Christian than me, yet you make jokes about my weight and you make jokes about my wife? You’re a not a follower of Jesus at all Q, no – not at all.

    And that makes me sad.


  6. lots of people who I feel sympathy for don’t necessarily want it. I’m just saying I feel sorry for them. It’s sad.

    No I’m not gay Gregory. Just couldn’t think of what else would make your wife laugh.
    You laugh at dead prostitute jokes, your wife laughs for two hours and urinates in her underwear according to you over comments about Muslim rapists in Germany. So naked fat bald Anglicans probably gets a chuckle too I suppose?

    Now that I think of it, I feel sorry for you too.

    Though I know you don’t want sympathy.

    Too bad. The thought of fat bald Anglicans laughing about dead prostitutes makes me sad.

    I’ll try to be less sensitive.


  7. Gay people don’t want your sympathy unless a family member or loved one has died – other than that – accept or move on – they require nothing more or less.

    It disturbs me that you would be thinking of me naked and then start talking about gay people as if you were not one of them. You are truly incapable of self awareness.


  8. She laughed at 1000 Muslims raping German women.?

    A Newcastle girl huh?

    Laughed for two hours?
    That’s an hour longer than the last time she saw you naked right? Still that sounds psychotic.

    @ Gnatchoker.
    Don’t know much theology, but homosexuality makes as much sense to me as people who enjoy smashing their heads on the floor 24 hrs a day. Totally incomprehensible but they have my sympathy.
    And I’m gay friendly. I’m friendly to everyone – except when I get exasperated by the loons here. Yeah gay friendly. With my beautiful body I keep getting hit on by them and with by brilliant prose I get mistaken for being female or gay.

    You seem sensible. Except for the tattoo and breaking bread with Greg.



  9. I like Q very much. I may park my search engine here and learn.

    I got no ideas, I am no one, I don’t know much, I am not smart enough to comment other than with witless non-jokes. I do thank God for Steve from Chookwatch for rescuing me from hillsongchurchwatch.

    For the record i am theologically anti-gay but practically gay-friendly. Lance might like me.

    I am fat, balding and have a tatoo which means if i download the book of common prayer i could break bread with spellchecking Greg.

    I used to tithe of the gross which will help me fit in with Pentecostals. I clap on the off-beat which is docrinally correct for Charasmaniacs.

    I will call Melly Smuff Shirley because Shirley that cannot be your real name. My real name is Phil but I chose Gnat Choker because like the religeous whackjobs Jesus spoke with I get the big things but not the little. The little being love, mercy and forgiveness.


  10. So Greg “liked” that completely abhorrent sexist limerick?

    No apologies needed for you.

    Seriously, Dave you are pathetic. Leaving church and becoming an atheist means you think that was funny? And Greg liked that?
    Show your wife and daughters Greg.

    By the way,

    “German police hunt for group of up to 1,000 men ‘of Arab and North African origin’ who sexually assaulted numerous women and threw fireworks into crowds at Cologne train station on New Year’s Eve ”

    Is that funny too?
    Won’t make the news here.

    And probably won’t until crowds of young Muslim men start beating up gays in the street.

    Just wait guys. After you’ve finished with the Christians it will be you guys and the Muslims.

    Then we’ll see how tough Dave, Greg and the gays are.

    It’s open season on Christians and now women and prostitutes here. But not Muslims.

    Pathetic guys.

    Go on Greg, read out the limerick you liked to your dying Anglican congregation.

    Bipolar? I maybe. But I still don’t like that filthy limerick.

    Weak, pathetic boys.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Happy New Year Not David. May your non-belief system either bless you or not bless you. Your perception/choice/movement of grey matter.


  12. This pastor will probably go to heaven to join all the other insane criminals who accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour. He can worship his genocidal God forever.

    Fuck you God.


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