Why scamgelists need private jets


Metro reports…

“Televangelist television programing is usually very strange, but we’re not sure we’ve seen a stranger thing on television then when Kenneth Copeland and Jesse Duplantis spent a good four minutes defending their private jets. 

The video of the moment in question begins with Jesse Duplantis talking about how God spoke to him on his jet “that God so graciously gave [him].” When Duplantis was about to finish his story and head to scripture, his fellow evangelist Kenneth Copeland interrupted him to explain to the world why Duplantis and he need private jets.

“The world is in such a shape we can’t get there without [these private jets]. We’ve got to have these. The mess that the airlines are in today? I would have to stop — I’m being very conservative — at least 75 to 80, more like 90 percent of what we’re doing, ’cause you can’t get there from here.”

Copeland explained that in a private jet, Duplantis and he had the freedom to have conversations with God, which is vital to their work.

Additionally, Copeland told a story of another preacher that called private planes a “sanctuary” where he could be free from “a long tube with a bunch of demons” asking to pray with him and “agitating” his spiritual selves. 

So, in other words, why do they need private jets? To avoid people, and be closer to God.”

From http://www.metro.us/viral/video-televangelists-defend-owning-private-jets/zsJpad—PnMAeAY6FX8OY/


7 thoughts on “Why scamgelists need private jets

  1. The comment below was brought to you by the people who believe that not only is Q a horrible fing non-Christ follower, but that he would never be spoken to again…

    So should I respond…? lol

    Okay, Gee Greg thanks you wonderful Christ-following loving brave ANglican.
    Can you stop talking to me now? lol


  2. @David Are you trying to traumatize me?

    Okay, that”s it . I need a private jet….

    by the way, that wasa typo – I meant MALE cabin attendants. WHose dumb idea was that?


  3. This makes a lot of sense.
    But they forgot my pet peeve. In economy it’s brutal sitting next to fat people.

    Last time I was on a plane the fat from the guy next to me was rolling out onto my side.

    They should make those people pay double or at least 150%.

    Yep, fat people and demons.
    And make cabin attendants – especially ones with lisps……


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