Pastor talks rubbish


KPIX reports…

“A local pastor was caught on camera dumping trash on a street in his own West Oakland neighborhood.

Pastor Nathaniel Jones can be seen wearing a suit and his clerical collar while dumping the trash.

“A person in that position is supposed to be a community leader, a community contributor, and a person who’s supposed to guide others,” neighbor Tyler Henthorne said.

Jones admits to dumping the trash, but says he left the items for out for the homeless, saying he was trying to help the poor.

But, Oakland’s city attorney isn’t buying it.

“It’s important that people who are doing this are held accountable, both with the citation and being exposed publicly,” Oakland City Attorney Barbara Parker said.

Parker has the video, and plans to charge Jones.

Further digging showed that Jones is a registered sex offender, convicted of sexual assault and lewd acts with a child under 14 years old.

Jones’ church closed down several years ago. He lives just two blocks away from where the video was recorded.

The dumping happened in front of Dorothy Lenehan’s business.  Her camera recorded Jones in the act.

“I think he ought to be ashamed. People who do this ought to be ashamed of themselves,” said Lenehan.”



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