Anglican angst – updated*


Time reports…

“The International Anglican Communion has suspended the U.S. Episcopal Church over its acceptance of same-sex marriage.

This discipline means the Episcopal Church will not be able to participate in internal Communion decision-making, serve on internal committees, or represent Anglicans in meetings with faith groups. Leaders of the 38 provinces within the Communion decided on the suspension during a meeting in England on Thursday, CNN reports.

“Recent developments in the Episcopal Church with respect to a change in their canon on marriage represent a fundamental departure from the faith and teaching held by the majority of our provinces on the doctrine of marriage,” said the Anglican archbishops in a statement. “The traditional doctrine of the church in view of the teaching of Scripture, upholds marriage as between a man and a woman in faithful, lifelong union.”

The suspension occurs following multiple years of disagreements about sexuality, among other issues. The statement said there will be a task group to maintain communications between the Anglican Communion and the U.S. Episcopal Church, so that the relationship may be restored in the future.”



5 thoughts on “Anglican angst – updated*

  1. So the Episcopal Church has been sent to the naughty corner until it changes it’s ways.

    Don’t know how Canada missed out.

    Seems the conservatives had Welby’s balls and that breakaway mob was asked to attend.

    It really is hypocritical.

    The Selective Outrage of the Anglican Church

    “This is not how Anglicans should behave. It’s awful. It’s a terrible outcome to the meeting of the primates in Canterbury. What action will now be taken against all those churches in the Anglican Communion who treat gay men and women as criminals? Will they be suspended for three years, too?”


  2. All that valuable real estate could be repurposed. Suggest gaming facility, medical centre or crematorium as profitable alternatives. Anglican church members the obvious target market.


  3. Hats are an important salvation issue in global Anglicanism; you weren’t aware of this Bones?

    I think that reports of Anglicanisms death are a tad premature…there’s way too much property tied up under canon law for people to seriously split from the communion.


  4. What the heck did that bit about hats have to do with homosexuality?

    But yeah the Anglican communion is pretty stuffed.

    The gay clergy I knew were ok blokes.


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