Creflo Dollar Highway


WSB reports…

“A state senator wants to rename part of Old National Highway after megachurch pastor Creflo Dollar.

Dollar’s church, World Changers Church International, has been a part of the College Park community for 30 years.

State Sen. Donzella James, D-Atlanta, introduced the proposal Monday. Dollar’s church is in her district.

James told Channel 2’s Matt Johnson that the pastor has done more good for the community than his reputation may suggest.

“I would love to see a Creflo Dollar Highway,” James said.

James is a strong supporter of Dollar. She says the leader of World Changers gets a bad reputation and deserves the honor after his years of service in the community.

“This is a church that’s doing things in the community to make things better,” James told Johnson.

James introduced Senate Resolution 805, which would dedicate Old National Highway between Highway 138 and Interstate 285 as the Creflo Dollar Highway.

Dollar made headlines last year when he and other church leaders asked followers at World Changers to raise $65 million for a top-of-the-line luxury Gulfstream G-650 jet.

James recently joined Dollar’s church but said she did this because her constituents asked for it.

“So many people have requested this, not even people who go to World Changers,” James told Johnson.

Disbelief was the reaction Johnson got from some people who live along Old National Highway as they said they’d rather see it dedicated to someone else.

“Oh Lord have mercy, good God almighty, Lord no,” one man told Johnson. “He’s not meeting the whole community needs in order for this right here to be named after him.”

“He might impact the people who go to his church but not like College Park or Old National as a community,” another person told Johnson.

Last year, James won approval to name a portion of Atlanta’s Spring Street as the new Gladys Knight Highway.”





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