Pastor’s infidelity leads to boy’s death


Standard Media Kenya reports…

“A boy was shot dead yesterday as police opened fire to scare a mob that attempted to lynch a randy pastor in Embu.

Kelvin Macharia, 16, was shot in the head in the melee as he waited outside a chemist for his father who was buying medicine.

Police had swung into action to rescue the pastor who had been caught in a compromising situation with the wife of a prominent Embu businessman when the mission turned fatal.

Witnesses said the pastor was cornered by the businessman near a popular entertainment joint in Embu town at around 11am. They said the woman is a member of the pastor’s church and they have been close friends for some time.

Police were forced to open fire as irate member of the public that turned out in their hundreds attempted to lynch the pastor and burn his car..

The officers eventually rescued the pastor, who ministers at Victory Manifestation Christian Centre in Kivwe Embu North sub-county, and the woman.

Macharia, who was bleeding profusely, was rushed to Embu Level 5 Hospital and died as he waited to be attended to.

Embu West OCPD Francis Sang confirmed the use of live bullets during the chaos, saying the boy was hit by a stray bullet.

He said the pastor was being held at the Embu Police Station, adding that investigations into the incident had been launched.

Residents of Embu town accused police of firing live bullets while dispersing the protesting mob.

Richard Gichovi, the boy’s father, said he heard gunshots and people fleeing only to see his son lying unconscious on the floor.

“I had taken Macharia to Embu Level 5 Hospital for his broken hand to be examined but the health workers were on strike.

I then went to buy medicine at the chemist when the tragedy occurred,” said a shocked Gichovi.

The body of the boy was taken to the Embu Level 5 Hospital mortuary.”



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