Brawl after church


WMC reports…

“A woman is facing attempted murder charges after a brutal fight spilled out into the street after church this weekend.

The brawl was caught on camera and yielded several adult and juvenile arrests.

At one point in the fight, a car plowed through a group of people. Police said Shanika Hayes was driving the car that hit several people.

Hayes, 21, faces four counts of attempted second-degree murder.”




6 thoughts on “Brawl after church

  1. This place is strange. David, I got you wrong. You’re actually the most sensible person here. Maybe I can talk your wife into sending you to a dentist.


  2. Oh I should introduce myself . I’m Donald. My hobbies are trashing Hillsong with photoshopped pictures based on my extensive gay image collection, picking my nose and rolling around the carpet speaking in tongues.

    I’m batshit crazy.


  3. It’s somewhat surprising that anyone under 70 attends churches these days. Greg are you under 70? And do you like an occasional biffo after the service.


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