Pat Mesiti – drunk and dangerous – updated*


7 News reports…

“A former Hillsong preacher accused of showing up at his estranged wife’s Sydney home and grabbing her by the neck has been ordered to undergo anger management or alcohol abuse counselling.

A Parramatta Local Court magistrate this week formally dismissed a charge of domestic violence-related assault laid against Pat “Pasquale” Mesiti after a drunken run-in he had with Andrea Mesiti over a New Year’s Eve party.

Mr Mesiti was allowed to walk free on Wednesday on the condition he attend regular doctors’ appointments, take his prescribed medication and “accept referral to another health provider, including a psychologist if appropriate, to deal with anger management and or managing his frustration tolerance and or alcohol abuse”.

The former churchman, 56, has written several self-help books, and according to court documents earns $2500 a week on the public-speaking circuit.

A fact sheet previously tendered in the court stated the couple separated last April, after more than a decade of marriage.

But when Mr Mesiti learned she had allowed a relative to host a party at the family home, he showed up at the Glenhaven house and became involved in a verbal and physical altercation that left his wife in tears.

After a heated verbal argument during which Mrs Mesiti defended allowing the party, Mr Mesiti grabbed her by the neck, according to the fact sheet.

“A physical altercation has ensued during which the victim has felt an impact to the right side of her head,” the documents state.

In February, Mesiti was slapped with a 12-month apprehended violence order, which barred him from assaulting or stalking Mrs Mesiti or approaching her within 12 hours of consuming alcohol.

  • National domestic violence helpline: 1800 737 732 or 1800RESPECT. In an emergency call triple-zero.




9 thoughts on “Pat Mesiti – drunk and dangerous – updated*

  1. Judging by that site, that’s quite a collection.
    The guy who buys Brian’s cigars must be pretty busy too!

    Unless… Heaven forbid – all those images are photoshopped? In which case, it would have to be a full-time job there.

    “So what did you do at your last job?”

    “I was busy around the clock pasting cigars in Brian Houston’s mouth, putting his head on outrageous pink outfits, and his son’s head on sexy muscular gay men’s bodies. And no, I’m not gay. I’m really not! Honest! “

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  2. Are Donald Elley of Bellingen and Tanya Levin of The Edge of Insanity employed by Hillsong? The more they talk the bigger Hillsong gets.


  3. Why would a man with the enormously vast knowledge and expertise in human psychology end up before the courts on a charge of assault? This must be a fake story designed to ruin Pat’s reputation.

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