Pat Mesiti’s new tune

Pat Mesiti speaking at Family Harvest Church 27/4/2016


AAP reported March 24…

“A former Hillsong preacher accused of showing up at his estranged wife’s Sydney home and grabbing her by the neck has been ordered to undergo anger management or alcohol abuse counselling.

A Parramatta Local Court magistrate this week formally dismissed a charge of domestic violence-related assault laid against Pat “Pasquale” Mesiti after a drunken run-in he had with Andrea Mesiti over a New Year’s Eve party….”




29 thoughts on “Pat Mesiti’s new tune

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  2. Believe it or not, I like Bernie. He seems extremely genuine. Like his accent too, and the way that bird came down was like sign from heaven.

    Too bad he’s completely crazy.
    But he believes what he says.
    If trump doesn’t win I’d like him to win.
    Which is a pretty bizarre position I know.


  3. You’re right the loud and stupid rule over the quiet and thoughtful. Mainly because they are too stupid to know how stupid they are. But we give them money and attention so maybe we are even more stupid.

    Vote for Trump.


  4. David,
    He’s loud.
    I don’t think he’s an Einstein.
    I wouldn’t call him a con man in that he believes his stuff. But, if I went to a motivational / business seminar, I’d prefer to listen to someone else and I think he makes easy money.

    But no, not a lot of substance there.

    But, then again … I strangely admire people who do so well with so little.

    I think the world – including the religious world is run by loud, stupid conmen and conwomen.

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  5. Super confident people who give pep talks have always seemed sleazy and dishonest to me. More so when they lack intellectual substance.

    In short, a phrase used advisedly, you are saying that Pat is a loud, stupid con man


  6. Pat Mesiti was big with Youth Alive the Assemblies of God youth group event that was held once a month. His forte was speaking to kids. He’d make references to popular culture and make lots of jokes. And he’d often have an emotional story at the end, with an altar call.

    The kind of guy that would don head dress and preach about being Rambos for Jesus.

    Houston is not eloquent but they both have one thing in common. They are confident at talking in public. And so few people can do that or want to do it. Houston probably wouldn’t do well at a Ted Talk or somewhere out of his environment. But, with a room full of young people who have just been singing for a while, he comes across okay to the people who like him. And of course lots of the christian world loves Hillsong music so he’s seen as already worth listening to because of that.

    I personally don’t like Mesiti’s voice and way of speaking. But. when it comes to speaking to teenagers etc he’ll reach them better than the average Catholic priest or Uniting Church minister.

    I think esp in the charismatic world – being super confident is 90%.

    I’m sure there are many people involved in Hillsong that read a lot – but that’s the thing. You don’t listen to Houston for deep theology. You get a pep talk from him.

    And he’s pretty good at that I think.

    That’s my take on it.


  7. “I met a person in a cafe once who was reading a very complex book on the life of Paul. ”

    You would think they would be able to see through Brian’s dribble….

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  8. “You’ve never heard of Pat Mastitis?”

    Nope other than disparaging comments n the internet.

    He’s obviously a big deal in certain churches.

    Or in other words, a nobody…..


  9. I have no idea what it is about Brian Houston that draws people to listen to him – he is no theological giant – nor is he even a theological dwarf – more a theological child – and yet he manages to surround himself with people capable of really high calibre thought. Tania Riches is a case in point – one of Hillsongs worship team, she has just completed a Phd i something or other which had caused her to work in the US, and among Australian Aboriginal Christian leadership. I met a person in a cafe once who was reading a very complex book on the life of Paul. He turned out to be a member of Hillsong and attending it’s leadership college.

    Pat Mesiti however has not one sckeric of formal training in theology and is just a very simple speaker of average ability – I do not understand his appeal at all.

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  10. And Brian Houston is the same. Is Australia so full of people with intellectual handicaps, that they find pentecostal preachers worth listening too? Is this mental illness?

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  11. After listening to one or two short segments of the youtube clip, I cannot understand how anyone could sit through hours of Pat Mesiti’s drivel. He is no intellectual, and has a sleep inducing way of delivering idiotic content. Are his books and other media of the same low standard? People pay for this?

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  12. Melly Smuff you’re husband “drank”? Past tense. Did you drive him of this mortal coil and into the arms of Abraham?

    I just do;nt understand how Pat Mesiti get’s a platform anymore. At least not until he’s undergone his counselling etc. I’m not one to say that anyone is deprived a platform for all e=ternity – but some times ad long period is necessary. He hasn’t improved at all over the y


  13. Melly. lol
    I only drink at night. But good advice. lol

    NO i lied – I drank at lunch yesterday. I see you are a prophet Mrs Smuff.


  14. or Godfollowerswatch?

    Whether atheist or zealous pentecostal, there is no way of saying what happens in the world is God.

    What we can say is that people who profess to be believers in and followers of God do bad things. They also have problems and respond to problems badly.

    I’m one of them. But in the times when I wasn’t sure I believed in God, I also did things I’m not proud of.

    The older I get the more I realise most people are like that.

    I think this site started as an outshoot of something called signposts….I think! lol It started with people being hurt in mega churches….I think? now its a listing of bad things that people do in Catholic and Protestant churches from around the world.

    And for that, it does a pretty good job.

    But, you could probably pick any sub-group of people in the world and do a similar thing.

    I admit to being attracted by bad news and like keeping up with whats going on. I also get depressed a lot. lol

    Nothing surprises me anymore. But then again, I always think Abraham and David were absolute rogues too.

    Though I even as a kid thought God was completely over the top in his dealings (as recorded in the Bible).

    Pat Mesiti is not someone I ever liked. He always came across as a big mouth whose every sermon seemed to have a sub-goal of showing how great Pat Mesiti is.

    But, I always feel sorry for someone when they’re down.

    I wish him and his ex-family and future family well.

    In the end, most of us don’t realise how bad we are and are mostly doing the best we can. I’ll take Pat Mesiti over someone who blew up a bus anyday.

    I’d love a tenth of his confidence though! lol

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  15. Yep, we are all so flawed.

    Would have been kept busy if they had the Internet from day one. Imagine Abrahamwatch. com.

    Davidwatch, peterwatch, jesusdisciplesgroupsects.wordpress.

    Most of us can only be glad we aren’t famous.

    What a worthless bunch we all are.

    Thank God for his mercy.

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