The bizarre ‘Carl Lentz transgender’ video


“Apostle Laura Lee

Apostle of the Church of Philadelphia. (The Church of Philadelphia is a non-institutional church. Non-institutional apostolic ministry is ministry of the Word of God and prayer.  Specific call to release the endtime revelation sealed to the end in the book The Lost Story; found and direct Grace Explosion Prayer Center 24/7 II Chronicles 7:14 prayer; and restore the Upper Room Meeting dynamic of Acts to initiate the endtime move of the Spirit in the apostolic commission thereof.)

Spirit-filled Reformed Anabaptist systematic theologian restoring apostolic power of early church. Releasing full revelation of eternal whole counsel plan of God; reformation of church to Kingdom non-institutional spiritual body; ZION rising; ministering endtime move.”



9 thoughts on “The bizarre ‘Carl Lentz transgender’ video

  1. You can’t just claim that you know he is transgender – unless he admits that he is, or you find actual procedures of when he was a girl, I will just believe that you are one of the lunatics giving Christianity a bad name.

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  2. If I looked as bad as Carl, I’d never dream of going shirtless on the net.
    He’s not transgender, but he is a girly man. That’s so gay. (sorry to the homosexuals here)
    I could bicep curl him! (while fighting off Bones favorite ex-footballer dream man with the other. lol


  3. Whats a shameful embarrassing video. I dont know Carl but i know people that grew up with him as a man boy ha ha. This is absolutely retarded ha ha.


  4. It’s almost as if a prerequisite for Apostleship these days is either very obvious psychological problems or very heavy problems with lust and greed.

    I’d probably make a good Apostle.

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  5. I can’t believe thsay she doesn’t just get that she is filled with a demon of lust – “oh look at those pecs – look at those abs – look at th bulge in his undies (ok – I’m imaging she thought that at one stage) – she is a total hornbag for the Lentz machine. Seriously though – get a life Apostle Laura (most likely self titled as all of these so called ‘apostles’ tend to be.


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