Mrs. Fred Nile converts to Tasmanianism



13 thoughts on “Mrs. Fred Nile converts to Tasmanianism

  1. I didn’t realise either Greg. But I was young when I heard it. Back in the days when you’d tape songs as they came on the radio to make your own music collection, And you only saw the music video on Saturdays.

    Or if Molly Meldrum talked about it.

    Anyway, isn’t youtube great!

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  2. David that’s a prestigious area, people are dying to get into it. Actually I used to live around the corner on Brookman Ave – when I went to Uni. Used to go to a little Pente church along Sturt Rd.

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  3. I haven’t heard that song for ages either – and even back then I never knew that it was about the Titanic – have no idea how I cold ave missed that. Great flash back Dave and Q.

    As for the fist of the Niles to sink their boat – I’d put money on Fred getting sick of her and praying real hard for her to die – and he will be free from his sin of adultery.

    For whoever marries a divorced woman is guilty of adultery as well. Fred doesn’t mind putting his beanie wherever he wants – he just doesn’t like other boys to do that with such gay abandon as he he has done.

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  4. This thread was worth it just to see that clip. First time to see it and haven’t heard the song for 30 years.
    Should I feel guilty for not having seen Mrs Nile’s video …,

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  5. 760 Goodwood Road, Pasadena, South Australia, 5042

    Bahahahahahahahaha – I hear that none of the people living within a 2.5 km radius of there are allowed to be buried at that cemetery – they have to b dead first!


  6. I live in Adelaide, so am not eligible to vote for Mrs Nile.


    760 Goodwood Road, Pasadena, South Australia, 5042


  7. So now we know where you live! The hunt continues Mr David…Bahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    Soon we shall meet face to face – and then…I shall baptise thee under the mid morning sun, as the crowds of faithful cheer and celebrate the vanquishing of yet another Atheist by Greg, the Explorer!

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