Pastor kills wife


The Daily Mail reports…

“A Florida pastor ‘accidentally’ killed his wife after he shot her in the head while cleaning his gun. 

Darrell Reid, 63, called Orange County deputes around 8pm Monday and said he had accidentally shot his 62-year-old wife, Katie Reid, while cleaning his weapon.  

Police responded to the Zellwood home located on Winifred Avenue and found the man’s wife with a gunshot wound to the head, according to the Orlando Sentinel

His wife was taken to Florida Hospital, Apopka, where she later died, according to WFTV.

The couple have been together since they were ‘just 12 years old’, which is when they first met, according to a profile on Etsy

‘I am a retired disabled Army Master Sergeant and Vietnam Vet with over 25 years military service,’ Darrell Reid wrote in the Etsy profile. 

He added that he also ‘retired from Pastoring in December of 2014 after over 40 years behind the pulpit’. 

Reid wrote that he and Katie, who was a retired special education teacher, have been married for nearly 35 years. 

According to the profile, they have three sons, six granddaughters, one Grandson and three great grandsons.  

Together they created Happy Hill Ministries, which is an outreach ministry they founded in 1973. 

The couple’s neighbor told News 6 that he didn’t hear any gunshots at the time of the incident but he did say that Reid is a pastor.

No charges have been filed against her husband. 

Investigators spoke with the man for several hours trying to get more information.

Police are calling the shooting accidental, but authorities are still investigating.”



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