Street revilers target Hill$ong NYC


6 thoughts on “Street revilers target Hill$ong NYC

  1. But no doubt the churchwatchinghypercalvinistsfromdownunder will proclaim 4 fellow calvinist brethren as being a huge demonstration against Hillsong and evidence of their lack of acceptance with Christianity.

    Whereas the truth is, the handful of demonstrators probably are avid readers of church watchers, and listen to pirate radio sermon critiques everyday.

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  2. I think they are the best thing for Hillsong.
    In fact, Hillsong people should probably dress up and say that stuff to get more people in.

    Put it this way, who is going to join the placard holders?
    I doubt they’d be a fun bunch to hang around.

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  3. “You trust in your police, we’re going to trust in our God.”

    What do you think makes Christianity looks more silly, hillsong or people like this standing on the street hollering?

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