Paula White fears Orlando massacre victims are in Hell – updated*


Lance (Group Sects) writes…

After the Orlando massacre,  Paula White’s church posted a video of the televangelist speaking about the killings.

She expressed her fears the victims were now in Hell.

After I featured the video here, the church has since edited out those remarks.

You can now see the sudden edit in the video at the 3:43 mark.

I’ll see if I can find the removed footage.


14 thoughts on “Paula White fears Orlando massacre victims are in Hell – updated*

  1. Paula White’s church praying for Orlando was beautiful and well received.

    How much blind hate and intention to divide a grieving community does there have to be fit a man in another country to attack this.

    Stop trying to incite bitterness and division.
    You need psychiatric help!


  2. this video showcases pentecostal craziness – but is a video of pentecostals loving their city and its people so much that they would pray and fast! I’m with Q – maybe not the best time for paula to be wondering allowed as to the eternal destiny of the 49 victims and dead gunman – weird shit – but beautiful weird shit.


  3. Paula just seems like a harmless silly blonde who loves attention to me. But her and Benny Hinn must have been temporarily crazy to hold hands in public.
    Not very smart.
    But we’ve all been there. Lol


  4. Sister Paula should not address that. Only God can judge humans. There will be a lot of surprised people on judgement day. people they thought made it may not and vice versa? lets let God judge . And Sister Paula loves the homeless and the poor and the gay!!! some churches wont let those in like Pastor from Sacremento. I met sister Paula she is a sweetie!!! . She really loves God. And facelifts are not a sin!! lets be more careful what we preach me too!


  5. Okay, I didn’t hear the hell part.
    But for an evangelical to express the fear that people who died in a tragedy didn’t go to heaven is not that surprising. Christians of many persuasions have held to that view – including Catholics and Anglicans.

    That belief hasn’t stopped Paula from praying and fasting for three days and offering the use of the church and pastoral staff to the community.

    Like I said, I’m not a fan of hers.
    But Billy Graham in his address following 9/11 spoke about his belief that some (implying not all) of the victims would be in heaven.

    And still, yet another person claiming to be a Muslim murders scores of people while shouting praise to Allah, and you scour the Internet for some Christians to bash.

    It’s amazing.

    And Donald, your comments are disgusting.

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  6. “Paula says they’re going to hell? I didn’t hear that.
    I watched the 15 minute talk on YouTube.”

    The video is directly from her church’s Youtube channel.

    After I highlighted the portion of the video where she talked about her fears about the victims being in Hell, the church edited the video.

    I have re-cued the video so you can see the church’s edit at the 3:43 mark and am now tracking down the cutting room floor video.


  7. I’m disappointed in this.
    I’m no fan of Paula White. But this is really terrible that you would take this opportunity of this tragedy to attack Christians. Christians had NOTHING to do with this.

    50 people are dead at the hands of a deranged man. He “claimed” to be a Muslim and did this in the name of Allah. I’m not going to rant about Islam. Paula White didn’t use this tragedy to attack Islam. In the other hand YOU use this tragedy to attack Christianity? You scoured the Internet to find some crazy guy to highlight? An attack claimed by Isis carried out by a Muslim and you put up to articles about churches to make them look bad?

    Paula says they’re going to hell? I didn’t hear that.
    I watched the 15 minute talk on YouTube.

    Pastors hit up and prayed for the victims. They prayed for the leadership of Orlando, the police and the families of victims and prayed that they would be used to comfort their community.

    Paula said the church would spend three days praying and fasting for their community.
    She said she offered their church building for funerals or anything they could do to help. They have offered free counseling – and anything needed to the authorities and people of Orlando. She’s friends with a nightclub owner and is simply leading her people in prayer, fasting and practical comfort in this time.
    I never heard anything critical of the nightclub of its patrons. Nothing.

    Maybe the way they prayed is strange. Shouting, walking around, speaking in tongues, declaring – maybe that’s Pentecostal craziness to you and many people. But it’s their thing. Others of other faiths and beliefs will light candles, say rosaries, kneel before Buddha statues of simply wave rainbow flags or whatever is meaningful to them.

    President Obama asked the nation to pray that God would give people strength and comfort. Whether God will respond more to Paula shouting and speaking in tongues than to nuns saying the rosary or a gay man with no religious affiliation wearing a rainbow colored bandana, I honestly don’t know,
    I wish I did. And I wish that I knew why I should expect God to give strength and comfort to the mother of a gay or bisexual or straight person who was killed – in a way that she can feel it, when he didn’t intervene and make the gunman’s rifle malfunction or cause him to have an accident in the way or not be born in the first place. These things I don’t know.

    But what I do know is that at a time when people are grieving and expecting solidarity and not hate and division, you chose to slander Paula White and score points on your blog. Why? Are you that filled with hate that you can’t wait a few days?

    If you can watch Paula White’s talk and find hatred and condemnation in it, then please quote it.
    But I didn’t see it. She maybe a fruitcake but she seemed as sincere as Obama of any other public figure.

    Argue against guns, advocate for mental health systems, come up with a solution for stopping young people like this guy get radicalized – but you aren’t contributing positively in anyway at all by this article about Paula White – especially when she might get crucified by your churchwatchers friends by holding funerals for victims in her church and NOT condemning lifestyles.

    You do some good stuff, some funny stuff, but this wasn’t one of them .

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