Pastor believes Orlando shooter was God’s wrath


WSMV reports…

“Controversy has begun in Johnson City, Tenn. after a pastor at a Pentecostal church put a controversial message on the sign outside his church building.

“God’s wrath may be getting started to fall on the gays,” reads the sign. 

The pastor, Jesse Price, says there’s nothing wrong with the message. “The only thing I’m saying is that God’s going to pour his wrath out one of these days and maybe it’s starting now with that man down in Florida,” says Price.

The sign was making reference to the recent mass shooting in Orlando, Fl. which targeted the LGBT community.

Price says the signs letters have recently been torn down, but he says he plans to replace them.”


6 thoughts on “Pastor believes Orlando shooter was God’s wrath

  1. it’s not hard – anyone who calls Jesus Christ Lord, who believes that he lived, died and rose again is given the power to be called a child of God- and that is all the qualification that I believe there is.


  2. “the universal, one holy, catholic and apostolic; the body of Christ”
    If only you could explain who is part of that.


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