Inside the mind of a Fred Nile pre-poll volunteer


The ABC reported in June 2015…

“Newcastle blogger John Christopher Sunol has been taken to task in the courts for vilifying homosexuals.

Sydney gay activist Gary Burns took Sunol to the New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal over comments posted on his blog in March last year.

The comments endorsed another person’s comments in relation to same sex marriage.

The comments included one which read, “Gay marriage equality makes it even more easier for paedophiles to gain access to their child victims”.

Another read, “Gay marriage is child abuse”.

Another comment said, “Rape little boys, this is same sex marriage.

“If you want this, sit back in your armchair and let the homosexual lobby push for same sex marriage,” it said.

“This is the end results of same sex marriage.

“Sit back and enjoy yourself whilst this goes on.”

The Tribunal found the comments were unlawful.

It issued a restraining order, preventing Sunol from publishing the material on any website.”




32 thoughts on “Inside the mind of a Fred Nile pre-poll volunteer

  1. John is now being sued for disrespecting the satanic religion of gay baby sex and boy murder and the Australian Christian Lobby is defending him. You might want to see his blog or the “ozzieslovepedos” channel on vid me for more info


  2. He should be more worried about bisexuality.

    But you have to feel sorry for them . Nobody cares about their marriage rights and mental problems.

    Gilbert Gonzales of the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine in Nashville and colleagues found that compared to heterosexual women, lesbians were 91 percent more likely to report poor or fair health and twice as likely to report multiple chronic conditions. Bisexual women were also twice as likely to report chronic conditions, like heart disease and breast cancer, than straight women.

    Gay, lesbian and bisexual people were also more likely than heterosexuals to report heavy drinking and smoking.

    In addition to physical health disparities, the survey also records differences in mental health. According to the survey, psychological distress is also worse in homosexuals, but most severe among bisexuals.

    While only 17 percent of straight men reported psychological distress, 26 percent of gay men reported it and 40 percent of bisexual men did.

    Similarly, 22 percent of straight women reported psychological distress, while 28 percent of lesbian women did and 46 percent of bisexual men reported it.

    Gonzales told Reuters that the reason bisexual people report the greatest psychological distress is probably because they are the least accepted among all the sexual minorities: lesbian, gay, transgender and bisexual.


  3. You are David – a better one than many of us profess to be (not me though, I am always gong to be a better theologian than you).

    Q – you seem to be experiencing a crisis of faith – I’ve bee there – if A+B needed to = Zebra in order for me to consider myself a Christian, and then I slowly come to the realisation that the Zebra may i fact never have even been a part of the equation, then I start to doubt that animal algebra is actually a useful way to express mathematical truths…it doesn’t make those truths any less real, or ‘truthy’, it just means that I really need to consider other ways of thinking about my world than I may have allowed myself to do in times past – heck, perhaps gay algebra is actually a potential reality?

    I joke, but I do sense that you are gong through a hard time with your belief system. I hope and pray you come out the other side with a deeper appreciation of the faith Christ has placed in your heart. If you’d like to talk offline – you can send me a Skype message to Facebook:grgcolby_1 or you can email me at greg[dot]colby[at]yarntree[dot][com][dot][au]

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  4. Having said that ….
    After reading all the news here and similar sites, I think that ministers are the people more than anyone who have mental health issues.
    And I’m almost an atheist now. Or at least, don’t believe much in Pentecostalism.

    After hearing story after story of children sexually abused by their fathers in spite of praying that he wouldn’t come in the room, and reading about the elites of the Pentecostal world abusing young people – and no elders, visiting pastors, spiritual giants etc had words of knowledge or special discernment to know what’s going on even though they’d prophecy their heads off about everything else – I simply don’t understand God.

    It’s led to depression and I’m pretty well finished.

    Most of the men I looked up to and felt bad that I wasn’t as good at. – were just way over the top evil.

    The average person sitting in church, paying tithes and letting people into their homes, and trying to live out the BIble is way better a person than the rich Pastors over them.

    So my rant about “the church” is because I actually do know lots of super nice people who don’t deserve to get lumped in with the “uncaring church” label.

    What do you do when you’ve committed your life to a cause and you don’t believe anymore. ?


  5. I’ve been involved with half a dozen churches in two countries. Members had depression, bi-polar, gender disorder, schizophrenia. They were welcome. \

    David and Greg, you sound good. But that’s not my experience at all. In fact, in the country I’m in, there is a disproportionate number of people with mental health issues in church because normal society doesn’t do anything with them excpet give them a pension nod dispense medicine.

    Really, I’d have to disagree. YOu have just dissed Catholics, Baptists, Pentecostals all over the world who welcome people with mental health issues.

    On the other hand, a minister sins, and websites like this will keep on rehashing it over and over for years.

    There is more compassion for people in the churches I’ve attended than in websites like these. Groupsects, Watchers, Elley – they will be bringin up the sins of ministers 20 years from now and just waiting for them to fall again.

    Every church I’ve been in had schizophrenics, and I was part of that church. And I counted them as friends, visited them in hospital and also listened to them talk on and on etc .

    WHats with this constant bashing of the church. “The church”?

    Many of the first psychiatric hospitals in Asia were started by Christian workers. They made mistakes just as psychiatrists did decades ago, but it was a huge leap in how non-Christian societies treated the mentally ill.

    But. People like this guy are hard to cope with. By all means, go and reach out to him and prove that you are more compassionate than the church. I”m sure if you emailed him you could dialogue with him, call him or even meet him.

    But just bashing the “church” again over it is – well, anyone can do that. .

    If a Christian Pastpr somewhere sinned sexually as many people of all religions and jobs do, you’d be all over it and loving the coverage no matter how his wife and kids felt and just wished the news went away.

    Sorry, but I don’t see much compassion on these pages.


  6. David – you are spot on. People with mental health issues are cast aside b the church – they are not ‘made into image of God’, at least it appears that way by the way they are ignored and not embraced by the church. Should a loving accepting church embrace the likes of Sunol his views might even change.

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  7. Sunsol needs to be show understanding and care. He won’t find that in church because church is anti humanism by belief and practise.

    Don’t talk to the church about OCD and cognitive difficulties. It’s all about sin and Jesus and fuck the gays.

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  8. I don’t think that Sunol contributes in any way to bullying of gays.
    If anything he is a walking advertisement for gay acceptance.

    Nobody would want to be on his team.

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  9. I don’t think its necessarily payback, I think they want to make sure that “hate speech” – speech that incites hatred and even violence, has consequences.

    Kids are still bullied for being gay, and violence against gay people is still a big problem.

    Whether this tactic against Sunol is the right one is another question. He seems to revel in the judgements against him, and counts his bankruptcy as an advantage – people can’t get any more of his assets so he can say anything he wants. It just seems to give him more of a reason for living and energises him.

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  10. I feel sorry for the guy for getting sued, and wonder why they don’t leave him alone.
    But….. I guess many gays want payback.

    And I can understand that. It’s hard to believe people were arrested and faced prison.

    See…maybe I’m changing.

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  11. I would have liked to have met you back in your fundy days Greg. lol

    Or somehow invent a machine where Old Greg and New Greg could meet in the same room.

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  12. I was once a scrutineer for the Fred Nile Christian Democrats – I am so embarrassed by my views from those days – I recall speaking to some of the other scrutineers and having one of them ask me “why are you so angry – God isn’t angry at people – who told you that people were going to be sent to hell by an angry God?” I thought at the time they were just stupid and count;d understand the holiness of God – now I understand that it was me who couldn’t understand the holiness of God.

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  13. Wow – what a load of hatred he harbours in his heart – I feel sorry for him. he doesn’t have the intellectual capacity to understand the nuances of relationships of textual criticism, or biblical interpretation- he can’t get the subtleties – he has no subtlety himself. poor bloke – poor anyone who has to listen to him spew his hatred.

    I still hold that GaryBurns is better off just leaving this guy be – Nobody gives an ounce of credibility to his views – Gary is just loading more fuel on to the fire.

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  14. They would never show their faces Q – they are spineless cowards – too afraid of being known for who they are and fro what they believe – probably friends with many of the people they badmouth on their blog and so they fear being brought into the light of day. Only one spiritual being I know of that doesn’t like coming out into the light – who masquerades as anything but himself – and that be Satan. They have the gaul to call other people anti-christ – when they themselves, by their lack of light and love, show themselves to be closer to being that then anyone they write about.


  15. Wazza2

    Now I kinda feel sorry for the guy.

    But then again, how would the churchwatcher people come across in a YouTube video if they showed their faces.


  16. No, I went and read his blog. He has all the judgements against him up there, along with his defence of being OCD and having a cognitive disability.

    He says he’s doing pre-poll volunteering in the video – and he says on the blog he hopes to be a candidate after his bankruptcy is discharged.

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  17. Never knew anything about him.
    @Wazza. You’d think someone in Fred Niles group would have a quiet word with him.

    But people with OCD are usually not worth getting involved with unless you’re willing to go all the way to court – as his gay enemies are.

    But, the people who run this website and the churchwatchers – they seem as much OCD as this guy. People who spend everyday trying to find the latest theologically slip up in a Brian Houston tweet, or publish blog post after blog post rehashing the same Hillsong stuff or like this blog – scouring the world for examples of weird Christians even if their YouTube videos have less subscribers than there are churchwatchers ?
    That seems obsessive to me.
    But if a preacher responded to them publicly they’d be the next candidate for a million blog posts and people ready to pounce of even their kidsFacebook pics.

    The world is getting nastier. It it just seems that way because anyone can use the internet now.


  18. Fred Nile’s party are idiots for continuing to associate with Sunol – they are allowing him to campaign and be hand out vote cards on polling day, and he certainly thinks he will be a candidate for them when his bankruptcy is discharged.

    He’s got a string of judgements against him for vilifying homosexuals going back 10 years, to which his legal defence is that he has cognitive issues and OCD.


  19. You know. This was pretty funny.
    But also sad.
    I was laughing at this for all the obvious reasons.
    But then sad because he doesn’t realize how he comes across.
    And sad because you’d think he could have a better life goal.

    But it probably keeps him from sitting at home and watching porn.

    I think he needs to find a nice lady to share his house with and have nice Hetero sex with in between bible studies.

    And we’ve lost the gay marriage battle.

    I’d say anyway.


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