Dinosaurs but no gays on this ark


The New York Daily News reports…

“Noah took two of every living creature with him on his ark. And, according to Ken Ham, that included dinosaurs.

Ark Encounter – a mammoth replica of the animal-filled Biblical boat – opened Thursday in Kentucky. It includes the requisite humans, beasts and, oddly, pre-historic theropods not mentioned in the original Genesis story.

The 510-foot, $100 million Creationism museum is the brainchild of Answers in Genesis, a ministry that believes the Earth is only 6,000 years old, and that Mankind once shared the planet with dinosaurs.

“The Bible tells us that God made the land animals on Day 6 of creation,” Ark operator Ken Ham explains on his group’s website. “And who else was created on Day 6? Well, Adam and Eve. And how long ago was that? Well, when you add up all the dates in the Bible, about 6,000 years.

“So, taking God at his word in Genesis, dinosaurs lived beside people about 6,000 years ago,” he continued.

Ham and his group have taken heat from scientists, including Bill Nye, who say human life emerged in Africa about two million years ago, roughly 63 million years after the last dinosaur.

“Humans and ancient dinosaurs did not live at the same time,” Nye, aka “The Science Guy,” said last month. “It’s completely unreasonable.”

Unreasonable, perhaps, but already popular.

“We’ve been encouraged by the attendance and response of people in this first week,” spokesman A. Larry Ross said. The group expects to generate $4 billion in economic activity — not an absurd claim given that single-day adult tickets are $40 and hundreds of thousands of visitors are anticipated every year.

“I believe it’s going to be one of the greatest Christian outreaches of this era in history,” Ham told the Los Angeles Times this week.

The ark — believed to be the largest freestanding timber structure in the world — is a 45-minute drive from the affiliated Creation Museum.

The ark is not only criticized by scientists. Two years ago, Tri-State Freethinkers argued that the project should not have received $18 million in public tax subsidies on the grounds that it violates the separation of church and state.

The ark was built “entirely with private funding,” from about 43,000 donor families, Ross told the Daily News on Thursday.

In response to the ark’s debut, the Freethinkers proposed the opening of a “genocide and incest park,” claiming that both are encouraged by the Biblical story.

For the first 40 days, and 40 nights, the ark is open from 9 a.m. to 12 a.m.”

From http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/dinosaurs-aboard-new-noah-ark-article-1.2703170


6 thoughts on “Dinosaurs but no gays on this ark

  1. Lets say all the restaurants in your town and declining, no one is interested any more in the same old food, the customers are mainly old timers etc.

    And then a new food truck comes to town… It serves extreme food — triple burgers dripping with mayo and double-refried fries with jolt cola and fudge ice-cream sundaes with extra sugar. It comes with a new message “Don’t go to that boring old restaurant, this is the new way. We are growing so we must be a lot better than those guys.” “We are still a restaurant so we must be just as good for you as those guys, and we are fun too!”. Plus an anti-science message: “Cholesterol doesn’t exist, it is just a lie put out by the devil to stop you coming to our food truck”

    This food truck will be immensely popular, especially with young people. There will also be a lot of people that switch from the old-style restaurants to the food truck for a while. But as people mature they will start to question whether this is really the best thing for them. Eating fatty foods while sitting on milk-crates starts to get a bit old, and they wonder whether they are really connecting to the families and loved-ones doing this, rather than sitting down to a meal at a table. People will begin to doubt the anti-science elements especially when they run up against reality.

    Eventually people will not go to any restaurants, and they will begin to cook up their own things at home.

    I think where we are at the moment is that a lot of young people are going to the Pentecostal church, but they are generally leaving within 5 years. There were a lot of transfers from mainline churches to Pentecostal churches in the 80’s and 90’s but that has slowed now. And the broad mass of young people are looking at the Pentecostal and Fundamentalist churches and saying ‘Yuck, I don’t want anything to do with the Church’


  2. Here’s why I don’t agree with you Wazza – though what you say makes sense and seems right.

    There are plenty of churches including the Roman Catholic church and other traditional denominations that openly say that evolution is either correct, or that there is nothing wrong with believing in evolution and a non-literal interpretation of Genesis.

    So, anyone interested in the Christian faith can join these churches. Catholics, Anglicans, Methodists, Uniting Churchians and all those people belonging to churches who have all those lovely buildings and infra-structure in place, can now happily share their faith in an intelligent way assuring their non-church friends that evolution is the way God did things. They are free to do that. But these churches are dying. Meaning that they are not growing.

    On the other hand, the churches that still say that evolution is not true and teach a literal 7 day creation and Noah story are the ones that are growing – even among young the younger generation who have grown up with evolution taught as fact. And the churches – including Perry Noble’s church are full of university educated people too.

    So, how do you explain that?

    Every intelligent liberal Christian can now share the joy of being a Christian with their family, friends and workmates, and bring them to a nice old building and sing nice old songs without having to be embarrassed by yelling uneducated preachers joking about Adam and Steve or making them believe in impossible fairy stories. But,
    to all those here who have left big charismatic churches I ask. How many people have you been able to introduce? When you look around your church, do you see lots of young people who believe in Jesus, evolution and who understand that most of the bible isn’t to be taken literally?

    I’d say probably not. So why?

    I think that if Christianity is dying it isn’t because of preachers talking about creation. The biggest convention of any type in Australia was the Hillsong one held just recently. It attracted media attention with people flying in from all parts of Australia and the world in order to attend.

    Even though in most towns in Australia you can find a Catholic, Anglican and Uniting Church, if they had their own conventions, they’d probably gather in order to discuss why they aren’t growing and what they can do about it.

    So – even though the clergy in the big denominations are all trained to accept evolution, modern psychiatry, and acceptance of hard and social science, they simply are losing people each year. The only places they aren’t dying are in Africa and Asia where they AREN’T liberal.

    Greg posted about slow church. I haven’t read it all but it was well done, and I intend to read it. But, would be have been pushing for slow church when he was 17 or 21? Are our teenage kids clamouring for slower quieter services?


    PS I kind of like Origen, but not everyone agreed with him.

    Maybe you can clarity what you meant by the death of Christianity. I took it to mean in terms of numbers of adherents and their active participation in churches.


  3. It is an impressive achievement, however I think people like Ken Ham are building the foundations for the death of Christianity in the West. By treating the Bible as some kind of literal scientific and historical textbook he makes it look like you have to deny science and common-sense to be a Christian. And he leads an army of well-meaning, ill-informed and mislead people who carry his divisive and abrasive message to the ends of the earth, stating that you cannot be a true Christian unless you believe these impossible things.

    But it is only in modern times that this insistence on a literal reading and opposition to science has become prevalent. Ham and his followers would have you believe it is some ancient understanding of the text which has been undermined by the evils of Darwinism, but the ancients were smarter than that – see this passage from Origen :

    For who that has understanding will suppose that the first, and second, and third day, and the evening and the morning, existed without a sun, and moon, and stars? and that the first day was, as it were, also without a sky? And who is so foolish as to suppose that God, after the manner of a husbandman, planted a paradise in Eden, towards the east, and placed in it a tree of life, visible and palpable, so that one tasting of the fruit by the bodily teeth obtained life? and again, that one was a partaker of good and evil by masticating what was taken from the tree? And if God is said to walk in the paradise in the evening, and Adam to hide himself under a tree, I do not suppose that anyone doubts that these things figuratively indicate certain mysteries, the history having taken place in appearance, and not literally. (Ante-Nicene Fathers Vol. 4, p. 365)

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  4. Greg,

    Thinkers don’t usually run mega churches or big ministries. Strange or eccentric or …sometimes nutbags do it.

    That is something worth a blog or book or Ph.D. about.

    I’m serious.


  5. I actually was thinking what an amazing feat for a little known Aussie (outside of pentecostal religion anyway) to pull off. Billions in income? Largest wooden erection in the world? Put’s a whole new slant on “he’s got wood”. What I am disappointed in though is that this obvious nut bag is the one that does it…why not an actually thinking Christian who actually built it to bring Glory to God and not glory to their own version of theology. Billions? Wonder what he’ll do with it? Hope he spends some on an education in science.


  6. What a title!

    Of course there were no gays.
    After all it was Adam and Eve not ….
    Well you know that old joke that always used to get a laugh but that nobody would be game to say now,,

    But aren’t you all just a little bit proud that an Aussie high school science teacher could build that ark?

    Ken Ham – pretty abrasive guy if I remember.


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