Perry Noble sacked – updated*


The Independent Mail reports…

“Former NewSpring Church senior pastor Perry Noble broke his silence Wednesday, in a live video message on Facebook.

Noble, the church’s founder, started the message by acknowledging his unusual social media silence. A prolific social media user, it was his first Facebook post in more than two weeks.

He wasted no time in the three-minute twenty-one second message, quickly telling people he bore no ill will after being dismissed from the church he founded.

“I. Still. Love. My. Church,” Noble said, pausing after each word for emphasis. “I wanted to say ‘Thank you’ for the unbelievable support that you guys have shown me on Twitter.”

The 45-year-old pastor was removed from his spot as the church’s senior pastor effective July 1, but the congregation first learned about the decision last Sunday in a church announcement that cited his alcohol dependency.

Noble said the church’s leaders made the right decision.

“God has gotten my attention. I’m focused on getting better. I’m not bitter,” he said. “My dependency on alcohol, I ran to it instead of Jesus and I was wrong and I am going to do whatever it takes to make it right.”

Noble said he will be entering a treatment facility, but did not elaborate further.

His online message was seen more than 350,000 times as of Wednesday evening and drew more than 5,000 comments, overwhelmingly in support of him.

NewSpring is the largest church in South Carolina, and one of the nation’s largest, with 17 campuses in the state and a weekly attendance of more than 30,000.

NewSpring’s roots go back to a 1998 Bible study group in Noble’s apartment and its first official service was in January 2000. The church had an income of $64 million in 2015, according to an annual report on the church’s website.

In his video on Wednesday, Noble encouraged anyone who had considered abandoning NewSpring because of his ouster to stay with the church.

“I fully endorse their decision to bring Clayton King on as pastor,” Noble said.

King, a member of NewSpring, will serve as interim senior pastor while the church searches for a permanent senior pastor, the congregations were told Sunday.

Noble said he will be encouraging his daughter to continue to attend and he plans to continue to give to the church.

“I still believe NewSpring is going to reach 100,000 (members) and beyond,” he said. “I’ll keep you posted on my journey and God bless. The best is yet to come.”




23 thoughts on “Perry Noble sacked – updated*

  1. Perry will be okay. Gets time off to write a book.
    So he has a rest, becomes more famous and gets at least another 100gs after he writes his book.

    I still don’t understand the attraction.


  2. It’s Donald Elley

    Seems to be someone who is obsessed with Hillsong homosexuality, Celebrity homosexuality, Musician Homosexuality and perhaps homosexuality in general


  3. “Boutique beers with boutique theology? A macro church with a micro brewery?”

    Yep, I’d go to a church which has free beer on tap……and topless waiters….so long as it’s not Wazza or Greg or whoever the hell that Donald guy is…..


  4. “Devastating though it was to your argument it still was very gracious and written in a light but informative style.”

    I believe ya. 👍


  5. Greg, I was thinking more about it.

    I couldn’t stand the way the guy preached. But here’s my lament.,

    You can be obnoxious, ridiculous, preach stuff that condemns and makes people guilty and bound up, you could preach that Jesus is “most likely , coming on a certain date ten times in 20 years and make a fool of the church and influence people to leave their jobs and give their life savings away. And you’d be okay. You could do just about anything.

    But in the evangelical world -alcohol or a sexual sin ? Bam! You’re finished.

    But, has this “zero tolerance for sin” really helped anyone?
    It obviously hasn’t resulted in “purity” in even the supposedly strongest and most powerful leaders.

    Ironic eh

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  6. Oh.. it’s there now.

    Bicko, I agree. I don’t really understand how the majority of Evangelical Christians are now right-wing when the theology would seem to be more compatibie with left-wing politics and world view.


  7. His next church could be a ‘church in the pub’

    Boutique beers with boutique theology? A macro church with a micro brewery?

    Anyway Q, my witty riposte to your comment on the “Dinosaurs but no gays” thread was as succinct as it was edifying. Devastating though it was to your argument it still was very gracious and written in a light but informative style. But it was put in moderation so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

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  8. Q I was thinking exactly that – he’s probably only drinking what I do – which is not huge, but a small pub could stay open on my tab – and his uptight church condemn him – anyway – good riddance to him, his attitude toward people disqualifies him for ministry.

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  9. Lol, I stay away from right wing rubbish like charisma. Unfortunately, to many of my Christian friends think it’s the gospel. So I generally stay away from them too.


  10. Should you be in the sin bin? Lol

    I doubt it.Mr Goupsects is about the only one who doesn’t moderate comments. He’s a saint!


  11. NO I take that back. I drink too much.
    I am so drunk that I went over to charisma news and saw an article stating.

    Is the United Nations Creating a Police Force to Fight Christians on U.S. Soil?”

    I’ve either drunk too much… Or leading Christian websites are just going completely loopy.


  12. Bicko,
    Or thinking about it, maybe his level of drinking is the same as many ANglican Vicars or Catholic priests.
    I like a drink. Probably the amount I drank just now would be enough to get me fired from a church like his, but I can still function okay.

    Well, good enough to comment on here anyway.

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  13. He that endures to the end shall be saved. With endurance their is always the head game, “do I give up or keep striving for the prize?” Jesus never said it would be a walk in the park. Our faith will be tried in the fire. I think the pastor isn’t being completely honest about his life. You don’t turn into an alcoholic for no reason. Maybe years of slowly backsliding where one is unable to find the joy of the Lord is the reason, but where there is faith there is hope. I hope he overcomes and is restored back to the love of Christ.


  14. And he’s another guy who will say that people kick him when he’s down.

    But, overtime i saw him preached he was openly mocking and insulting people who didn’t tithe, didn’t like the music,were late for church etc.

    This is the church where if you left to go to the bathroom you weren’t allowed back in, and if you said you didn’t like the music you “sucked as a human being”.

    So, he can’t really be surprised if he cops some insults.

    I just wish famous preachers would be a little more transparent WHEN THEY ARE GOING through their problems instead of acting like Jesus, Paul and Joshua rolled into one and then later being exposed and admitting they were more like .. well like the rest of us for the last few months or years of their powerful, so confident international ministry,

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  15. I doubt whether it was just overuse of alcohol.
    I don’t want to condemn him. Just want to mention that he is yet another person who claimed the growth of the church was due to “God’s miracle” and yet he was suffering with depression and anxiety, taking medication, and claimed that a big cause was the pressure of driving himself to reach 100,000 attendance.

    ON one hand you can argue that it was a healthy church because the leadership was able to fire the head pastor. On the other, once again I’m disappointed that while everyone tells me that church membership, submission and tithing will keep a person in a blessed state, and that not tithing can mean you can’t expect to be free from sickness and “attacks” etc, here was a man being prayed for by thousands, lauded by millions, tithing and … receiving tithes and looked up to as a man who walked with God who couldn’t stop himself from drinking, thinking suicidal thoughts and getting severely depressed in between “anointed” preaching.

    And yet, if a man has a church of 30,000, he will be sought after as a guest speaker all over the world, and his books will be devoured.

    But like many mega-church pastors, whenever I watched his sermons on youtube I always wondered why on earth people listened to him. He seemed at best irritating, but at worst mentally disturbed.

    Sadly, that type of preacher is the one who is so popular that he can have people in 17 different locations watching his sermon on a live feed.

    So… you have to have huge personality flaws in order to be a good preacher and gather people?

    Anyway, I hope he gets better. He’ll be back soon, and probably write a best selling book while he’s getting healed on church salary.

    Yes – I’m a little jealous.

    PS I heard for years how there is no hope in the world and people have no peace and so need to go to psychiatrists and pop pills and if they came to Jesus he would fill the void. And yet – famous preacher after preacher ends up telling us they were either on medication a few years ago before they overcame (Brian Houston) or they sign off on their goodbye-I’m-sorry messaging assuring everyone they will be under expert psychiatric care.

    No wonder there are so many ex-charismatics over 40.


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