Ferguson Police host Benny Hinn


Lance (Group Sects) writes…

Officers of the Ferguson Police Department in the US state of Missouri have hosted a visit by Benny Hinn.

The televangelist has posted a video online of the meeting with the officers.

“These are some wonderful Police officers here in Ferguson, Missouri who I just prayed with and I’m talking to them about the goodness of the Lord,” Mr. Hinn said in the video.

Ferguson Police came under scrutiny in 2014 when officer Darren Wilson shot dead teenage robbery suspect Michael Brown, sparking violent protests in the St. Louis suburb.

Mr. Hinn said he was in Ferguson for a church service and was invited to meet with the Police officers before the service that night.

“Thank God many of you are Christian men, so Jesus is the answer guys and we’re going to see miracles,” Mr. Hinn told the officers.




17 thoughts on “Ferguson Police host Benny Hinn

  1. Bones talks about irrelevancy when I defend Benny Hinn praying for and encouraging police officers.

    Then talks about Logies? Who cares about the Logies? And some guy the world hasn’t heard of.
    What next? The next Ian Roberts calendar?

    Anti-Muslim website?
    That would be a full time job. Too many atrocities.

    I stand


  2. Greg.

    You’re not up on the news.

    Read up on the latest re Nice.

    And perhaps ask yourself and your Muslim friends why petty criminals who are not devout at all yell Allah Akbar as they drive over children and shoot their parents.



  3. NICE, FRANCE – The driver of a truck who killed scores of people on Nice’s oceanfront promenade Thursday was a Tunisian petty criminal described by his father as a violent depressive and by neighbors as a loner who showed no outward signs of being a devout Muslim.

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  4. I wonder how much Benny Hinn got paid.

    I see q’s back to ranting about irrelevant sh!t again.

    If you don’t like it start your own anti-Muslim site.



    Yet ANOTHER innocent policeman has been murdered!!!

    Ask the police and their families what they think.
    Benny Hinn was asked by police to visit and encourage them. They need All the help and encouragement they can get. It is incredibly IRRESPONSIBLE and for people on social media to keep stirring things up.
    Main stream media is starting to understand.
    The problem we even have totally unrelated people in other countries who know nothing of the current situation adding to the anger.
    This article was pathetic.

    Absolutely pathetic, irresponsible and disgusting.


  6. We are free here because they aren’t too many Muslims yet. Unlike Pakistan where

    “Waseem remarks that he thinks he will be remembered with pride and honor, and by bringing honor to his family he has earned his place “in heaven.”
    “Girls are born to stay home and follow traditions. My sister never did that,” he says.

    This peaceful Muslim killed his sister. Nice …

    And that’s the adjective not the city where a Muslim drove a truck over children.


  7. Yeah right!
    Do you think Molly Norris is now working for an Aussie paper? Of course not under that name!

    Of course nobody will have to google that name.,,,

    None of the people here would dare make a website about Islam.


  8. In Australia we are free to blaspheme any religion, Islam included.

    Just look at how enthusiastically the print media has adopted “Draw Mohammed Day”. Don’t call them gutless.


  9. Poor Sonia Kruger.

    You can blaspheme your head off and swear about getting rid of Jesus freaks – but touch Islam and you’re public enemy number one.


  10. Recently three police were murdered going about their duties in Baton Rouge.
    Before that five murdered and six injured while protecting anti-police demonstrators.

    A Muslim yelling Allah Akbar slashed Germans indiscriminately in a train a few days after a Tunisian man drove a truck over dozens of French while yelling Allah Akbar.
    This week Muslims attacked Christians with knives and sticks in Egypt and Christian homes were burned.
    In Nigeria Muslims have just stormed into and destroyed a Catholic Church, and in South Sudan mass rapes are an everyday occurrence.
    A Muslim guy shot dozens to death in a gay nightclub, Muslims in the Philippines murdered a Canadian hostage, and I just read where 70,000 Christians are in camps in North Korea getting beaten if they just smile.

    In the midst of this a homosexual Western Australian mocks Benny Hinn for praising police officers in a black community before a meeting in a church by posting a satirical old video about an event which has been proven to be based on lies.

    Great contribution to world peace.

    Tomorrow hundreds more will be raped and murdered and Groupsects will find a video of an obscure preacher somewhere saying something wrong.

    The problem with the world today is not the church


  11. In fact, it’s completely rubbish divisive pseudo-journalism.,
    The last thing America needs is posting about Ferguson. More cops were shot at today. Innocent policeman.
    Most people are pleading for a reduction of inflammatory posts on social media. A leading white minister goes to a black community to preach and is invited to speak to the police and he encourages and praises them. Obama would do the same now. The community is trying to heal.
    So…some white Australian guy posts a 2 year old Fergudon rant?

    That is completely divisive and abusive and not helping anyone.

    Is this just another hate-site?

    And maybe you should read up on the facts of the case.

    Good on Hinn for going there and good on the police for doing a job that most people couldn’t and wouldn’t.


  12. I don’t like Benny Hinn, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with this. He’s asking Christians to pray for BLACK AND WHITE police officers.
    That’s good and commendable and the officers were happy with it. He called them wonderful police officers. That’s good – they’d appreciate it.

    The other video was an old one.

    When black communities like Ferguson have terrible crime rates police need all the support they can get.

    Black and white police.

    Don’t know if you’ve been to the US but there are many places where if you stepped in by mistake you’d be happy for police or Hinn or anyone to save your lilly white ass.

    By the way, Oliver’s rant was seriously flawed.


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