Christian Schools boss says gay advocates are ‘Christophobic’


“In our society, it’s now become fashionable to condemn any Christian as a bigot. Where did that come from?

The self-same people who are demanding that the Christian Church reach out compassionately and stop judging people who have different characteristics, whether they be sexuality, gender or whatever else, those same people who stand up for the right of others to have equality are the very ones who are condemning Christians, believers, as bigots and homophobes.

They stand condemned by their own language, They are being just as bigoted and Christophobic, to coin a phrase, as the Christians are being accused of being.”

  • Stephen O’Doherty – CEO Christian Schools Australia

14 thoughts on “Christian Schools boss says gay advocates are ‘Christophobic’

  1. Breakdown?

    Bones, the only one who has broken down is you.
    You stooped to copying and pasting the most vile lies about Judaism from one of the worst anti-Semitic websites I’ve seen. If you had published your real name and were a teacher in Germany, you would have lost your job. And possibly been arrested.

    Even in Bundaberg, at least you would have been severely reprimanded.

    If you don’t believe me please repost your accusations against the Jewish teachings and state your real name.

    Don’t talk about breakdowns Bones.
    Or – republish the anti-Jewish slander with your name.


  2. ” Guardian Australia?”

    Actually, it’s on the schools Facebook page.

    “Cheltenham Girls’ High School has a proud, ongoing tradition of providing high quality education for girls.
    The school has not, and will not, change the way students’ gender is referred to.
    The school supports all of its students in a positive and inclusive environment, in which each girl is treated with respect and dignity.”

    Stop making sh!t up.

    You’re heading for another breakdown.


  3. Pray? When prayer is about using other people’s tragedy to relieve ones own anxiety. Or buttering up God to ask a favour.

    What a selfish ritual is prayer.


  4. “We must give credit to Q for keeping the venerable traditional of shit stirring alive and well.”

    That’s funny. This whole website is stirring up trouble. Even brining up two year old you tubes.

    I am the one defending people against the continual stirring up of hate and attacks of Christians.

    Stirring? That’s what this website is all about.

    It attacks Paula white for praying for Otlando. . I defended her. Even Greg had to admit that.
    Same with Benny Hinn. I defend against the stirring and attacks.

    The problem is when I show the insanity people here can’t take it. And it becomes a four against one! Lol

    Pray for the Germans David.

    David, do you think there’ll be another Muslim terrorist attack?

    Please tell the Muslims to stop stirring.
    And Groupsects to stop stirring hate against Christians. Probably just makes Muslims think it’s okay to continue the shooting, raping and be heading.

    If you ex-Christians and barely Christians took 1% of the passion you have for attacking Christianity and turned it to calming the Muslins down we’d have peace in no time.

    Guardian Australia?
    Political alignment – Center


  5. More on Cheltenham Girls School

    But Guardian Australia understands there was never any instruction given to avoid use of “girls”, “ladies”, “women” or other gender-specific terms at Cheltenham Girls high school, and there was no basis to the Daily Telegraph’s report.

    In a post to Facebook on Wednesday afternoon, the school said it had “a proud ongoing tradition of providing high quality education for girls”.

    “The school has not and will not change the way students’ gender is referred to.”

    Representatives for the school earlier deferred requests for comment to the NSW Department of Education, where a spokesman said in a statement that gender-specific terms would continue to be used at the school.

    Damien Tudehope, the Liberal MP for Epping, had told the Daily Telegraph that parents of students at the school had told him their daughters were “ostracised” for objecting to its pro-equality events.

    He also told other media that he had received four complaints and a petition with 19 signatures, though it is understood that these were about the Safe Schools program in general, not the alleged instruction at Cheltenham Girls high. Tudehope declined to comment to Guardian Australia.

    La Trobe lifts suspension on Safe Schools academic Roz Ward
    Gender-exclusive language is not a cornerstone of Safe Schools, which aims to create safer and more inclusive learning environments in schools for students, staff and families.

    A spokeswoman said its work with schools was not prescriptive: “it is up to school leaders and teachers to decide what is most appropriate and relevant for their school”.

    Miranda Devine is a vocal opponent of the initiative, having described it as “benignly labelled sexual propaganda” that teaches “homosexual role play and gender fluidity training”.

    In an opinion piece also published on Wednesday, she wrote that forces at Cheltenham Girls high school sought to “impose a transformation of the traditional view of male and female”.

    “We are told that it is bigotry to have a ‘heteronormative’ view of gender as binary – male or female – or to believe that heterosexual attraction is the norm.

    “This is the attitude which Safe Schools is designed to stamp out.”

    Devine’s report was discussed on 2GB, with host Chris Smith describing it as “deplorable” that schools were being led by “that twisted bible, the Safe Schools program”.


  6. Q’s now quoting the Daily Telegraph in his crusade against political correctness, homosexuals and Muslims.

    ‘No basis’ to News Corp story that gender-neutral language enforced at girls’ school

    Cheltenham Girls high school denies claim in the Daily Telegraph that teachers were told to avoid terms such as ‘girls’ and ‘ladies’

    Now there’s a surprise.

    Q falls for right wing propaganda again.

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  7. The song posted by Donald Elley,Waylon Jennings andWillie Nelson – I can get off on you” is a nice selection.

    Well done, Donald!


  8. If we take the traditional meaning of phobic as to do with fear, then they aren’t Chistophobic.
    Many of them hate Christians and Christianity to a completely irrational level. Some of them go so far as to constantly publish attacks on Christian ministers or lay people on blogs.

    They are probably Islamophobic not in terms of hating Muslims but in terms of being afraid of them. While Muslims are throwing gays off buildings and beheading them, and those in western countries are opposed to gay marriage in higher percentages than Christians – a significant number even favoring the introduction of Sharia law , homosexuals are not at all public in their criticisms of Muslims and their beliefs.

    This is perhaps a strategy or it could be a cover for their cowardice. Either way it’s not very clever.

    Homosexuals will have a much stronger and indeed a violent opposition in decades to come when Christian influence is replaced by Muslim influence.
    Perhaps they just haven’t thought that far ahead.


  9. Common sense is gone .

    They’ve banned clapping now I read and
    The ban follows a direction at exclusive Cheltenham Girls High School in northwest Sydney for teachers to avoid discrimination and support LGBTI students by avoiding the words “girls”, “ladies” or “women”.

    The measure followed the introduction of the Safe Schools anti-bullying program and teachers were told at a meeting if they did not comply they could be deemed homophobic and breaking the law.

    The school also has a “Queer-Straight alliance” club and holds gender equality events such as Wear it Purple Day

    Last month, it lowered the Aboriginal flag to raise the rainbow flag at half-mast following the attack on a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

    Local MP Damien Tudehope told the Daily Telegraph that parents feared their daughters might be ostracised if they didn’t comply with Rainbow Day and Purple Day..

    Seriously, Australia’s gone to the dogs.

    Oh sorry …. Some Muslims are offended by dogs !
    No offense meant.


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