Safe-cracking pastor


WMBD reports…

“A Fulton County pastor is in custody after police found him in another church.

Early Monday morning, Canton Police saw a suspicious vehicle parked behind the First Church of the Nazarene. They noticed the engine was still warm, doors were unlocked, and the keys were in the ignition.

They found a door to the church forced open, and found Pastor David Utt using tools in an attempt to break in to the church’s safe. Utt is the pastor at New Hope Community Church in Canton.

Utt was charged with burglary to a place of worship, criminal damage to property to a place of worship, and possession of burglary tools.”



One thought on “Safe-cracking pastor

  1. Great work. Mr Groupsects found a pastor somewhere who stole something.

    And missed this

    A girl aged 14 has been abducted, raped and forced into an Islamic marriage in Pakistan. Her father was shot dead when he sold his house in an attempt to buy her freedom.

    Wilson Chowdhry, chairman of the BPCA, said it is estimated that 700 Christian girls are kidnapped raped and forced into Islamic marriage every year in Pakistan.

    And that’s a low estimate. And just one country.
    The anti-Christian hate never stops in western countries does it.


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