Pastor killed pregnant girlfriend


Standard Media reports…

“A pastor was Thursday found guilty of the murder of his girlfriend who was four months pregnant.

Pastor Paul Ng’ang’a Wanjiru of Wells of Faith Church in Kawangware was convicted for the murder of Caroline Chinjira in 2012 in Dagoretti, Nairobi.

The family of Ms Chinjira has been seeking justice for the last four years.

High Court judge Jessie Lessit said police investigations, key witness accounts and a written declaration left behind by Chinjira proved that Mr Ng’anga killed the former employee of Panafric Hotel.

Ng’ang’a will be sentenced on Monday. “The court has established that all evidence is pointing to the fact that the televangelist killed Chinjira after his clothes were found to have blood all over, as well as the roof and the steering wheel of his car at the scene of accident,” Justice Lessit said.

He added: “The autopsy report by the Government pathologist corroborated the witnesses’ accounts together with a dying declaration by the deceased that indeed Pastor Ng’ang’a played a key role in ending the life of Chinjira along the southern by-pass in Lang’ata on a Friday night.”

The judge said Chinjira was hit by blunt objects and was also strangled by an electric cable.  The “man of God” had an intention of either inflicting injuries or causing death to the deceased, according to Justice Lessit.

Ng’ang’a and his son, James Mutua, then drove to Muthangari Police Station where they claimed that they had been carjacked, a statement that the court dismissed as lies.

According to family members, Chinjira’s pregnancy was a source of conflict.  She also had a son with the pastor.

She died at the Kenyatta National Hospital while undergoing treatment.

According to Chinjira’s own account, the drama started on the night of March 9, 2012, along the Southern by-pass in Langata area as Ng’ang’a and his son drove her home.

According to police statement, the pastor and his son had planned to commit the offence.

The pastor’s son started to strangle the woman, who was on the co-driver’s seat, using a wire as his father drove at a slow pace. The site of the incident is usually quiet at night and is taken to be a den of crime as many people have been attacked in the area in the past.

As the struggle continued, Chinjira overpowered the pastor’s son and got out of the moving car. 

She told the police before she died that she ran on foot up to Ngong Road near Lenana School where she found a private security company car.

She was rushed to hospital where she died while undergoing treatment.”



6 thoughts on “Pastor killed pregnant girlfriend

  1. Most of those fleeing ISIS are Muslim.

    Most of those killed by ISIS are Muslim.

    In fact the terrorist attack in Afghanistan which killed 80 hazara barely made the news.


  2. The Munich gunman had no Islamist ties, but was inspired by the Christian gunman Breivik. I think you’re jumping at shadows Q. There’s a lot of nasty people out there, always has been.

    And I’m afraid we are some of the nastiest. The Chilcott report confirmed what was plain, there was no reason to go to war – this “War on Terror” that has increased terror throughout the world. Mr Blair is a war criminal and so by extension are Bush and Howard.

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  3. I’ll be busy for a while girls.
    So I won’t see the Presbterian in Singapore who got arrested. Even if I did, it wouldn’t change my opinion.
    Ask the police and anti-terrorism people. Presbyterians aren’t in their radar.

    Stay safe.

    Life was always short – but we never know how long we have.


  4. Bone. I’d laugh if this wasn’t sad.

    But this comment just proves my point -completely.

    Law and order officials worldwide are working overtime trying to stop the next attack from Isis and other evil people killing in the name of Allah. Hundreds of people are in hospital at the moment. Thousands of people are grieving and mourning because of deaths caused by Isis and other militant evil Islamic terrorist groups.

    No. This killer in Nigeria was not inspired by Isis.
    Neither was the Buddhist or Baha’i who stole or killed someone yesterday.,

    To ask such an idiotic question and possibly think that you have made a point shows you are either just completely blind in your hatred of Christians, sympathetic to Isis – or …. Just not very bright.

    I think it’s a combination of hate and lack of intelligence.

    i repeat. The Nigerian so-called Christian man who murdered his girlfriend was most likely not inspired by Isis or the Koran.
    On the other hand, there are thousands of refugees fleeing Isis now. There are thousands of Muslims worldwide -perhaps millions who are sympathetic with suicide bombing. There are no Christians who think this Nigerian man was justified.

    If in the next year, thousands more innocent people are raped, forced to watch their children raped, beheaded, shot, stabbed, burned with acid, sold as slaves, blown up, gouged etc by Muslims and you and Groupsects continue to site an example of an isolated murder by a non-Muslim as proof that the world peace and safety is not threatened by Islamic terrorism and that unrestricted Muslim immigration is a sound policy, then all I can say is that the western world is doomed.

    But then again not.

    There’s a difference between the vocal left and everyday people who are tired of the constant murder of innocents by Muslims.

    Hopefull your latest male fantasy Walleed can do a REAL service and go over and stop Islamic terrorism.


  5. God bless Germany…..
    Again Groupsects scours the far reaches of the Internet to find a Christian minister who sinned.

    Meanwhile, the rest of the world is too busy mourning the deaths of innocent Germans. The great irony of course, is that Germany opened its borders to the refugees.

    The liberals of the world gushed in praise and chided their own countries when sensible people warned of problems.

    So, another mass murder. It now is escalating.,
    Greg, Bones and Wazza will go silent. Groupsects will ignore it because he’s desperately trying to find a Christian baddie so he can keep his hatred kindled, and David? He will be assuring the world that we should just get to know more Muslims because there’s nothing to fear. If the Germans who were shot and stabbed, the French whose children who steamrolled by a lorry, and the gay nightclubbers mercilessly assassinated could get to love the sound of Allah Akbar and realize it’s only a few who are nasty, then , then … Heck who knows? Davon thinks we should give a Nobel Peace Prize to Islam probably.

    No. This is insane. Sonia Kruger has nothing to apologize for.


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