Pastor chained son

Premium Times reports…

“On this rainy Saturday afternoon, a muddy, narrow river of water flowed into a small, deserted, compound deep inside the bush in Ajibawo, a sleepy community in Ogun State.

The Key of Joy Parish of the Celestial Church of Christ is situated here.

The church had been thrown into the limelight after its founder, Taiwo Francis, was found to have chained his son, Korede, 9, on his neck to a heavy log of wood in a room within the premises.

The pastor and his family also live here.

On Friday, officers of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), acting on a tip-off, invaded the compound to rescue Korede.

“According to the information from officer in charge of Ado-Odo NSCDC Division who led the rescue operation, the boy had been chained for two weeks at the very Celestial Church of Christ (Key of Joy Parish) the boy was tired and pale, he was not able to talk when he was initially rescued,” the NSCDC said in a statement on Saturday.

“On getting to the church there was serious resistance by members led by the pastor’s wife Kehinde, but Civil defence Corps men insisted, and they were able to force their way into the church premises. The boy was actually under lock and key. They quickly took him to the office for necessary entries and documentation and proceeded to the General Hospital, Ota.

“The boy was bath and one Dr. Akintunde asked NSCDC officials who took him there to give him lucosade boost, they then called on welder to cut the chains so as to enable them administer treatment.

“Before NSCDC left the hospital, he has been responding to treatment as he has started talking. However, the Hospital Medical Director one Dr. Osinbajo who came later assures the Corps that the boy will get necessary medical attention needed.”

Neighbours of the church described Mr. Francis as a “wicked” father.

“The boy is a stubborn boy, always fighting,” an elderly man, who refused to be named because he’s not “one of them,” said.

“He has chained the boy since May, because he stole soup. That he always steals soup in the house and even outside the house. We knew it was a wicked thing to do to the little boy,” he added.

On Saturday afternoon, half a dozen plastic chairs were scattered inside the small church, where wooden pillars and beams support the roof. A wooden table holds a Yoruba Bible (opened to ‘Ifihan’ – the book of Revelation) flanked by an empty glass cup and a candle holder. On the bare wall, near the altar, lay a photo of Jesus Christ announcing in Romans 5:8 that ‘But God demonstrated His own love towards us, in that while we are yet sinners, Christ died for us.’

At the back of the church is a tiny room, where Mr. Francis allegedly chained his son.

Outside the church, a hand-written name of the parish and a phone number usher visitors into the compound. A True-Caller search of the number showed it belonged to ‘Tiler Sango Ota,’ an apparent indication that the owner is a tiler at Sango Ota.

“We came here for investigation, from our main church, but the man (Mr. Francis) is nowhere to be found,” said a man in a flowing, white gown who was part of a two-man team dispatched to the church.

They had earlier communicated with Mr. Francis over the phone and, according to them, he had initially agreed to come and meet them in his house but later backed out because he believed security agents were lying in wait for him.

The CCC members declined to be interviewed because they had not been authorised by the Celestial Church of Christ to speak to journalists.

“All we can say is that the man is not a registered – or recognized – pastor in the CCC.”

A few hundred of metres away, in another Celestial Church parish, Albert Hunkanyin sat in his office, making and receiving phone calls about the incident.

He says Mr. Francis is his younger brother.

“That is the behaviour of the fellow. This person doesn’t use to listen to anything at all. He does what he wants,” Mr. Hunkanyin, Shepherd-In-Charge, CCC, Ire-Akari Parish, Ajibawo, said through an interpreter.

“He did something like this in 2013. This particular boy was missing and he came to this church to come and meet me.

“I had once arrested him with soldiers in 2013 because of the way he maltreats the boy. Other members came and pleaded and he said such won’t happen again.

“Soldiers were asking him why he maltreated the boy the way he did. He beats the boy mercilessly. Ever since then, he has been keeping malice with me.”

After initially evading law enforcement officials, Mr. Francis was arrested by the police on Sunday. Police spokesperson, Muyiwa Adejobi, said he was arrested with the help of his church members.”



21 thoughts on “Pastor chained son

  1. “F*ck off Q and stay on your anti-Muslim sites.”

    No, I’ll stay on an anti-Christian site and refute the sentiments shown and present facts and figures quoting from Wikipedia, BBC, NBC and thrown in some satire in response to the constant satirical things posted by you and do it so well that all you are left with is

    ““F*ck off Q” “You hate gays and Muslims”
    “Christians are retarded”

    Learn from Wazza and Greg. They can just state opinions.

    Hey, they stopped a pair of Belgian Muslims suspected of carrying out terrorist attacks yesterday.

    Great news!

    If only in prison they could get hold of some Christian literature. That’d be good wouldn’t it Bones.

    Since you still claim to be a Christian of sorts ….
    Maybe you could write some books to be left in prisons for extremists to read so that can be released to live peaceful lives.


  2. “F*ck off Q and stay on your anti-Muslim sites.”

    Here we go. It’s back to this?

    Anything I quoted was from Wikipedia, bbc, CNN, time. And a pro-Islam website.

    As opposed to a website you posted from which should be shut down because of its lies.

    Would you like me to share again what you posted and which website it was from?


  3. Q has a perceptive mind. Pity Q won’t use that same intelligence in discussing terrorism”

    I’ve just given post after post of facts and figures and intelligent argument.
    You come back with one-liners and not one comment based on facts.

    “Won’t bite the hand that feeds him”

    That is another low blow.
    How that can be classed as some kind of intelligent comment I don’t know. That’s a slanderous attack on a persons motivation.,

    Greg and I are poles apart on just about anything – but nobody could accuse him of saying anything he doesn’t personally believe. You obviously hardly know him.


  4. It’s amazing how ordination and becoming a part of the Church establishment causes one to reassess their beliefs….

    So Greg if a gay person can’t marry, according to your new found understanding of marriage, can they be a priest or a bishop?

    Or are you redefining that too?

    Liked by 1 person

  5. You’ve been open about your atheism David, therefore I assume you don’t have the Holy Spirit (yes, I do realize how spooky I sound) guiding you into all truth.
    In fact in the face of the shear volumes of people who disagree with me theologically, I can only assume that I am the only truly born again person I know!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I doubt you are able to make any assessment of my state of mind, regenerate or otherwise, Greg. Not taking offence, but are you qualified to practise psychology remotely?


  7. And as I said David, until you have some kind of grasp (if that’s at all possible really) on the concept of the Trinity, you won’t be able to understand this sorts of scriptures; there seriously is some stuff that unless the Holy Spirit reveals it to you, you remain blind to it. In fact that why Jesus spoke in parables a lot as well…because only the regenerate mind can grasp some doctrines.

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  8. I had a major breakdown at the end of 2014; came to realize that all my anger was helping no-one, least of all me. I have had a major re-evaluation of my life and philosophies; including how I relate with all people: everyone! Thank you for noticing…it’s a work in progress.

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  9. John 3:17 God sent his Son into the world. He did not send him to judge the world guilty, but to save the world through him.


  10. Have no idea what you’ve been watching.
    Instead of that read about Islamic terrorism and you’ll have something of substance to say and not one-liner insults.


  11. But – it’s a terrible story.,
    Christians everywhere would be horrified!
    What a horrible thing to do. How can this be stopped in the future? That’s what normal people ask.
    Nobody thinks perhaps there was a reason . Nobody thinks anyone else is to blame but the evil pastor. No excuses.

    So Groupsects has found a bad pastor .

    Why he is sharing this news who knows?

    Anyway, more Muslim violence going on today. How many women are in captivity today? How many Chrustians in cages today? Dave, bones don’t care . Groupsects doesn’t care.

    The fact that Muslim terrorists will put people in a cage and drown them doesn’t register. Neither does the fact that they would video it and some young Muslims in western countries will be inspired and want to join.

    Why would people want to join that?
    But they do.

    Some Muslims are radicalized so quickly even when they have money and education .
    Terrible isn’t it.

    Oh David. Many Muslims don’t put their kids in cages , but they are happy for them to become suicide bombers. Isn’t that pathetic David?

    I’ve seen a Pakestinian Muslim woman have her child treated by Jewish doctors who saved her life free of charge only to plainly state that she would be honored if her child became a suicide bomber.,
    That’s sick. Demented.,demonic. But they’re are thousands of Muslims like that.
    Don’t believe me? Look it up.

    The hatred of Christians on this website defies explanation .


  12. Who are you asking?

    You want to insult Christians who are reading this by saying something bad about their God? My oh wouldn’t do it to Muslims even after they’ve murdered a priest, run over 80 people. And
    Well look at the list.

    And still cowardly men like you will do anything not to offend Muslims.

    Men ignoring the Islamic terrorism going on every week, but insulting Chrustians is one of the most pathetic things we see these days.

    Read up on Islamic terrorism David and come back to me with your argument


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