Pastor warns transgender rights lead to bloodshed

The News & Observer reports…

…..“They opened the gates of hell in a city,” said Philip “Flip” Benham, an evangelical Christian minister who is among the most vocal opponents of transgender bathroom accommodations”….



2 thoughts on “Pastor warns transgender rights lead to bloodshed

  1. Why bother talking about God and the Bible. The vast majority of people think the whole transgender thing is crazy. And they think boys who think they are girls using girls locker rooms is nuts.

    The onus is on the people trying to change the rules.,

    As for LGBTQI?
    I estimate 70% of Australians wouldn’t know what it was.

    A very tiny minority of confused people are trying to force everyone else to accommodate them.

    But they’ll keep whining until they start attacking people so much they’ll be too scared to say what they think.
    Though – I bet they make exemptions for Muslim schools and areas with lots of Muslims because they won’t want to offend them.

    Wait 20 years guys for the showdown between Muslims and the LGBTQIANDWHATEVEROTHERLETTERSAREADDEDONNEXTYEAR people.


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