Opposing Views reports…

“A video has surfaced showing two pastors using a very similar personal anecdote about how they proved the existence of God while debating atheists at universities.

According to the Friendly Atheist, Pastor Glyn Barrett of the !Audacious Church in Manchester, England, recently told his story, which resembled an account told by Pastor Mark Finley some years earlier.

A video of the two versions was edited together by !Audacious Lies, a website that says it is “Addressing The Pastoral Crisis at !Audacious Church.”

!Audacious Lies notes that when Barrett’s version was questioned, he attempted to delete the video of his message, which was reposted by the Friendly Atheist, and blocked critics on Twitter.

While some of the details and phrasing are different, both men recall being invited to universities to debate the existence of God with atheists. Both pastors compared their debate situations to a lamb in a dire situation. The argument used by Barrett and Finley is that people currently know very little of the universe’s cumulative knowledge, which leaves an enormous amount of unknown knowledge.”

They both recalled how they asked their debate opponents if it were possible that god could exist within the vast unknown knowledge, which elicited laughter and applause from both their audiences. TheĀ pastors each recalled how they told their opponents that they were really agnostics and not atheists….”

From http://www.opposingviews.com/i/religion/did-two-pastors-use-same-personal-anecdote-video


2 thoughts on “!Audacious

  1. It’s stupid lies like this, that Barret is promulgating, along with the thousands of evil people doing evil while masquerading as Christians that give the religion of Christianity a bad name. The ‘God of the gaps’ apology is one of the worst apologetical lines to ever be drawn and defended, however, I don’t think anyone, no matter how politely it is said, can say that the Bible, or Jesus, or God has been “DISPROVEN”


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