Saltwater crocks


Same Same reports…

Anti-gay group the Salt Shakers has announced they are closing down after finding a new manager “has proved difficult”.

In a letter to supporters, president Peter Stokes said finding a new person to run the organisation over the past three-and-a-half years has proved impossible.

“Finding that suitable person, with the background and skills to continue, has proved difficult,” he said.

The Melbourne based group have been in favour of gay conversion therapy, while opposing marriage equality, Safe Schools and same-sex adoption.

Liberal Senator Eric Abetz has had a long association with the group and has refused to comment on their closing.

Stokes noted in the letter that Abetz will be a keynote speaker at the Salt Shakers closing dinner in October.

Gay Christian advocate and founder of Ambassadors and Bridge Builders International Anthony Venn-Brown welcomed the closure.

“I certainly welcome the closure of the Salt Shakers. The closure of conversion therapy groups such as Exodus in the US and Living Waters in Australia reflect that some, at least, are facing reality,” he said.

Venn-Brown said the rise in understanding of LGBT people in society is unstoppable and some views are now seen as out-dated.

“Many of the anti-gay evangelical leaders are way past their prime. Their messages, once aligned with the ignorance that existed in society, are now seen as extreme,” he said.

It is difficult to tell exactly how influential the Salt Shakers are as there are no figures of exactly how many supporters they have engaged.

“They have certainly been active in disseminating false and misleading information, and at times lies which has fuelled letter writing activities by their supporters to politicians,” Venn-Brown said.

“One less anti-LGBT voice in Australia is most welcome.”



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