Church Islam protest


The ABC reports…

“Senator Pauline Hanson has distanced herself from an anti-Islam group which disrupted an Anglican church service.

Members of the group, Party for Freedom, were dressed in mock Islamic garb when they barged into the Gosford Anglican Church during a service on the New South Wales Central Coast on Sunday.

They pretended to pray while playing Muslim prayers on a loudspeaker and criticised Islam before walking out.

Senator Hanson features in many images on the group’s website and Facebook pages, but she told the ABC One Nation had no official affiliation with the Party For Freedom.

She said the group’s action was “counterproductive in the serious argument One Nation are calling for”.

“I think it’s uncalled for [for] media to blame One Nation or myself for these actions,” she said.

“Let’s have a proper debate as a community and leave the satire out of it.”

A statement issued on behalf of One Nation said the party did not condone any violence.

“However if these concerns are not addressed, we believe that there may come a time where there is civil unrest on our streets,” it said.

The party also stated the church was most likely targeted due to its support for refugees and Muslims.

Father Rod Bower, who was running the service, told the ABC he was shocked when the group entered his church halfway through his sermon.

“It was … just out of the blue, some of the congregation were quite upset,” he said.

“I recognised one of the participants and clearly they weren’t Muslims — it was mock attire.”

The group posted photos of their stunt on social media, claiming it was a protest against Father Bower’s support for Islamic leaders and multiculturalism.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten also criticised the action, saying those involved were “way out of line”.

Mr Shorten told reporters in Brisbane “it seems to me that some of these people don’t seem to like any religion”.

“Imagine gatecrashing a Christian service to make a point about other political points of view,” he said.

“I don’t agree with what they did there. This country needs to be tolerant of people’s religious practices and — this group were way out of line staging a protest in a Christian church.”



36 thoughts on “Church Islam protest

  1. None of you people understand Islam and the reality of Muslim hatred and the danger of letting in masses of Muslim refugees at all.

    This story is repeated over and over.

    If you had anything in reality to do with Muslims and refugees you’d understand.

    Refugees?? Poor refugees attacking other refugees.

    If only Christians and liberal kooks in this website had as much concern for people getting killed, raped , beheaded and threatened by Muslims as they did for rich white gays not getting a cake baked for them a hundreds of thousands of innocent children would be safer.


  2. Take a break from the election and watching your silly tv shows and read about the terrible persecution of Christians in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Sudan etc etc where Muslims have a great majority. And the human rights abuses.,
    Anyone who thinks increasing the number of Muslims in western countries is a good idea should be considered insane.


  3. “Muslim International Student CUTS THROAT of Female Student, Gets Put in Chokehold by Heroic Canadian Boy”

    Great work.

    Man if I see a Muslim trying to cut a woman’s throat he won’t know what hit him!!
    Allah Ak. …BAM! Do not pass go, Do not collect 40 virgins.

    How heroic! Time to get tough girls. Now wait for Boneless and Hillary to accuse the hero of Islamophobia!


  4. It looked like to me that they really thought it was halloween and they went to church dressed in their bad halloween costumes they got from a costume shop. I could not get over the pink niquab. Because after all, what self respecting Muslim woman would wear that.

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  5. Let’s explore this logically. Q doesn’t like social justice warriors, people who fight for social justice. Therefore he does not like fighting for social justice. You can’t win social justice without fighting for it. This means Q does not care for social justice.

    Time to pronounce Q a Barbarian.

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  6. “Which side you are on?
    God’s and humanity’s.”

    Complete bs.

    Your hatred of others who aren’t like you show you are one of humanity’s and our society’s enemies.

    You and One Nation and the Party for Freedom can f#ck off.


  7. Q hates SJW like Desmond Tutu and MLK.

    For Q is the arbiter of civil rights.

    Anyone who disagrees with Q about gays and Muslims is a SJW.

    Gee you One Nation types are stupid.


  8. “Why does the gentle person, Q, write long, boring and repetitive posts?”

    Yes it’s boring…

    I mean how long do we have to listen to him justify his hatred of Muslims…..

    It’s worse than Pauline Hanson.


  9. You wouldn’t have liked Jesus either Q..

    And he wouldn’t have liked you…

    As for for Ibn Kathir who gives a f*ck what some fourteenth century scholar thinks.

    SAINT Thomas Aquinas (the Doctor of the Church and Saint) thought it was essential that the church burn heretics.

    But maybe he wasn’t a Christian….

    Derp a derp.


  10. SJW in the pejorative sense.

    “So you don’t like social justice warriors.”
    No, I don’t like them.

    “I assume you still like social justice.”
    Yes, if its within the boundaries of common sense.

    “But those warriors, fighting for social justice, they are just Islamic extremists?”
    No you are mixed up here.

    “People across all religious and cultural divides fight for social justice.”
    Indeed. Especially Christians. Muslims…meh..not so many.

    “Maybe I assumed wrong.”

    Which side you are on?
    God’s and humanity’s.

    A SJW is like the maniacs who attack Ellen for her funny innocent tweet of a picture of her riding on Bolt’s back. “Racist” they cried.


  11. So you don’t like social justice warriors.

    I assume you still like social justice.

    But those warriors, fighting for social justice, they are just Islamic extremists?

    People across all religious and cultural divides fight for social justice.

    Maybe I assumed wrong.

    Which side you are on?


  12. To answer each of Bones accusations.
    Hopefully one day he’ll read a post properly and I won’t have to post anymore.
    And to educate certain people who just regurgitate the propaganda of the latest wannabe SJW


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  13. Questions for Bones the Islamic scholar.
    Was Ibn Kathir a Muslim? Good Muslim or bad Muslim? Can he be considered a man representing Islam? Why or why not?

    His history of the actions of Muhammad. You accept it or not?
    Was Mohammed a Muslim? Did he represent Islam?

    When people were beheaded in Muhammed’s day- was that Islam or not?

    Do you know anything about what Mohammed said or did?

    Oh for the record, I totally reject Islam. I think Mohammed was a rat bag. You wouldn’t have liked him. Then again?

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  14. “What’s weird is how the fundamentalist branches of both religion mirror each other….
    They hate gays, both control women, both are puritanical, both are militaristic and justify violence and killing, both deny science, both hate liberalism, both hate intellectualism, both hate the decadent west, both hate people who are different to them, both hate members of their own religion who aren’t like them……..

    Seems there’s your Chrislam right there….”

    Wow, what a crazy rant. lol I think first you’ll have to define what you mean by fundamentalist Christians and fundamentalist Muslims.

    When you define what groups come under your heading of fundamentalist Christian, but if you mean evangelicals or charismatics, then you are once again talking nonsense.

    If you are meaning a group like WEstboro Baptist or a very small percentage of ultra-conservative Christians, then even then you are wrong.

    But let’s say you’re right. I’d much rather live next to Westboro church than Isis. The levels of hate you talk about are completely different.

    And talking about hate – I haven’t come across are more hateful Christian then Bones – and he’s supposed to be a liberal Christian??
    Who knows. No, Bones and a few Calvinists. Levels of hate I’ve never encountered before. Except that the Calvinists don’t swear as much.


  15. “So does the assembled gathering think that a combined Chrislam religion is a good idea?”

    What’s weird is how the fundamentalist branches of both religion mirror each other….

    They hate gays, both control women, both are puritanical, both are militaristic and justify violence and killing, both deny science, both hate liberalism, both hate intellectualism, both hate the decadent west, both hate people who are different to them, both hate members of their own religion who aren’t like them……..

    Seems there’s your Chrislam right there….

    And like most fundamentalists, they hate each other.


  16. Bones isn’t! lol.
    But when he stops calling people morons and idiots I’ll ease up.

    “Mr Explorer Pants” ? took me a while to get that. Does that mean I’m really pure?


  17. Not clever. Just thought Wazza may have just made a mistake. I didn’t think he was meaning you. Wazza is the nicest guy who comments here.
    After me of course. But I agree with Greg – comments here should only relate to this thread. I messed up twice in a row posting in the wrong place when I meant to post to the Islam one.

    So, as for this thread. These guys are nuts. With all the real terror going on, people don’t need to be scared unnecessarily.

    I say a good punishment for these guys is to tell them they are going to be dropped off in the middle of ISIS territory with Allah is an Idiot T-shirts.

    Don’t do it -just give them a scare. Maybe put them in a cell with actors who are pretending they are going to behead them.



  18. That comment from wazza2 implying I am the identity behind Melly Smuff was hilarious,

    You either stir the shit or leave it to putrefy in a big smelly mess. We can all help with that, can’t we wazza2?


  19. Very interesting. An utterly stupid thing for these wallies to do, but it raises a few issues.

    First, the fact was put forward that people would be frightened or traumatised by people dressed as Muslims, as both the pastor and interviewer state. Think about it. Why? Why would they be traumatised? Is there a link here somewhere? Why would Muslim garb be confronting?

    It’s really dumb and ill thought-out activism, mainly because it was totally counterproductive, giving the left-wing liberal theology Gosford Anglican a higher profile with the pc media.

    But it was an own goal, because it was obviously confronting despite Nick Folke’s claims that it was peaceful. However, the Gosford Anglicans are also activist and known for it, so why complain if other activists use them as a foil for their bigotry?

    And how is this any more confronting than some of the student union protests in recent times? Far less, actually, including their anti-Israel, rpo-Palestine activism.

    By the way Ps Bower, according to your report, seems to have claimed they were Christian militants, which they are not.


  20. Hey Melly Smuff, you would enjoy talking to David. He is a bit of a shit-stirrer just like you! Unfortunately whenever you turn up, he doesnt seem to be around. Anyway, I’ll let him know you were here.

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  21. From Fr Rod Bower

    A right wing hate group violated our sacred space and traumatised and terrorised our congregation this morning. They unwittingly provided a perfect sermon illustration for today’s Gospel Luke 12:49-56. “Jesus said I did not come to bring peace”. This is one of the difficult sayings of Jesus that needs deeper understanding. Sadly these hate filled people would have certainly claimed to be Christian on last Tuesdays census, but they know not Christ or his peace. If these people has been actual muslims it would be call terrorism. This is “radicalised Christianity” and right wing terrorism and should be named as such.
    Fr Rod.


  22. Why not take the multicultural and ecumenical path of Chrislam, an combination of the best of Christianity and Islam.

    I’m sure people like Mr Explorer Pants would be excited by a new role as Primam – priest imam combo. A natural development of his position as Prima Donna.


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