The down and out



The Daily Mail reports…

“This is the sickening moment a man ‘peacefully’ protesting the closure of a church knocks a bystander out in a seemingly unprovoked attack.

Footage of the horrific knock-out punch was captured by an apparent sympathiser of the group protesting the demolition of Saint Rita’s Church in Paris, France.

The video shows the Catholic fundamentalists praying in the street when a bystander walks up behind them to watch.

He doesn’t appear to say anything, but one man in the group appears to take an instant disliking to him and jumps to his feet before punching him in the face.

The victim, who doesn’t see the sickening blow coming, hits the ground with a thud as a woman jumps out the way in horror.

The unconscious man is then attacked again by the same protester, who grabs hold of his clothes and appears to pull him onto the road.

The shocking footage was posted to YouTube along with a description, which apparently explained the incident.

The video maker alleges that the victim of the attack had been disrupting the group by ‘playing loud music on his mobile phone’.

The description adds that the man was then ‘chastised for his rudeness’ by a ‘soldier of Christ’.

It is not clear whether the victim suffered any serious injuries as a result of being attacked. There were also no reports that any arrests had been made.

Saint Rita, built in 1900, had been the sanctuary of Gallicans, traditionalist Catholics who profess to practice the faith as it existed in medieval times, celebrating mass in Latin, but they are not recognised by the Vatican.

The church’s owner, the Association of Catholic and Apostolic Chapels, had decided to replace the structure with a housing development, and it was shut in April 2015.

It was recently the site of chaos after riot police were seen brutally dragging a priest in ceremonial dress outside as he – along with 20 others – protested its demolition.

Police arrived with batons and helmets to forcibly remove the congregation on August 2.

It happened just hours apart from the funeral of Father Jacques Hamel, who was knifed to death by ISIS-inspired attacker in his church in Normandy as he celebrated Mass.”



8 thoughts on “The down and out

  1. Like I said – no time. But David the coward, please talk about the satanic Muslim god somewhere else. No you won’t do it. You are almost as cowardly as Bones.

    Tough Davo, blasphemes the Christian God, and asks for nice stories about Islam. But he is a complete and utter hypocritical coward.

    Go stay at a QLD hostel and say that kind of thing to a Muslim.
    You wouldn’t dare.

    Man, the hypocrisy and cowardice shown by those who hate Jews and Christians is just so blindingly obvious.


    See you in November!

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