Thief pastor caught red-handed – updated*


CBS New York reports…

“Chaos erupted at an Upper East Side church on Sunday over its troubled pastor.

CBS2’s Steve Langford exclusively reported Rock Church Pastor Daniel Iampaglia appeared to grab the results of the latest election of the Board of Trustees out of the hands of a church official who was attempting to read them during the Sunday service.

“I’m the pastor, whether you like it or not,” Iampaglia said.

The official shot back, “Don’t you threaten me, don’t you threaten me, Mr. Iampaglia. Get outta here.”

It is the latest outbreak of anarchy at the church. In early January, the bitterly divided congregation descended into bedlam during a religious service.

One faction of the faithful wants to fire the pastor, especially after producing a video of Iampaglia allegedly stealing money from the collection drawer. The pastor was arraigned on petit larceny charges, which were later dismissed, church members said.

The conflict over who should control Rock Church is also being played out in court as a judge urged the congregation to come together to save their church.

“The board does have to come to a decision eventually how to move forward with this, whether or not the pastor should remain here or whether he doesn’t,” said church member Prasanth Venigalla.

A temporary restraining order preventing the church from firing the pastor is still in effect.”



2 thoughts on “Thief pastor caught red-handed – updated*

  1. I assume that the process that Anglican churches have in place is common among most churches – the pastor/pries/minister NEVER ever handles the offering money or any other money either. All money is managed, held, counted by at least two other people, and never two people who are related to one another or the priest/minister/pastor. Saves an awful lot of explaining afterwards.

    One has to ask – if he only had access to money that was his paycheque -0 what was he doing wit th money from the draw in this video? He’s not ensuring he’s beyond reproach that’s for sure.


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