White supremacist arrest


The Newcastle Herald reports…

“A white supremacist from Sydney’s south-west has been charged with setting fire to a Pentecostal church on the NSW mid-north coast.

Ricky White appeared in Taree Local Court on Monday accused of deliberately starting the fire at the Destiny Church at 1:30am on Sunday.

Fire and Rescue NSW were able to save the church structure but it still sustained an estimated $200,000 worth of damage.

Mr White, who lives in Ingleburn, was arrested by police on Sunday afternoon on two outstanding warrants and then also charged over the church fire.

The 25-year-old is a self-described skinhead and has an “88” tattoo on one of his hands – the abbreviation used by Neo-Nazis for the salute Heil Hitler.

He has also posted photographs of himself on Facebook wearing a swastika ring and once played in a band known as blitzkrieg88.

Wotansvolk is a white separatist religion that is popular within some prison populations overseas that has its roots in ancestral European paganism.It is understood that Mr White is also the head of the Wotansvolk fraternity in NSW and the second in charge nationally.

Flyers promoting Wotansvolk were allegedly found inside the church by investigators after the blaze had been extinguished.

Senior pastor Kevin Matters said he does not know why someone would target the church, which was affiliated to the Pentecostal movement and set up in Taree in 2012.

“We had a couple of smashed windows a few months ago but we have no idea why they were deliberately broken in then either.””I have no idea why [we] were targeted, none whatsoever, it’s quite surprising to us, we have really no idea why,” he said on Monday.

“The detective I spoke with yesterday suggested there was a white supremacist element to it but I don’t know of anything myself.”

Mr White did not apply for bail when he appeared in court on Monday morning. Along with the arson charges, he had been wanted by police in the Campbelltown area for breaching his bond for firearm offences.

He is due in court again next month.”

From http://www.theherald.com.au/story/4175689/white-supremacist-charged-over-church-fire/



15 thoughts on “White supremacist arrest

  1. Haha. Not me – I’m completely hetero.
    You were the one who kept going in and on about Roberts beating me up. Lol

    You forget a lot Bones.
    Talmud and Roberts – unforgettable …

    You gave yourself away that day I’m afraid , lol


  2. Oh you mean fantasies of Ian Roberts and I fighting?
    Only Bones goes down that dark pathway.

    And now for something completely different.
    What did you all think of the Trump/Clinton debate?


  3. Donald.
    A man?

    Yes. Trying to throw off my feminine side, but yeah I’m a guy. Very macho.
    So muscular that Bones regularly has fantasies of me and Ian Roberts bare chested in mud.


  4. Okay, so now Greg and I are praying about lesbians beating up Wazza. And now I’m fantasizing about watching. Just picture it, three blonde….

    okay I’ll stop.

    Wazza getting beaten up by three Swedish lesbians….how do i get that image out of my mind.
    No Wazza, i can’t let them do that. I’ll take the beating. This is starting to remind me about the Knights visitng a castle in a Monty Python flick


  5. At last!!!!! An article about some pagans attacking Pentecostals.
    Now I’ll start praying for one about some lesbians beating up some Hillsongers!


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