Australian Christian Lobby’s ‘secret location’ meeting venue revealed


Life Site News reports…

“Threats against hotel staff and a deluge of unearned one-star guest ratings have forced a coalition of family groups opposed to same-sex “marriage” to move their scheduled meeting from the Mercure Sydney Hotel into the offices of the Catholic archdiocese….”



19 thoughts on “Australian Christian Lobby’s ‘secret location’ meeting venue revealed

  1. I see you have strong feelings on the subject Bones. We seem to not be entirely in agreement.
    Perhaps one day we’all be closer.


  2. “It’s quite obvious that it’s the homophobic teaching of Christians which has led gay people to taking their own lives.”

    Eh, no it isn’t. If you think that paper proves that every gay youth who commits suicide does so because their parents don’t believe homosexual marriage is biblically acceptable, I suggest you go back to uni. Man, did you really graduate?
    Bones and access to the internet is a dangerous combination.

    “You are as complicit in that as those who hid child abuse.”

    Pathetic slander. Absolutely disgusting thing to say. Should I pass it on to your wife and Billy Graham? Or you two or three years ago when you said homosexuals were sinning?

    “None of your ranting about my home town nor my job or any other ad hominem attacks will change that.”
    No ranting. I happen to like Bundaberg! Lol
    I think the kids deserve better teachers though! Lol

    “You are a particularly pathetic individual.”

    Says the anti-Semite.

    Lie down for a while Bonehead and have a &@& #%$ sleep. Calm the @&¥#% down.
    (That’s me sounding tough like the big bad Bundy boy) Lol


  3. You’re a first class f#cking idiot….

    It’s quite obvious that it’s the homophobic teaching of Christians which has led gay people to taking their own lives.

    You are as complicit in that as those who hid child abuse.

    None of your ranting about my home town nor my job or any other ad hominem attacks will change that.

    You are a particularly pathetic individual.


  4. Me, Rick Warren, Corrie Ten Boom, Mother Theresa, Obama five years ago, Pope Francis and Pope John Paul, my mother, probably Bones’ wife (who knows?) – all these people according to Bones the Bundaberg schoolteacher are homophobic cretins who cause gay youth suicide.


    How on earth do people think Australia is ready for sensible debate with hate-filled people like Bones slandering anyone with a different opinion.

    Borderline psychotic.
    I hope this man never has access to guns.

    Take your medicine and go to sleep


  5. Okay. More hate and slander and despicable accusations. You are a very sad man.

    Back up your words.

    Repost your infamous post about the Talmud promoting underage sex to Jews with your name and school and the website link , and I’all send it to Jewish organizations here and abroad.

    You think Jews will be happy with that?

    You need therapy.

    Oh and re kids, that was disgusting for you to say.

    Rather show your posts to your kids, wife and pastor. (Are you still going to church and pretending you’re a Christian?)


  6. Poor Q

    I post facts and evidence, not idiotic opinions from right wing antigay and anti-Muslim sites. Like Maggie whoever who believes in gay reparative therapy and uses the suffering and victimisation of lgbt youth to beat them on the head.

    Gay people from religious backgrounds with homophobic parents have far more suicidal ideation. That’s a fact and it’s obvious that people like you with your homophobic ideology are the reason for gay youth topping themselves. I mean it was always pretty obvious when you have a young person’s family and church rejecting them….

    But hey ol Maggie wouldn’t be interested in that…

    So there’s your causation.

    I wonder what abuse your causing to your own children.

    And yeah I know more about the causes of suicide than you do. I live with the consequences of it every day.

    It’s always interesting listening to the ignorance of buffoons who think they have issues like suicide all worked out.

    And the gay friend thing is like racists who have black friends…so what?

    BTW pointing out a Nazi’s hatred of Jews isn’t hatred.

    And if their hatred drives them to top themselves then that’s their fault.

    And yeah I change my mind on issues, that’s what people do when presented with facts – not like you though, you islamophobic homophobic cretin who solely posts from right wing hate sites and blames gay people for their villificaton by others.

    I actually defend Jews against anti-semites and there’s plenty of those around.

    So your continual charges of antisemitism is just hot air coming out of your are.

    I’d welcome any Jewish organisation to go through the history of my posts and I’d be confident they’d be pretty pleased.

    You can’t say the same about Muslims though, can you?

    You utterly hate them.

    You just love trawling islamophobic sites and posting how much you hate the evil Muslims and how bad the gays are..


  7. I’ll be back in a few days to make my comments on this reasearch article. It raises good points. But fails to address the conclusions.

    But the major problem I have with this post is Bone’s attitude. As usual, 99% of a bones post is just a cut and paste. Is this what you teach your kids. Copy and paste something and then add a line or two? Is this what education has come to in QUeensland? It really is a tragedy that you have influence on young minds.

    But let’s look at what you said. You accuse me of causing suicide. That is hateful. Can’t you see your own hypocricy? If i commit suicide, remember everyone – its Bones fault. His slander and accusing me of causing suicide is driving me to suicide.

    See, isn’t that horrible. Suicide isn’t something to use as a weapon Bones. I’ ve know too many who suicided, and know what it’s like to battle with thoughts like that.

    ” Poor Christians are being persecuted………”
    Around the world – yes they are look it up. They are being raped, burned, tortured, killed, and their relatives are being sent to concentration camps. It’s not funny. It goes way beyond someone saying “I don’t agree with gay marriage”.

    “I see Q is back to his gay hating best…..”

    YOu have said that over then times. ANd each time I said that was a lie and slander. I could take you to court over the things you have said. I don’t hate gays. I have a gay friend. He knows i don’t hate him. He knows that I disagree with gay marriage. He is completely different to you. YOu are just an anti-semite, anti-Christian hypocritical buffoon who can’t even use the internet.
    I do not hate gays. I don’t think the marriage laws need to be changed. Just like Obama and the Clintons and many people just 4 years ago. And like you. Were you a gay hating man causing young people to suicide a few years ago when you didn’t believe in homosexual marriage. You have just flipflopped all over this.

    Only a few years ago you supported gay marriage. BUT you claimed on the internet that HOMOSEXUAL ACTIVITY was sin. No who knows what you think, You don’t know. You won’t know until you watch another late show to see which way society is swinging.

    “Gay people don’t commit suicide because they are gay ffs….but because of how they are treated and ostracised….especialy by their families…and their church…”

    No, i think you need to look at this article again. Did you read it all? I think you’ve take statistics and gone to a conclusion WAY behind that of the researcher. But, I’ll get back to this in a few days.

    “The real cause are people like Q who want gay people to hate themselves…..”

    No, no no. Why do I even bother replying to your evil slander.

    You can’t debate. You say i “want” something? you have no idea what I want.

    Seriously Bones. do you want me to ignore you? Or do you want me to go after you again, show you how idiotic you are and humiliate you until you descend into a bilnd rage where you unleash a stream of profanities and get so nutso that you start pasting quotes from anti-semitic websites misquoting and misinterpreting the Talmud?

    Remember Bones. You went there once.

    And still – you haven’t manned up and apologized to the local synogogue.

    Remember. If i wanted to, Jewish organizations could press you for a public apology for that vile hate crime.

    God help Bundaberg children.

    See you in a few days.


  8. If you are bisexual, and will suicide unless you can express yourself sexually and lovingly in a committed relationship to both a male and a female -then why not three person marriage?

    Uhm…because marriage is between two people – not one single person more or less – two – that’s it, that’s why a man can’t mary his pig and he also can’t marry both his boyfriend and his girlfirend – however he is quite welcome to marry his boyfriend tomorrow – divorce the next day, marry his girlfriend a month later and so on and so forth until Jesus comes to call a halt to this craziness!


  9. Poor Christians are being persecuted………

    I see Q is back to his gay hating best…..

    Gay people don’t commit suicide because they are gay ffs….but because of how they are treated and ostracised….especialy by their families…and their church…

    Religious Conflict, Sexual Identity, and Suicidal Behaviors among LGBT Young Adults

    The purpose of this study was three fold: 1) to determine if religious and LGBT identity conflict indicators are associated with suicidality, 2) to investigate if internalized homophobia mediates this relationship, and 3) to determine if a religious upbringing is associated with suicidality. In our study, data indicated that identity conflict that comes from dissonance felt between religious beliefs and LGBT identity was associated with higher risk of suicide.

    All three indicators were associated with suicidal thoughts in the last month, parental anti-homosexual religious beliefs was associated with chronic suicidal thoughts in the last month and two indicators (i.e., leaving ones religion and parents religious beliefs about homosexuality) were associated with suicide attempt in the last year. In the case of suicide attempts, the two indicators were associated with a more than two times odds of having attempted suicide in the past year. It is important to note that the young adults included in the sample were not adolescents living at home, but college-aged young adults primarily living out of their parents’ home. These two findings are especially unsettling, and add evidence not only to the literature on general family support and LGBT young adult outcomes, which find that family support is negatively associated with negative behavioral health outcomes (e.g., Goldbach, Tanner-Smith, Bagwell & Dunlap, 2013), but to the more specific relationship that their religious beliefs may have on this critical behavioral health concern. While changing parental beliefs on homosexuality (particularly as the beliefs in this study were founded in religious doctrine) may not always be feasible, these findings indicate that there is a critical need to intervene with, not only, LGBT young adults but potentially their parents, families, and their belief systems. Further, while leaving one’s religion could be considered a functional way of dealing with the conflict (Schuck & Liddle, 2001), leaving one’s religion due to the conflict was not associated with better mental health outcomes but instead a higher odds of both suicide attempt and suicidal thoughts.

    The real cause are people like Q who want gay people to hate themselves…..


  10. I admit it’s effective though.

    Whether it’s left or right wing, if hotels are scared of holding conventions fir groups or movie theaters don’t want customers harassed they often fold.

    Intimidation works.


  11. And its the Social-Justice warriors (many of them not gay) after holding us to ransom with threats of suicide who are hounding the ACL out of their meeting places.

    They are using ‘their’ oppression to oppress others – I put ‘their’ in quotes because many times its not the oppressed group but the hangers on who jump on to the cause.

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  12. I agree with you here, Q. It is very dangerous to automatically respond to a suicide, attempted suicide or threat of suicide – either personally or as a society – by saying that we must adopt their point of view or give in to their demands. The danger is that people will get into a mindset of over-sensitivity or even victim-hood whilst simultaneously holding a threat over the heads of everyone else.

    This is not to downplay the struggles and discrimination that gay youth experience, but we cannot make a major change in law and society just to send a message to suicidal youth that its OK not to commit suicide.

    The culture is encouraging kids to be sensitive outsiders, in some groups of kids it is almost de-rigure to have a mental illness, be self-harming or to say that you’re gay – even if you’ve been in a relationship with the opposite sex for the past 5 years. If you arent any of those things its almost as if you are the oppressor.


  13. And in places where they have legalized homosexual marriage, now they don’t want to stop at that.
    Now its domestic violence and suicide among bisexuals.

    So, what do we do for bisexuals now??

    Nobody has ever once answered me or even attempted to answer me.

    If you are bisexual, and will suicide unless you can express yourself sexually and lovingly in a committed relationship to both a male and a female -then why not three person marriage?

    Or like the polyamourous lesbians that had a three women wedding, and want their union legalzed.

    Let everyone have the marriage they want – because the definition of marriage is up for grabs.

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  14. Former Bill Clinton adviser Richard Socarides told the AP that these suicides demonstrate why gays should be allowed to marry: “When you speak out for full equality now, as opposed to partial equality, or incremental equality, you send a message to everybody, including the bullies, that everyone is equal.”

    Apparently, either we all agree that gay marriage is good or gay children will die.

    It’s a horrific charge to levy in response to some pretty horrifying stories. Will gay marriage really reduce or prevent gay teen suicide? I felt a moral obligation to find out.

    Massachusetts has been tracking gay high school students for a decade using the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s Youth Risk Behavior Survey.

    LGBT teens are roughly four times as likely as other students to have attempted suicide in the last year.

    They are also about twice as likely to report being in a physical fight at school, three times more likely to say they were injured by a weapon, and almost four times as likely as pther teens to say they missed school because they felt physically unsafe.

    These kinds of negative outcomes are consistent with the idea that anti-gay bullying is mainly responsible for the higher suicide rate among gay teens. But as I kept reading, I kept finding the pieces of the puzzle that don’t seem to fit the “it’s homophobia pulling the trigger” narrative:

    Gay students are also more than twice as likely to report having had sexual intercourse before age 13 — that is, to be sexually abused as children. They are three times as likely to report being the victims of dating violence, and nearly four times as likely to report forced sexual contact. A majority of LGBT teens in Massachusetts reported using illegal drugs in the past month. (Perhaps most oddly, gay teens are also three times as likely as nongay teens to report either becoming pregnant or getting someone else pregnant.)

    Forced sex, childhood sexual abuse, dating violence, early unwed pregnancy, substance abuse — could these be a more important factor in the increased suicide risk of LGBT teens than anything people like me ever said?

    The deeper you look, the more you see kids who are generally unprotected in deeply tragic ways that make it hard to believe — if you are really focusing on these kids’ well-being — that gay marriage is the answer.

    And that’s exactly what the Youth Risk Behavior data also show: In 2001, gay teens in Massachussetts were almost four times more likely to have attempted suicide (31 percent vs. 8 percent). In 2007 — after four years of legalized gay marriage in that state — gay teens were still about four times more likely to attempt suicide than nongay teens (29 percent vs. 6 percent).

    maggie Galagher


  15. Please show me the statistics that show that legalizing homosexual marriage has led to less depression and suicide among youth.

    Not saying it isn’t true. But its a big statement, or rather hideous accusation to say that anyone who doesn’t agree with homosexual marriage is a cause of suicide.

    President Obama opposed homosexual marriage until about four years ago. I don’t think he was demonizing anyone or contributing to suicide.

    This is an old argument. And pretty brutal. Agree with homosexual marriage or youth will suicide.



  16. Ironically, none of the things that they talk about have happened in the US or in other countries that have SSM. All the Australian Christian Lobby will ever accomplish is contributing to the suicide rolls of young people that they have demonized because they are different.


  17. It’s this sort of bully boy bullshit that really gets my goat. Whilst I deplore the very existence of the (so called) Australian Christian Lobby, I also strongly b live they have every right to exist and every right to be able to meet without idiots holding businesses hostage to their own (however noble) ideologies.


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