The last sane US evangelical


The Christian Post reports…

“Best-selling Christian author Philip Yancey stated that he cannot understand how so many evangelical Christians can support Republican nominee Donald Trump.

In an interview with the Europe-based publication Evangelical Focus published last Friday, Yancey said he was “staggered” by the support evangelical voters are giving Trump.

“I am staggered that so many conservative or evangelical Christians would see a man who is a bully, who made his money by casinos, who has had several wives and several affairs … That they would somehow paint him as a hero, as someone that we could stand behind,” explained Yancey.

“I can understand why maybe you choose these policies that you support, but to choose a person who stands against everything that Christianity believes as the hero, the representative, one that we get behind enthusiastically is not something that I understand at all.”

Yancey drew a parallel to the history of church and state unification in Europe, arguing that “the more [the church] embeds with politics” the more it is harmed when it is bound to a state that is deeply flawed.

“There are countries in Europe where the church is set back for decades and decades, because they have been stained by how they sold their soul for power,” continued Yancey.

“As the United States grows more and more secular, I tell the people there: ‘We are becoming more like the fertile soil in which the early church did best’. Like the Roman Empire, this was a pagan and hostile society in which Christians stood out by being different.”

Since declaring his candidacy last year, Trump has seen his support among evangelical Christian voters increase as the other Republican presidential hopefuls suspended their campaigns.

“A number of high profile evangelical Christians have parked themselves in the ‘Never Trump’ camp, pointing out that the candidate’s policies and actions don’t reflect Christian values,” noted the Huffington Post.

“And yet, rank and file white evangelical Christians don’t seem to mind ― or at least, are willing to forgive … According to a Pew Research Center survey conducted in June, 78 percent of white evangelical voters said they would vote for Trump.”

In justifying his support for Trump, Texas megachurch pastor Robert Jeffress commented earlier this year that while the Donald is “not exactly like us,” nevertheless “at least he likes us.”

“After being with Mr. Trump over the last year on many occasions, I can tell you, if he becomes president, evangelical Christians will have a true friend in the White House,” argued Jeffress.”



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  1. Actually, Greg, no I wouldn’t want her as President.

    I’m COMPLETELY anti-HIllary. Anonymous has put out a video chronicling Hillary’s corruption over decades. I had forgotten lots of it. But it’s just ridiculous.

    I can’t see why anyone would want her in the White House.

    Having said that I think Bill Clinton is an incredible speaker. His time in the White House was a pretty good time if you think about it. There was “relative” peace. Think back to the time before 9/11.

    If Bill would have not been so diverted by…..ladies… and then court cases – and got Bin Laden and got other stuff back then, the world would probably be in a much better place.

    But he’s a great speech maker.
    And so is Michelle.

    Politically, I’m really against the Obamas. But all I’m saying is that Michelle has charisma in spades – so does Barack. Coolest family ever.
    She does well on TV shows, and her last speech condemning Trump was just – well in a way easy to do -but still hugely effective.

    Politics is a game.
    And the best players win.

    America has had some great communicaters. Reagan, Clinton, Obama – when he’s rehearsed.

    Hillary is good in that she can just act and hide the lies – but i think most people realize she’s fake.

    Trump is …Trump. His advisers would be freaking out the way he just goes off on tangents.

    But he’s still not as dumb as people think. There’s probably method to his madness.

    More and more people will start thinking that he’s just totally himself and isn’t a puppet for anyone.
    He just goes to rally after rally and raves on.

    As for the polls – I think even now HIllary’s team are worried. There are a lot of “undecideds”.
    I’d say there are a significant number of them who are educated who are not game enough to admit they will vote for Trump – because in the present climate you risk being ostracized!

    As for Trump’s women problems. I doubt whether from now on he’ll do anything bad with all the scrutiny.

    But will Hillary change?

    Also, some people think Trump will be a war-monger.
    But, now we have a Nobel Peace Prize winner in the Whitehouse, and Hillary was the Secretary of State.

    But, are things going well with North Korea? China? Russia???????? Really, how is Obama getting on with Russia?

    Not to mention he dumped cash on the Iranians and now people they sponsor are shooting at US destroyers. Everyone thought Obama would go around apologizing and the world would love the US.
    HOw’s that worked out for ya?

    Biden publicly announces that the US will do a cyber strike on Russia.

    If Bush or Trump said that, what do you think the liberal media and you would be saying about that??

    The media is dailly bashing Trump. But if Ben Carson were the candidate they’d be bashing him for other reasons. Same with Cruz.

    If you’re into gay marriage and LGBTQIA rights, you should rather Trump than Ben Carson or Rubio or Cruz.
    I’d say some evangelicals are going to be disappointed with Trump in the future because he’ll be much more center of left.

    I doubt whether he’ll actually build a wall either.
    He won’t lock Hillary up either.

    Trump is the kind of guy who will bash you continually, and do everything dirty in the game to win, but then shake hands after – watch his behavior before and after he won the nomination.

    Hillary? She’s a different breed.

    For the record. I thought invading Iraq was a bad idea. BUt if they did it they should have basically taken over for a while. Sadam was a horrible thug -with torture chambers in embassies around the world.

    And believe it or not I was against the first Iraq war which was a great success.

    And finally, I would never want to be President. Definitely not smart enough.

    Trouble is I’m not sure I know anyone who is. Its really scary realizing that nobody knows what they’re doing.


  2. and just to show how intelligent voters are…..

    Ken Bone the internet sensation? Gets an Uber deal. Everyone loves him.

    But oh no…..women all hate him. Because he he likes preggo porn and talked about sex.

    Oh no. Now Ken BOne is not fit to be an….internet sensation!!


    So now Hillary is in hiding while another woman comes forward to say Trump talked about breasts at a party and people are now burning their red sweaters….

    How lucky can this woman get?!?!

    33,000 emails deleted and never to be retrieved. “Don’t worry they were about yoga and birthday parties”. And as the jourmalists say. Stuff like that is too hard for voters to understand.

    and after all. THere’s a fact checking website that assures Greg that

    there is NO evidence WHATSOEVER that HIllary had anything to hide when she deleted 33,000 emails, using the best software known to man to make them totally irretrievable.

    If only everyone else in the world had the option to decide what people can look at when under investigation.

    I don’t recall, i don’t recall, I don’t recall.

    OH getting shot at?? Sorry, I misspoke. What difference does it make?! ANyway, Bill’s running out of money. He’s available for speeches? Down to 100grand now – he’s feeling generous.

    And after all, she can always use her husbands great line “It depends on what the definition of “is” is…..

    Can’t wait for the pics of Greg, Whalleed and Bones marchng down the streets singing “I am woman hear me roar in numbers too big too ignore”

    And dissing Wazza under the tree smoking weed and calling him a “self-righteous whiner barista who lives in his mother’s basement”

    Yes, girls, this is the 2016 Presidential election.

    My satire is too nasty? Yeah, like SNL and other do to Trump.

    If SNL and the entertainment industry were run by liberals, the people mocked would be the other way around. And the masses would be mocking Hillary after laughing at email skits.

    But – people don’t see that. No surprise – they not even capable of understanding the email issue unless they see it on a comedy show.


  3. See here is the problem.

    “NBC Today, Bloomberg Politics editor Mark Halperin tried to dismiss the importance of Clinton campaign e-mails released by Wikileaks as being too “inside baseball” and “complicated” for voters to grasp. He then argued the issue would only matter if journalists actually pressed the Democratic nominee on the topic.”

    Later he said it was a three level importance. Could go to 8 if journalists pushed it.

    So, easier to go with sex stories.

    It’s a hugely important issue.
    But if a clever guy like Greg can’t understand it……

    Click up link go to some website and Greg agrees with Hillary – nothing to see there.
    Easier to go with a sex talk audio and decide there.

    So, Hillary wins.

    Like taking candy from a baby – except the baby won’t cry later. Too busy watching tv.

    She’ll be on Ellen next, and the women voters will be crying and cheering.

    So predictable.

    Just waiting for “I am woman hear me roar”
    Hillary and the smart liberal media know that most women – and Greg just don’t have the thinking power to ask questions and draw conclusions about servers and conflicts of interest and why someone would delete 33,000 emails.
    Trust me -says Hillary.
    Who now says she has no recollection of anyone at anytime telling her there’s a problem with a private server.

    Reminds me of Jo “don’t you worry about that”.



  4. Okay, we have two candidates that have serious problems. Anyone can see that.

    It’s a nasty campaign, but if I were on Hillary’s team I’d be doing exactly what she’s doing. There are so many terrible things shown through the leaked emails, not to mention her whole totally dishonest server problem. What her side has to do is to keep hammering away at Trump and the bad women stuff.
    I’d be encouraging women’s marches and as much anti-rape, anti-bad male behavior activity as possible and turn the whole election into a womens’ rights movement.

    Pretty much everyone knows that Hillary just wants to be President. She’s wanted to be for decades and that of course is why she stayed with Bill.

    Trump will keep hammering away at not only the emails, but Bill’s behavior.

    For the record I hate bringing up salacious stuff in elections.
    Yeah, better if there is nothing to drag up, but that’s why people don’t run for President.
    It’s nasty.

    And yes, the Republicans were terrible during Clinton’s Presidency. Linda Tripp pretending to be Monica’s bestie and recording stuff was just pathetic.

    The election is terrible, and most of us need a break or we’ll go crazy.

    The only good thing to come of it….?

    If HIllary wins, I like to think she’ll realize she has to be more transparent and private servers, and Foundations will be a thing of the past?
    And maybe Trump and men will change the way they talk about and treat women?

    Hoping too much?

    I’d much prefer Michelle Obama to be Pres than Hillary. If she runs one day, I think she’d have a much better chance.

    As it is, once the media momentum started with Obama, Hillary never had a chance against him 8 years ago. And McCain couldn’t beat Obama.
    Romney? Had the media against him of course, but also evangelicals in the end couldn’t bring themselves to vote for a Mormon.

    And now it’s pretty hard for Trump to beat Hillary.
    The way the system is – and now we know also from emails what Bernie was up against – it was pretty hard for him to ever beat Hillary.

    In the end it will come down to getting people to the polls to vote. Regardless of polls.

    Bernie vs Ben Carson would have been two nice guys with totally different policies competing against each other. (Except that the media will ON THE WHOLE be on the side of the Democrat. And that’s not necessarily a conspiracy – just that in America its obvious that those in the media are left of center, and even liberals don’t dispute that.

    There. You may not agree with me, but I tried my harderst not to be insulting or sarcastic.

    I know one thing. Both Hillary and Donald are much tougher than I am. I don’t know how they do it.

    I also hope whoever gets in gets the smartest people in the country around them.

    PS I think there’s a HUGE probability that there are embarassing things in the 33, 000 emails even if only concerning the Clinton Foundation.

    I also think there is a lesser chance but still real chance that someone else has copies.

    And yes, it wouldn’t surprise me if Russia has some of them.
    I hope not.
    I don’t want to see anyone go to jail, but I don’t think a SOS should be using a private server, and I don’t trust anyone with the freedom to just delete what they want and show the rest to an investigator. I would have thought that was obvious.

    ANd for her to say she didn’t know, didn’t realize, can’t recall… just ridiculous.


  5. Btw Wazza. I’ll post a sensible sarcasm free comment about the election soon. Promise.

    I may be close to your thinking than you think.


  6. Greg,
    Why would you assume that she had nothing to hide with those 33,000 emails that she deleted after being subpoenaed ??

    You honestly think she just deleted 33,000 emails about yoga and casseroles???

    Are you serious?
    No. really. Are you serious??

    I don’t know if they were hacked. I hope not.

    Of course there is no evidence that there were state secrets in them.,
    But they were deleted.

    But you are incredibly naive.


  7. At least one account on the email server was hacked :

    It is extremely bad behaviour on her part to set this up. This is not carelessness, it is not an oversight. In order to setup your own email server you have to make a decision to do this, and to direct someone to buy a server and set it up. There can be no other reason than for her to conduct business over it that wouldnt be exposed in a FOI request.

    She ought to have been tried in a court of law for this.


  8. Those 33,000 emails probably had classified info and were probably hacked.

    Absolute rubbish – a 12 month investigation by forensic IT specialists has shown that Clintons email account was never hacked by anyone – and there has never been any substantial evidence to support the claim that there were state secrets among the 33,000 emails. There’s no evidence that anyone successfully hacked Clinton’s email servers.


  9. NSW?
    Jeremy buckingham the Green?

    What a waste of time. You Australians pay these guys?

    Maybe fix up your country first.


  10. Got a reprieve.
    Wazza, I’m not interested in NSW.
    I AM worried that Hillary was under investigation for using a private server and was proven to have lied and been extremely careless. And that she deleted 33,000 emails. Any sane person would have. Lies, conflicts of interest etc etc.

    She and Bill should never be allowed back in the White House. Those 33,000 emails probably had classified info and were probably hacked.
    It’s outrageous.

    Not interested in digging up dirt on you.
    Your harmless. Dumb but harmless.
    Defending nude church services isn’t dirt, just evidence you’re a nutcase who doesn’t have any sense.
    Silly tv shows ? Watch what you like.

    But they are obviously keeping you from history and news.

    Your Bernie never stood a chance against Crooked Hillary.


  11. CIao Q . I see that the NSW parliament has passed a resolution that Trump is a revolting slug. So I guess now you will be running around trying to dig up dirt on all of them, seeking some sort of strained equivalence between what they do and Trump’s actions.

    I note that the best you could dig up for me was that I may have supported nude church services at one time, and that I watch popular TV series’ which you think are silly.


  12. On second thoughts , don’t reply.
    I can’t comment until November 19th.

    There isn’t a great chance that Trumo can win so you and the media will be delirious.



  13. Another example of gross liberal hypocrisy.

    Voter ID? Most fair thinking people would think that would be normal. In the US? Democrats are opposed. Huh???!!
    Why?? Oh they say that’s racist……….

    So……. it’s never occurred to a Democrat that people could vote twice? Or a non-citizen could vote?

    Well, actually they DO realize. And they COUNT on it.

    They bus people around to polling booths…

    Boneless chimes in now to say that’s a right-wing conspiracy!! But no, everyone knows it. And Democrat election official from New York said just that !!

    Insane. Preposterous.
    Let’s stop vote fraud.

    But Boneless and Wazza have never thought of that – because it doesn’t come up on the news sites they read – the same ones where Hillary-friendly journalists await “suggestions” from the Hillary campaign. (See Wikileaks -though you shouldn’t really have to see it in print if you have a brain)

    Hillary – Wazza’s new love. The woman who could tell a story looking straight in the camera about getting SHOT AT on a tarmac….
    Really?? Shot at!!!

    Later when people realize she’s either insane or an uncontrollable liar – or both, she says she “misspoke”

    And Wazza and Boneless believe her.

    Wait – was she lying when she said she was shot at or when she consulted with her operatives and learned a new beautiful word “misspoke”.

    You people are just so gullible.

    Wait what was that sound? My. Bones sucking his finger to hold up to see which direction the late night political satire winds are blowing.

    John Oliver makes anti-abortionists look silly.
    Boneless now has a new opinion on abortion….

    Poor Boneless and Wazza. They have a few things they believe about the Bible. Their wives are praying that John Oliver doesn’t do a hit piece on the resurrection.

    Guys. You have to learn to have your own opinions. Be able to articulate them BY YOURSELF. And then stand even if people mock you. It’s always been that way anyway.
    People were mocked back in the day for attending Billy Graham crusades. We were mocked for not wanting to take drugs or go fir a dirty weekend. Or talk about Jesus.

    Get some backbone.
    Don’t just ride with the mockers.

    Hey, today instead of devouring Huffpost, read Psalm 1.

    Or not even that . Knowing Hillary is a complete liar who destroyed tens of thousands of emails during an investigation and who in collusion with her rapist husband has made millions of dollars through donations and speaking fees in the biggest conflict of interest in political history – has nothing to do with whether a person is an evangelical or a Hindu or an atheist.

    It’s just facts – but facts that often get buried beneath the planned media diversions that wannabe intellectuals like you guys fall for time and time again.


    No swearing. Or you won’t be able to ride at the back of the bus with the Don


  14. “”The idea of women as sexual objects, whose worth is determined by their attractiveness to men, that’s the route of where the hostility toward the unborn comes,” he said in reference to Trump.”

    By Russel Moore (leading Christian “ethicist”)

    Smh then rotfl


  15. No. You’re right. Lol

    I think he was much better than last time.

    And if I were in his position I would have resigned – so after the day he had I think he did great.
    Considering he was up against a lawyer with 30 years experience in politics and most of America and many in his party thinking he was finished -he did great. He rattled her. And what I saw, I think he did better than her.

    Obviously not everyone will see it that way.

    But I doubt Hillary was celebrating her debate win afterwards.


  16. Never heard of the show..

    If you spent less time watching silly shows and listening to silly jokes from Obama and more time reading history, news and the Bible you’d understand more.

    Man, you and Boneless get your politics and theology from TV shows. Just as I thought.


  17. No, Q. Orange is NOT the new black.”
    Have no idea what your point is.

    Sigh.. I have to spell it out….. Trump is orange and Obama is black right???? And there is a show called “Orange is the new Black”. Obama made the joke. Err.. I guess you had to be there


  18. And of course Waleed the Muslim jumped on the bandwagon to attack Trump.
    While he and everyone else ignored the latest headline – not from 11 years ago, but today.

    “A Syrian refugee arrested in Germany after explosives were found in a flat in the city of Chemnitz was planning to carry out attacks similar in scale to those in Brussels in March and in Paris last year, the German interior minister says.
    “According to what we know, the preparations in Chemnitz are similar to the preparations for the attacks in Paris and Brussels,” Thomas de Maiziere said in a statement on Monday
    Joerg Michaelis, president of the Saxony state criminal investigation office, separately told a news conference that the 22-year-old refugee was most likely inspired by Islamic State.
    “The behavior of the suspect speaks for an IS (Islamic State) context,” he said.
    Islamic State gunmen and bombers killed some 130 people in the French capital in November and the militant group claimed responsibility for suicide bomb attacks in the Belgian capital four months later that left at least 30 people dead.”

    Syrian refugee?????? No, that can’t be right. Next some horrible person will say he was Muslim!
    er…are we allowed to use the M word? Probably not. It was work pressure? Stress caused by saying des instead of das?

    11 year old stealth audio – the liberal world goes beserk! A Syrian Muslim refugee terrorist planning to kill, maim and blow as many people up as he can? nah…..old news. Let’s just talk about Trump.


    Nobody has any sympathy for Bill’s victims that Hillary attacked and called Bimbos?



  19. So judgemental…..
    YOu should go join the Churchwatchcentral crowd. They don’t even like Joh Piper anymore and are castigating Joyce Meyer for a sex joke.


  20. “Actually I jest Q, I’m a much more traditional Christian than that.
    I prefer to view my nudity and worship in totally separate venues. Often on different days.”

    Good for you.

    HIllary thinks you’re an idiot.

    And no, I’m not interested in the sins of Houston or Mesiti or Clinton or JFK. People like you and Central Church watch just love dragging up peoples sins and failures. Its pathetic.

    I have no idea why you attack Trump and give JFK, Bill Clinton, and HIllary a free pass.
    No, I do. You think you’re supposed to.

    Amazing comeback by Trump.

    Just like here. You have to learn not to wilt in the face of the majoriy liberal onslaught and just give it back.


  21. “The strange thing is that you beat up on me for supporting nude church services (I don’t remember the post but it sounds like something I would support).”

    Yes I think nude church services are ridiculous. And 99% of the people I know do too.
    YOu don’t remember? You sound like Hillary. I state categorically, that I think you are completely NUTS for supporting nude church services. Feel free to rave on about why you support them, but I’m not interested. I wouldn’t go to one and thing the idea is just stupid. But, there you go. You would vote for Hillary instead of Trump.

    “Yet you give Trump a free pass for bragging about sexual assault.”
    I think it is revolting for a man to talk like he did. You obviously haven’t read a thing I said.
    But for a person who thinks nude church services are biblically and in any way okay I guess you need things explained again.

    I think Trumps audio was terrible. It didn’t surprise me because I’ve read his books and also heard his interviews on Howard Stern before.

    But because of that I should support a woman who erased 33,000 emails, visciously attacked women victims of her husband, lies continually? She is totally corrupt.

    “No, Q. Orange is NOT the new black.”
    Have no idea what your point is. Unless its something you saw on a late night TV show.
    Which would explain a lot. YOu and Boneless seem to base even your theology on late night TV


  22. Actually I jest Q, I’m a much more traditional Christian than that.

    I prefer to view my nudity and worship in totally separate venues. Often on different days.


  23. The strange thing is that you beat up on me for supporting nude church services (I don’t remember the post but it sounds like something I would support).

    Yet you give Trump a free pass for bragging about sexual assault.

    No, Q. Orange is NOT the new black.


  24. Can you tell me when I used bad language? The F word, the C word? WHich bad language – except as a joke. I usually write &%&%& to show how silly BOnes is.

    And I just did another long post which is in moderation I suppose.

    Trump and rape? What about Clinton and rape. There were three women in the front row of the debate who claim to have been assaulted by Clinton and attacked and villified by HIllary.

    Basically, there is no decent news site.

    Journalism is at a the lowest point in history. basically does a headline bashing TRump and then quotes 5 tweets from random people making fun of Trumps.

    It’s insane.

    Trump blew Hillary out of the water. To have ANderson Cooper as a moderator, have had the whole media attacking him over the audio, and to still get up there and beat Hillary – that’s tough. That’s what I want in a President.


  25. Greg,
    I don’t recall me using the F word, the C word, etc

    Here is my thought on Trump’s audio.
    He is a sleaze. Unfortunately, many men are sleazebags. I would like to ban all pornography because it completely demeans women, ANd its disappointing that SOME women voluntarily take part in it.

    Re men talking about women. I can say that I don’t do it. But because I’ve heard men over the years talk about how they just wanted sex with men without thinking anything of them, I’ve tried to explain that to women who just don’t understand how bad men are.

    That’s why the biggest womanizers are really protective of their daughters. Its hypocritical.

    I think if we heard tapes of most of our heroes we’d be shocked. But then again, I know some fine people who over a few drinks have made jokes that their wives would be upset to hear.

    THen again, the more women I know, the more I know that men would be mortified if they knew what was said about them.

    And can I say something for the record?
    I think it was absurd and wrong that Bill Clinton had to put up with all this time for investigation about Monica etc. I feel sorry for her, and ashamed that night after night people laughed about Bill and sex.

    It was a complete waste of time. I also think they should have waited till the man was finished being President before they started the impeachment process. And yes, it was political and the Republicans were responsible.

    And maybe this is a stretch, but maybe if Clinton could concentrate on his job, 9/11 may not have happened. Instead, the Presidents attention was diverted, a woman’s life is ruined, and nothing was gained.

    If HIllary gets in, I don’t want anyone wasting time with sex allegations whether heterosexual or Homosexual.

    Yes, because I have stated I’m not ready to vote for gay marriage, its automatically assumed that i’m after everyones sex life. I’m not.

    I’m not interested in the sex life of Mesiti, JFK, Trump, or even the bad things people say in private.

    People are bad. I know people don’t like bible talk here, but there’s a lot of things i don’t know but one thing I know is that we are all sinners and there are none that are righteous,no not one.


  26. …Except me because I can debate without bad language.

    You nearly made me spit my chips on the screen – YOU – no bad language? oh wow. It is too laugh! There is not a single sol on this site who can lay claim to any morally superior ability to debate rationally – except me – I’m gong to be ordained [YHWH willing] next year, so I must be good at debating nicely and shit.


  27. I agree with Q as far as the release of the tapes of Trump being an arsehole are concerned – but rather than thinking everyone does it (and I’d argue that as a Christian pro feminist male, I would hope I wold never talk about another persons in that manner) I think it is further evidence of the man’s character – however, as Q correctly pointed out, Trump is no better/worse than Clinton, JFK, etc.

    This whole media circus is solely designed to sell advertising and newspapers and online space – They held on to this stuff for 11 years!! They had it when he started his run, but didn’t blow him out of the water right then – oh no – they wait right until the last minute – so they can create the famous October Surprise

    I refuse to be swayed by Murdoch et al in my beliefs about people – I hate all media other then NITV -cause it’s deadly y’all!


  28. What an interesting election. When Trump is secretly recorded 11 years ago and the tapes are played in order to take down his presidency, that’s fine. And the lemmings run with it and forget everything else about Hillary.

    When three women raped by HIllary’s husband – a man of power, and then visciously attacked by Hillary calling them bimbos and just wanting attention etc etc them publicly , then Hillary’s lapdog media calls it a stunt.

    Guess what? WHen Bill’s husbands accusers came out, she wanted everyone to stop being diverted and stick to the issues. Now, she wants to make an issue out of 11 year old jokes.

    This woman has no shame, no integrity, no 30,000 emails anymore, no problem with getting indicted after Husband Bill goes to see the Attorney General, no problem with four men dying and blaming it on a tape to cover up her ineptness, and promote the myth that Obama has solved iSlamic terrorism – and her followers have no brains.

    No, some of them have brains – this is all calculated political manouvering. But sadly, some people really are getting led around by the nose.

    Crooked Hillary, the rapist protector and enabler must not be President!

    and girls….keep the F word responses to a minimum.


  29. Okay and now for some levity…,

    Just looked again at Phillip pansey… lol
    Yeah, he probably has never joked at the back of the bus. Lol
    But …. would any woman sleep with that? Lol

    So Wazza. You what the irony is?
    American and Australian battle axes, will march in the streets against the sexist Trump.
    Then exhausted they”ll go home and say to Phillip , Bonehead and Wazza type guys “sorry not tonight I’m tired. Then they’ll reach for a vibrator and their copy of 50 shades of grey and read about a really bad REALLY rich man who treats a woman like ….

    Liberals – paragons of hypocrisy.

    (Oh now I’ll get serious. Wazza, read up of the flaws of famous men in history. You might be surprised)


  30. “Hillary defended a rapist – someone had to do it.”
    You don’t understand the legal system. You don’t have to defend a rapist and laugh and attack the victim. You don’t. Wait till your daughter is violently raped and we’ll see what you have to say.

    ANd yes she, defended rapists. THere are three women who claim to be raped by Bill. Hillary defended him and attacked those women viciously. As she did with Monica. Hillary doesn’t care about women. She cares about power and making money from it. Please read her emails and those of her campaign people. They think someone like you is a complete loser.

    “This is the most ludicrous discussion we have ever had on this blog. ”
    NO it’s not. No, maybe it is if you can’t see you are being played. But i’d say the one where you thought nude church services were fine, and Bones fantasizing about me getting beaten up by a gay footballer were the worst. Was that the same one where he said Jews are pedophiles?
    Now THAT was ludicrous. If not a hate crime.

    “t has really gone into another dimension where the normal rules of logic and sanity don’t apply. ”

    Wow great argument Wazza. Have you read wikileaks yet? Hillary’s campaign is based on the fact that people like you don’t have any logic or sanity. She knows that you will ignore everything that has been revealed about the conflict of interest with the Clinton FOundation, the way she scrubbed her server when being investigated, blamed an embassy attack on a video, attacked her husbands rape victims mercilessly, tried to rig the election, completely lies by saying one thing to naive Bernie supporters and the exact opposite to wall street donors payng her mega bucks for a speeches – etc etc, because her friends in the media will know that “pussy talk” will make Wazza outraged.
    YOu are being completely played like a child Wazza. Completely.
    You always think you can see behind the scenes – but you can’t see that the Hillary campaign is just playing you. It’s pitiful.

    “Where the most stupid, boorish, rapacious and vapid are held up as paragons of virtue and goodness.”

    Aha, your vocab is increasing but your reasoning powers and memory and love of truth is spiralling in the opposite direction.
    You silly man! lol Paragons of virtue? So, are you a complete liar now? Or just smoking something.
    I don’t think Trump is a paragon of virtue. I think he has always been a sleaze bag. Maybe not as bad as Bill Clinton, or JFK or Martin Luther King who were all notorious adulters and treated women as playthings, but anyone who has read Trumps books or seen his interviews with Howard Stern (not sure if you Australians know that name) knows that he was a sleaze.

    Now you are nuts! Have you gone mental with the grief that Hillary totally beat up Bernie with collusion with the media and the DNC?? lol

    NOBODY is saying Trump is a paragon of virtue. Man, where did you pick that phrase from? lol

    As I said in a post that got lost. Trump is not running for head sunday school teacher. That was Jimmy Carter! lol
    No, I am not interested in how saintly a President is.
    Wazza, Hillary is probably a lesbian or at least bisexual……allegedly (see how I did that? lol -learned it from the paragon of intellectual virtue – “Feel the Burn” Wazza the Barista. )
    But I don’t care about Hillary and her sexuality or how many times she uses the F word – and she uses it a lot. I’m interested in who would be a better President. I don’t think Hillary would. That’s all.
    Nobody is saying Trump is paragon of virtue. You are either mad or some sneaky liar saying that to make a point because you can’t hold a serious debate on the issues.
    She is for open borders. German kids are getting beaten up in schools, and NORMAL Europeans )not the elite living in gated communities) are regrettng so many young Muslim men into the countries.
    I am against open borders and complete free trade. Hillary is for them. So, I wouldn’t vote for her as preseident. Unfortunately, the debate will be turned as a man vs woman election – just as Hillary wants, because she has nothing else.

    Its sad tha you and probably all the other liberals here are led about by the nose screaming about Trump and pussy now. btw, did you read the emails? How journalists just get fed by Hillary? Your old man Bernie never had a chance. And neither does Trump unless the people think for themselves and not what CNN and and MSNBC tell them. Wazza – check out the journalists working for Hillary. You are being played. LIke a little kid.

    “It makes a complete mockery of any belief system which claims to be based in truth, including Christianity.”

    What? Now you are talking about Christianity? For a start, are you a Christian? do you believe in anything?

    ANyway, I’m not talking about Christianity at all. I’m saying I prefer Trump to Hillary Clinton. Heck, i’d vote for Bones ahead of HItler – even if he did talk in the back of a bus about what he’d do in a rugby locker room. It wouldn’t matter if if thought he was a sleaze bag. if i thought he’d make a better PM than Hitler – yeah, I’d even support Bonehead. He could even have young rugby interns if he wants.

    No wait. Maybe something connnected with Christianity is influencing my thinking. HOpefully, Trump will help Christians being massacred by ISIS. And then there is abortion. Probably you are for abortion. I’m against it. WHile you may not care that babies are murdered in the the womb but are incensed by pussy talk from 11 years ago!!!!!!!!, I don’t like Hillary’s stance on abortion, and supreme court judges will be appointed.

    Abortion – do you know HIllary’s position on it? If not, shame on you. Really. You will salivate over 11 year old banter on a bus, but not care about babies getting killed. and African american babies are murdered in higher proportions. Then again, maybe you would be happy with that. Your paragon of virtue Hillary Clinton admires Margaret S who thought negroes were pests who should be exterminated.

    Paragon of virtue…. nice one Wazza, but it was a competely meaningless sentence.

    “Truth is a mere commodity to be moulded into the service of power.”
    Hey, let’s put that on a Tshirt or a coffee mug, and sit around with Bernie supporters and reminisce about how he could have become President without Hillary’s dirty tricks and the we all voted for her because big bad Trump talked about pussy 11 years ago.

    Meanwhile kaching kaching, the Clintons just made more money!!
    Wait till Hillary gets in Wazz. Then you guys will REALLY feel the Bern.


  31. “Trump has already fucked Q.”

    Well that shows you the mentality of Trump haters. lol

    So, this man using that language can never be PM. Neither can anyone on this website. Except me because I can debate without bad language. Bonehead can never be PM because everyone can talk about his allegation that Judaism condones pedophilia based on his insanely careless copy and paste job from the most henious anti-semitc website known to man.

    Wazza stated he thought nude church services were okay.

    So, none of you guys can be PM. lol

    The irony. Donald “I’m tough like my heroes bones and greg because I can use the F word, and I hate that F)0)()(( Trump because he used the P word…..

    Donald Doolally. The extent of his posts is F this F the church, F God.

    Lovely. Let’s get your kids to read your posts. And your mother.


  32. Hillary defended a rapist – someone had to do it. Donald Trump raped a thirteen year-old … allegedly. He still has to answer this charge but I’m thinking the charge is credible, especially since his own former wife testified that he raped her.

    This is the most ludicrous discussion we have ever had on this blog. It has really gone into another dimension where the normal rules of logic and sanity don’t apply. Where the most stupid, boorish, rapacious and vapid are held up as paragons of virtue and goodness. It makes a complete mockery of any belief system which claims to be based in truth, including Christianity.

    Truth is a mere commodity to be moulded into the service of power.


  33. It’s going to be hard to get through to people who are easily manipulated but here goes.

    Do fools realize.
    1. The Clinton campaign realize they just have to use this every minute until the election. They want Republicans to leave Trump and put up another candidate because nobody else can win -except for Arnold maybe if they changed laws.
    2. The timing for this was planned. Brainless people have forgotten the Hillary REAL scandals and the media will just focus on this.
    3. This is good strategy. Anybody involved in the campaign would do it.
    4. Hillary plotted and laughed when defending a man who RAPED A TWELVE YEAR OLD.
    That is being ignored. Those of you who want a President who laughs about defending a man who RAPED a 12 year old putting her in hospital and destroying her life are despicable.
    That is the REAL EVIL in America today.


  34. Donald,
    How many had Bill Clinton?
    Or JFK?
    Or Martin Luther King?
    You are being played.
    And you’re so stupid you don’t know it.

    If you can’t see that this is the one thing that Hillary supporters have you’re a complete fool!

    The problem with the internet is that a tape from 11 years ago will now be the focus of everything.

    Idiot Hillary supporters will not think j about anything else and they”all do anything to make sure an idiot like you won’t think or talk about anything except this.

    Wag the dog? All you have to do is dig something up from 11 years ago.

    Thousands of emails showing what Hillary believes in important issues now are irrelevant to people who can be distracted by anything.

    Are you so stupid that you don’t realize this will be dominating your internet?

    Why aren’t you outraged that Hillary laughed and boasted about getting a violent rapist of a 12 year old girl off?

    That doesn’t matter to people . Why?

    If all the issues and all the REAL problems are forgotten because idiots like you get fixated by this it will just prove how gullible people are.

    Look up JFK. Look up history.

    No you won’t .

    Btw you used the F word.
    Hope you never run for PM.
    Women won’t vote for you.


  35. How many married women, or men, or other, have you fucked recently, Q?

    You fucked up Trump supporter.


  36. Btw, the audio of Trump talking on the bus was hilarious. The media is going crazy – but it will backfire. The average Joe and Joeline realize everyone is like that.

    Trump gets tens of thousands at his rallies. Hillary…….yawn! She’s not only a crooked rapist-protecting liar, but she’s just boring. Just screeches like an old witch.


  37. Wazza, I think my reply is in moderation.

    But, your post wasn’t one of your better ones. Maybe don’t smoke weed when you comment on here.


  38. “Oh dear, so there are two different spheres”

    Yes. Actually, there are more than two. For example, there’s the medical sphere. When I need an operation, I’m not interested in whether the doctor is liberal, conservative, or L or G or B or T or Q or I or A or tough or wimpy. I want someone who can perform an operation.
    Amazing that I have to even explain this. But, just for you Wazza.

    –”one is the political where you go for the toughest son-of-a-bitch you can find,”
    Yeah, I want a tough leader. I think General Patton was a good military leader. To me, someone taking Europe back doesn’t have to be an expert on the Bible or know all the characters in Little Women. I don’t want a President who will let the world walk over them. Maybe we need a PM who will decide Australia is too big and we should give Western Australia to the Indonesians and the Northern Territory to the Africans? That would be lovely wouldn’t it Waz. No, it would be stupid. I don’t want a weak President. And yes, a tough son-of-a-bitch would be good. Incidentally, Hillary is probably too much of a hawk for you.

    “and the second is the spiritual where you follow gentle Jesus meek and mild.”

    Yeah, I like Jesus. Politics and Savior are different for me. And Jesus wasn’t always meek and mild either. He spoke up against people. He wasn’t a Boneless BOnes type who just got his morality from the latest Palestinian late night show. And he was original. He did say “it is written” a lot but he quoted the scriptures, not some looney left wing site.

    Yeah, Jesus is cool. Now, IF Jesus were to come down from heaven, he would automatically be King of the world….I think? lol So, it wouldn’t be a matter of voting for him.

    Why I am having this conversation I don’t know. Because Bernie got thrashed by Hillary who had the media and the DNC and the White House backing her? Go and look at the emails about how the CLinton machine got rid of your Bernie. She really is “crooked Hillary”.

    “You go to Jesus for absolution for the sins you committed being a political arsehole”

    WOnderful. So now it’s SINFUL to not vote for Bernie? See this is what I hate Wazza. Conservatives thinking you have to vote right wing, and liberal christians thinking you HAVE to vote Democrat or Labor. I DON’T think its sinful or wrong to have liberal political views regarding public education or immigration. My views are my views. I thought Trump would be better than Cruz when most evangelicals were going for Cruz or Rubio. And yes, I hope Jesus forgives me of my sins. But, I don’t think it’s a sin to vote for Bernie or Trump or Hillary.

    But it brings me to a point. Have you noticed something? Liberals are complete hypocrites. You noticed that? Trump can call a woman fat 10 years ago, and liberals will want him to go to jail. But liberals mock, insult and denegrate all day long. LIberals can call conservatives dickheads, arsewholes or anything they like. (and they usually do when they’ve been humiliated with facts and logic.
    THe thing with trump is he’s like I finally became. We give it back! But liberals aren’t used to that. That’s why McCain and Romney lost. They wilted in the face of the mocking attacking liberals.
    You need to give it back. Fight fire with fire. Liberals use mockery all the time. Think SNL and John Oliver. I just give it back. But do that to liberals and they just can’t handle it, and descend into swearing. ANd there is SO much to mock when it comes to liberals and even those in the GLBTQIABONESANDWAZZA rainbow family.

    “then you get advice on all the sins others might be making in their bedrooms ”

    Okay, I think you’ve tripped off into the twilight zone here and have become totally incomprehesible. What??? What??!! eh, I’m getting advice from Jesus about other peoples sins? lol
    Wow, where did that thought come from? That makes about as much sense as one of Bone’s posts!

    eh…….alrighty…..I think Jesus is the one who decides what is right and wrong. In that respect I suppose you are right? But still, I’m left shaking my head!

    “and go to the political son-of-a to make it all illegal.”
    No, no no. Wrong, wrong wrong. I think feeling the Bern has frazzled some brain cells. You’ve BERNed your brain.

    If you are asserting that I want a tough politician to make laws making everything that is sin according to Christian morality illegal, then that is just completely wrong. I’ve never said that.

    For the record…..are you listening? Or are you high on dope while you watch old feel the Burn youtubes?

    Here we go.

    Fornication, adultery, sex between two men is sin according to most of Christianity.
    I may believe that. I don’t believe those three things should be illegal. Nobody should be fined or imprisoned for fornication or adultery or gay sex.

    But, abortion and sex with minors and pornography and public sex, nudity should be restricted. That I believe. But so do many atheists, Buddhists, and all sorts of different people.

    You and Bones? I have no idea what your thoughts are on abortion. Probably Bones doesn’T know either. He’ll have to check to see what the popular thought is, or what John Oliver says – so we’ll have to wait.

    But, I still think marriage is between one man and one woman of legal age. So do many non-christian countries. And countries not welcoming of religion. For me its not because its sin, but because it’s stupid. Still doesn’t make any sense to me.

    But in the end, if enough people want it, I will go along with it. But just like someone can make a joke about fat people, or Trump’s hair, or Arnold’s accent, I think it should be okay to make some joke about a guy being gay. I think Australia has gone completely bananas with political correctness.
    But, I have gay friends, and if there were a lesbian couple next door, I’d treat them like anyone else.
    Might even incite them over for a pool party…..

    The easy access to porn I believe is having a terrible impact on youth and society. Cigarrettes I would ban too. But it’s got nothing to do with Jesus.

    If Bones in the privacy of his Bundaberg home wants to slip out at night and enjoy his gay footy player mags, that’s his business. I’m not for making any law against that. Even if he wants to shag the whole team, I don’t think there should be a law against that.

    Okay, that was my long answer.

    The short answer is – Wazza you are wrong. And starting to sound crazy.

    And Bernie is finished. I did love that accent though.

    I would rather Bernie than HIllary. THough i don’T think his socialist ideas can work in the US with it’s population and cultural make-up. But I don’t think it makes you a sinner to back him up. Wow. Such narrow minded-dogma.

    PS There is no person more narrow-minded and dogmatic than a liberal christian. Except maybe a Calvinist.


  39. As a God to follow, I’d have chosen Jesus.
    As a political leader, maybe not.

    Oh dear, so there are two different spheres – one is the political where you go for the toughest son-of-a-bitch you can find, and the second is the spiritual where you follow gentle Jesus meek and mild.

    You go to Jesus for absolution for the sins you committed being a political arsehole, then you get advice on all the sins others might be making in their bedrooms and go to the political son-of-a to make it all illegal.



  40. Saw this comment recently.

    Not a bad summary.
    And given that this is Trump’s opponent, there’s not really much reason to argue why Trump would be better.

    Anyone who votes for Hillary is crazy.

    The real facts:
    The next President will have the power to potentially create a 7-2 Supreme Court skewed in their ideology.
    Think about that 7-2.
    If the next President appoints 5 young justices, it will****guarantee control of the Supreme Court for an entire generation.
    But what is the big deal over Benghazi… right. Only 4 dead Americans and if the Marines didn’t disregard Hillary’s stand down/wait order there would have been over 30 dead Americans. Old news right? There is historical videos with President Obama and Hillary Clinton speaking over the 4 coffins to the families and American people. Hillary Clinton did clearly blame an American made video. That was proven to be a flat out lie.
    And if Hillary Clinton doesn’t have anything in her emails to hide then why after she received a subpoena did she order her emails destroyed with BleachBit? And why did the FBI give everyone involved with the emails amnesty? By who’sneaky orders or bribes?
    I encourage you to watch The Clinton Cash on YouTube.
    Now to the so-called importance birther rumor. In 2008 I was still a Democrat (John Edwards). So I was all over that crazy debate. I remember Hillary’s supporters started the birther rumor, Mark Penn and Sid Blumenthal fanned the flames then others jump aboard. Hillary Clinton nor any other Presidential candidates did NOTHING to discourage it! Let’s not forget the democrat lawyer, Mr. Berg filed repeatedly lawsuits that the Democratic nominee had falsified records of his 1961 birth in Honolulu.
    Let’s talk about sex sandals and how Hillary treats people. Hillary’s devoted husband, Bill Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States (1993-2001), has been publicly accused by several women of sexual misconduct. Juanita Broaddrick has accused Clinton of rape; Kathleen Willey has accused Clinton of groping her without consent; and Paula Jones accuses Clinton of sexually harassing her. Other women have alleged adulterous affairs with Bill Clinton (e.g., Dolly Kyle,Gennifer Flowers, Monica Lewinsky).
    These women told Horror stories how Hillary Clinton instead of standing up to protect them and seeing justice for them Hillary with extreme cruelty tried to discredit, intimitate, and destroy them.
    What about Hillary destruction of a 12 year old girl’s life when Hillary knew her client was guilty of sadistic rape, Hillary Clinton told horrific lies against this 6th grade girl that was in a coma for 5 days and the young girl’s female area was so mutilated that she could never have children. Hillary Clinton and this sadistic rapist accomplished destroying this precious girl’s life. It you are not a rape victim you don’t have a clue… Hillary Clinton sentenced a 12 year old girl to a life of unbearable pain and shame.
    Hillary has repeatedly said she admires Margaret Sanger who’s goal was to genocide the poor minorities. See the facts yourself on YouTube, The Mother of Black Genocide. Margaret Sanger founder of Planned Parenthood.
    Hillary Clinton has proven that she has racist issues. There is Hillary adoration for Klan Member, Former U.S. Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV) was a card-carrying member. Photos of Hillary and Byrd smiling and kissing.
    How about when Bill was governor of Arkansas, he and Hillary belonging to a White Only Country Club? Bill Clinton, paid $20,000 to join and $150 monthly dues with his elite all-white golf club. Blacks were there as their servant staff.
    On Aug 29, 2016 – Grand Dragon William Quigg said he’ll vote for Clinton and he donated $20000 to her campaign.
    Hillary has accepted millions of dollars from countries like Saudi Arabia where woman are second class citizens, little to no freedoms and slaves to men. The same countries that kills homosexuals.
    Now the media and Clinton is screaming Foul over Trump’s alleged tax business deductions. Trump didn’t refuse to pay any owed taxes. He’s not like Al Sharpton. The very public Al Sharpton owes over $19 million dollars in back taxes and he is not in jail. In fact he has been a guest at the White House multitude of times. Where’s the media? Where’s Hillary’s outrage? That $19 million dollars could be put to great work in improving our Urban communities, paying for better schools, supporting our military, and paying down our national debt.
    Hillary Clinton loves using Billionaire Mark Cuban to campaign against Trump. Let’s review the year 1998, when, a company that Mark Cuban was both President and Chairman of the Board of at the time, claimed loss carry forwards of more than $10 million for 1997… they took ALL the legal tax deductions allowed by our tax laws. Again where’s the media? Where’s Hillary’s outrage?
    Trump didn’t legally owe any taxes due to business loss. He took advantage legally of our tax laws. I assure you that all accountants will apply all the legal deductions to reduce owed taxes. No one in America is going to pay more taxes then they owe. Trump did nothing illegal. Trump and Cuban used the tax laws to cover businesses losses. Al Sharpton owes millions in taxes. The Media and Hillary are talking about the wrong man.
    How about the leaked email where Hillary openly inquired, can’t we just drone this guy. She was referring to how to stop founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange .

    Could go on and on.

    Hillary is hopeless.
    Resorting now to the Miss Universe thing. Did you see the question from the schoolgirl about body shaming???

    Only kids and dumb liberals would be tricked by that.

    The girl was the daughter of a democrat senator who helped her with the question.

    If Hillary has to bring up a 50 pound overweight beauty contest winner to attack Trump, you know she’s finished.
    And you also can tell she knows people who vote for her are total morons who can be swayed by anything.

    If it weren’t so serious it would be funny.


  41. Him very Big Man, Him have powerful magic. Him fight the bad people. Him keep bad people away. Him have lots of pigs and cows, must be good business. Him tough and healthy. Him will beat the Big Bad Witch Hillary

    Actually, that’s good Waz.

    That’s basically the election in a nutshell.
    Is that less than 140 characters? Maybe I can use it.

    Mx Q (yeah look it up guys! Lol)


  42. YEah, good summary. And Big, powerful man also chose a great VP who beat the other VP who is about half as bad as her.

    Given that Jesus refused to use swords and whose destiny was to die on a cross, you’re right.
    As a God to follow, I’d have chosen Jesus.
    As a political leader, maybe not.

    Your point is silly.

    Sorry, it’s interesting, and maybe something nice to tell Sunday school kids, but its totally divorced from reality. Much like that old man Bernie Sanders, who Hillary conspired with the DNC to take down, and belittled.

    And yes, if you want a policeman to protect you, call me. Not Bernie or some Ian Roberts fanboy.

    You think we should look for the poorest, weakest, wimpiest girlieman to be President.

    Okay, get Bones US citizenship quick!!


  43. Thanks Q for your comments, using a reflective listening technique this is what I interpret you as saying about Trump :

    Him very Big Man, Him have powerful magic. Him fight the bad people. Him keep bad people away. Him have lots of pigs and cows, must be good business. Him tough and healthy. Him will beat the Big Bad Witch Hillary

    I don’t know who’s side you would have been on in Jesus vs Herod, you would probably comment on how girlie Jesus looks and how he never seems to raise a fist or call his followers to attack. On the other hand, Herod has all the power so you would be praising his looks and his superior judgement.

    Liked by 1 person

  44. Philip Yancey is questioning why there are so many evangelicals supporting Trump and the way he makes his money and the way he treats women and his affairs all matter when we are talking about Christians supporting someone to lead a country – senior pastor or leader of a country – they should both still ave the same qualities (except for the need to be a Christian).

    I am gobsmacked that you have the balls to cal anyone judgemental.


  45. Okay, I finally looked at the Phillip Yansey and Pansey’s video.
    What a judegemental creep!
    Affairs, casinos? Trump isn’t running for Senior Pastor….but judging by what i’ve read on groupsects, who can talk about affairs and bullying? Not many senior pastors would be eligible!

    Never heard of Phillip pansy, but now I know why. WHo’d listen to him.

    Just one more nobody loser that Groupsects picked up.

    Notice how Trumplike I’m becoming?



  46. Wazza, do you REALLY want to know?
    But a “bit” biased??

    Come on now….

    You’ve been very patient with that question Waz.

    1. He will improve the military and be willing to use it. Countries will respect the US again.
    2. He will fix up immigration which is a complete mess.
    3. He will elect better supreme court judges.
    4. He is super ambitous and will want to go down as the best President in history, and will want American number one, so he will put everything into it, and assembly a brilliant team.
    5. He’s a super negotiator, so behind the scenes he will get things done.
    6. He supports Israel.
    7. He’s willing to fight terrorism.
    8. He supports the police.
    9. He has so much more business experience than Hillary – who has none.
    10. He doesn’t have to pay back huge donors like Hillary does.
    11. His kids are great and totally support him and have all been successful.
    12. He’s got plenty of energy as shown in all the work he’s been doing and the rallies. Hillary is half dead.

    Okay, i have to go. I could go on. But you keep asking what his positives are. The huge thing is that Hillary is just so bad.

    Oh, I also disagree with her on abortion. The biggest killer of blacks after blacks is abortion.
    Hillary is all for it.

    And one more thing. Trump will be centrist. I’m not a hard core conservative, and don’t think far right or far left represents America. Trump will no doubt disappoint some republicans by being more centrist. But that’s okay by me.

    He will be good for America.

    The main problem with him winning is that the media will be against him from the start, and in order to prove a point the black lives matter and other groups will probably get violent and go rampaging.
    And the media will support them.

    I believe in a strong USA. A strong USA means a safer more saner world.
    Obama with HIllary as Sec of State has been a total disaster.

    My fear though is that ISIS and co know that once Trump gets it its game over for them, so it wouldn’T surprise me if there’s a major terrorist attack or move by a rogue nation or organization before he gets in.

    Also, he won’t be corrupt like the Clintons and Obama was. So there won’t be just a stream of wealthy donors having access to the White House.

    It’s a long shot for him to win – i understand that. People are so easily swayed these days, and the media/hollywood/entertainment world has done and is doing its best.
    But, it ain’t over yet. If Hillary doesn’t bus in college students, blacks and illegal immigrants and double vote, Trump can win.

    btw, you do realize that you don’t need ID to vote in the US, so there is a lot of voter fraud.
    And who is opposed to having to show ID? Democrats. Think about why that is.

    You are being taken for a ride my friend.

    Oh, and I agree with MUCH tighter vetting of Muslim refugees. Of course.


  47. Sorry Greg.
    It was actually meant to be a joke.

    But just off the record ….
    Guys like him were what the YMCA was originally designed for – before the Village People came on the scene) lol

    That was a joke too.

    Kind of


  48. Wazza, when the moderator of a Presidential debate asks one candidate tough questions and completely ignores the obvious tough questions for the other it’s a sham.
    For all the things Clinton should be finished by, her and the media can just try and find another woman from years ago whom trump called fat or sexy and then rave on about that. And the media runs with it and thd lemmings miss all the issues and decide Trump is not nice. It’s ludicrous. It’s the worst election coverage I’ve ever seen – and I thought the Obama black messiah times were the limit.


  49. Phillip Yansey…….

    Looking like that you’d think he had enough sense to flee from a camera.
    Another wimped out girlie man.
    He just looks weird!

    He’ll probably come out next year.

    (This was my attempt to lift the comments level)


  50. Wazza, I’ll tell you later.
    But I always go for the underdog.
    The worldwide media are basically Hillary’s Campaign Team.
    It’s just ridiculous.
    But Trump is still there. I think the general public are finally getting sick of being told what to think.

    Of course once the media got behind Obama, Hillary never had a chance then either. The fact that that man got a Nobel Peace Prize without doing anything shows you how ridiculous the world has become.
    They could unsurface an email of Hillary’s saying she idolizes Hitler tomorrow and it will hardly make the news, while instead they find someone who Trump called ugly 15 years ago and give them airtime. A woman who repeatedly viciously attached Bill’s female victims and then talk about Trump’s war on women and be taken seriously has one incredible media advantage.
    By the way, Hillary said she thinks you’re probably a barista living in your mother’s basement – as opposed to her daughter Chelsea who lived in a 10 million dollar pad and flies in private jets to talk about Mommy being for the people. You people like being played for fools?

    Time to wake up.


  51. Wazza,
    I absolutely loathe Hillary.
    She must NOT be President.
    She’s the most devious, dishonest, conniving, corrupt woman.


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