Archbishop stands aside


The ABC reports…

“Roger Herft has temporarily stood aside as Anglican Archbishop of Perth.

In a letter to parishioners, Archbishop Herft said he would stand aside with immediate effect, to “focus my attention on the royal commission’s ongoing inquiry into the Diocese of Newcastle”.

The Archbishop gave evidence at the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse in August.

He finished his testimony with an apology to the people of Newcastle, where he served as bishop between 1993 and 2005.

He said he would stand aside from all duties including ordinations, pastoral visits, public functions, correspondence and related engagements.

“I have taken this decision after much prayer, thought and consultation with my advisors to allow for the mission and ministry of the Diocese of Perth to flourish,” he wrote.

“I am humbled by the courage and fortitude of survivors and victims of child sexual abuse as they continue to bear witness to their stories of suffering.”

Archbishop Herft said it was a “challenging time for us all” and his decision had been made “after much prayer, thought and consultation with my advisers”.

He has been Archbishop of Perth since 2005, but has been on long service leave since finishing his royal commission testimony.

In his evidence at the royal commission, Archbishop Herft denied protecting de-frocked former Newcastle priest Graeme Lawrence, who was accused of child sexual abuse.

He also said he would not report child sexual abuse allegations if he did not know the name of the alleged victim.

Wrapping up his testimony, he said he had let down the people of Newcastle.

“I let them down badly. Let down the survivors in a way that remorse itself is a very poor emotion to express,” he told the commission.

The commission is probing the response to widespread paedophile activity in Newcastle’s Anglican Church spanning several decades.

Archbishop Herft was awarded an Order of Australia in 2013 for service to the church, particularly in the areas of interfaith relations and social justice.

A spokeswoman for the church said Archbishop Herft’s decision to stand aside from all duties was a temporary move.”




13 thoughts on “Archbishop stands aside

  1. I certainly hope that is the way things will pan out Q. There are now protocols in place in most activities where children are involved in most churches around the country – and this i a good thing. Children are safer now in churches and in groups than they ever have been (sadly). People who work with children are far more aware of how to ensure children are safe. Children are far more aware of things and families talk more and children should feel safer in reporting. I don;t think the rate of reporting will increase; i.e. the number of children who have been assaulted actually moving toward reporting early – simply because of the psychology – I also don;t think Paedophiles actually feel more scared or fear being found out anymore than they used to – purely, again, because of the psychology.


  2. Question.
    Do you think this type of child sex abuse will decrease as a result of this all becoming public?

    I think it would…

    Am I wrong for thinking that kids would be more aware of what’s going on, to resist and report?
    And that pedophiles would be more worried about being found out?

    Serious question,
    It’s all so bad it’s hard to believe.


  3. Look up
    “Bill Clinton sexual misconduct allegations”
    On Wikipedia.

    Look at how he always initially lied.
    Look at what Hillary said publicly about each of the women.

    Ask yourself why Wazza, Walleed, CNN, etc aren’t outraged that a woman who vilifies rape victims got the nomination. And ask why now they are suddenly outraged about 11 year old audio of Trump.

    If you are too stupid to work it out I’ll help you.

    Liberal hypocrisy.

    It’s all about politics.

    If only half of the outrage of the past few days was directed to stopping radical Islamic terrorism we could be safe again.


  4. Why didn’t God look after his children? It must be God’s will the children get sexually molested by clergy. Otherwise God would not allow it to happen, right? It really is that simple.

    God either doesn’t care or God is a tad evil.


  5. Like a Royal Commissioner, I have sweeping powers on this site.

    I have made the unprecedented decision to use those powers, for the first time and hopefully the last time, to remove all comments so far on this thread.

    Quick, lethal, effective.

    Also, strangely satisfying, heh.

    Think before you type, everyone.

    Liked by 1 person

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