Lights go on in South Australia


ABC The World Today report


The Adelaide Advertiser reports…

“An Adelaide church has left its denomination so it can fully include gay people in its congregation.

The move by Activate Church, at Bowden, which was announced during a service on Sunday, will cost pastor Brad Chilcott his marriage celebrant licence and denominational credentials.

Mr Chilcott said Activate withdrew from the Australian Christian Churches, which has 1100 churches nationwide, in part because the denomination had joined the anti-marriage equality group Marriage Alliance.

He said Activate Church already had members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community in leadership positions.

“This puts us outside of the Australian Christian Churches position on human sexuality,” he said.

“In discussions with the ACC it became clear that our membership in the movement couldn’t continue if we were going to have LGBTQI people in positions of leadership — which we did know from the beginning.

“As a community we’re also uncomfortable with membership in the Marriage Alliance and felt unable to be associated, via denominational ties, with that coalition.”

Mr Chilcott said Activate Church hoped to “reflect the character of Jesus and the heart of God” as a welcoming and inclusive community for all people.

While he did not want to align with a group that voiced opposition to gay marriage, he stopped short of saying he supported it.

“This isn’t a decision we’ve made in spite of our faith, but rather because of it,” he said.

“We simply believe that all people are equal and should have equal opportunity to belong and contribute to our church.”

Ben Herdon, 35, was formerly a pastor at another Adelaide church but was told to leave his role after coming out as gay in February.

“I was allowed to stay in the church if I didn’t disclose my sexuality to anyone, but couldn’t be involved in leadership regardless,” he said.

“My relationship with God was important to me and before coming out, I felt I wasn’t able to be 100 per cent with Him.

“There used to be some guilt in how I approached God.”

He said his Christian values did not change regardless of the fact he would pursue a gay relationship.

Olivia Watson, 31, of Rosewater, who is a worship leader at Activate, said it was important to realise the LGBT community was represented in churches and the anti-same-sex marriage rhetoric did not reflect all Christians’ views.

“I understand this can be a divisive issue in churches but, unfortunately, some of the loudest Christian voices we hear in this discussion don’t tend to sound like the voice of Jesus,” she said.

“Churches should be safe and inclusive spaces for all people, regardless of their sexuality or relationship status.”



11 thoughts on “Lights go on in South Australia

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  2. You’ve really drunk the Kool-Aid, Q….

    This guy is not a man, not by any reasonable definition.

    A real man doesn’t brag about sexual assaults, respects his wife and doesn’t play the field. A real man deals fairly in business, does not go back on his word just to gain an advantage.

    A real man doesn’t denigrate others for their gender, ethnicity, politics or body-weight.

    If you think this is masculinity you will fall for every fair-ground charlatan or tent evangelist that comes to your town.

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    An end to wimpy men who can’t say anything unless they first check with women, homosexuals and late night comedy shows.

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  6. Was there a vote on this?
    Did all the tithing members agree?
    If not this church will lose members.,
    If it just came from the leadership, I predict that after a year numbers will be down.
    If you want people in leadership who are engaging in homosexual sexual activities then you should start your own church.
    Wazza supports nude church services.
    Same thing. Nude, gay churches – any crazy idea.
    But just start a new “church” by yourselves.

    homosexual men lisping their way through sermons?

    Right. Like you”ll get normal hetero males inspired by that!


  7. Tim, there’s a bunch of Pentecostal LGBTI Churches in Australia. They’re not huge churches but they’re around.


  8. ““Churches should be safe and inclusive spaces for all people, regardless of their sexuality or relationship status.”

    Does that include a bisexual trio?
    A man who has three women on leashes at home?

    “Regardless of relationship status”?

    A house full of five mad homosexuals who have orgies every night?


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  9. Big move. Absolutely huge.

    Will this be Australia’s first Gay Pentecostal church? Anthony Venn-Brown will definitely get a big invite.


  10. I think this is okay if it was voted on and the majority of members were for it.

    i’d be interested to know if they have any restrictions on leadership.

    I don’t think it’s a sin to be gay or lesbian or bi-sexual. But if a male assistant pastor can have sex with another male, then break up, then have another sexual relationship, you’d think they’d have to allow for heterosexuals to do the same.

    If they have no such restrictions on either group then good on them.

    I’ll be interested to see how it works out.

    It would just be a pity if the majority of members were against this move and were told to accept it or leave regardless of how much time and money they had put into the church.


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