Pastor’s ‘dark double life’


KFSN reports…

“In shocking new developments in the attempted murder case involving a Merced pastor, a shooting victim from the hospital describes the suspect as a violent sexual predator.

Savannah Moreno is just 19-years-old but in her short life she’s already suffered more than most people can even imagine.

“You can see it right there, I have stitches,” she said while pointing to her wound. “And I have a hole in the back of my head.”

On Friday, she said her adopted father Raul Moreno, 52, shot her, her boyfriend and another family member multiple times. Her body is recovering not only from a gunshot wound but a C-section as well. She just gave birth to a daughter three weeks ago.

“The thing that was running through my head was my baby,” Savannah said. “You know, she needs me.”

Savannah said the Friday shooting was a culmination of years of abuse. She said Moreno is actually her biological brother but adopted her at a young age and she said, starting at six-years-old, he raped her and another family member for years.

“Makes me feel better, it makes me feel better knowing that he can’t hurt me anymore,” she said.

Raul Moreno is now in custody for the attempted murder of three people but for years before that Savannah said he was a pastor at Victory Outreach Church in Merced. Their Facebook page describes the church as a “family-oriented, Christ-centered ministry that is part of the Victory Outreach International family.”

Action News tried to get in touch with church leaders multiple times but no one has been available for comment.

“Once he got home, he was an angry demanding guy,” Savannah said. “And once he got to the church it was, ‘Oh, he’s nice tender-hearted.’ I just want them to know that this guy has been lying to you for years and he played the part.”

Savannah, her other family member and her boyfriend are all expected to recover from their injuries but their wounds are serious and they say it could take a while to heal.

Emotionally, Savannah is trying to move forward but she said that will take much longer.”



4 thoughts on “Pastor’s ‘dark double life’

  1. I hope after the election, there can be healing in that country – so the winner is a good winner.
    If trump loses I’m sure he’ll forget about politics.


  2. Wazza,
    You don’t know that Trump would be worse.
    Hillary is much more Hawkish.

    re Bernie, I liked the way he had clear policies that he actually believed in and was prepared to articulate without hiding anything. A Bernie vs Rubio or Cruz or Carson would have been interesting. There’d be a clear choice between liberal and conservative.

    The sign? If I were a young black male I may not like it. But it’s true.

    It’s easy to criticize, but if you were a cop in a black neighborhood for a month you might see things differently.

    Remember that recently a black male was killed by a BLACK police officer in a city with a BLACK police chief and black youth started rioting.

    The answer isn’t simple. But if every time a black is killed by a police officer people riot before the facts are known – there will be rioting where innocent people are hurt and lose property forever.

    Btw I’m for gun control, and think US police could try different methods . E.g. In some countries, instead of two, five police will go and reason longer with a suspect or wrongdoer. It seems weak and takes longer, but hardly anyone resists arrest.

    But that’s another story.


  3. As Trump takes the leads in polls and the FBI closes in on Crooked Hillary and the Clinton Foundation, silence descends on Groupsects as the looney liberals realize they got it all wrong. Nothing to be heard but the faint sound of pages of a sexy rugby players mag being turned in the toilet of Bundaberg school and the sigh of a hippy Bernie supporter wistfully wondering what might have been if Hillary and the DNC weren’t totally corrupt.


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