Why Trump pretended to be a Christian


The Huffington Post reports…

“Evangelicals showed up in stunning solidarity to help elect Donald Trump on Tuesday ― and they weren’t alone.

Standing beside evangelical Christians in their support for Trump were a majority of Catholics, Mormons, other Protestant groups and an assortment of other Christian denominations.

Every other religious and non-religious group of Americans voted in majority for Hillary Clinton.

Christian Americans, including Catholics, made up 75 percent of the voting population, according to exit polls. And a majority of them supported a candidate whose xenophobia, promiscuity and belligerence made him an unlikely pick for Christians who have claimed a moral high ground in previous election cycles.

White evangelicals backed Trump by a margin of roughly 81 percent to 16 percent who voted for Clinton, according to FiveThirtyEight. In some states, the percentage favoring the Republican candidate was even greater….”

From http://www.huffingtonpost.com.au/entry/how-christian-america-elected-the-president-no-other-religion-could-get-behind_us_58238d4be4b0d9ce6fc09b8a


7 thoughts on “Why Trump pretended to be a Christian

  1. Trump is certainly an extraordinary persuader. There is something hypnotic about the way he keeps repeating his phrases in groups of three :”It’s going to be great, it’s going to be really great, trust me it’s going to be great”. He seems to know exactly how to get a crowd revved up and it is probably the secret of his success as a businessman as well as now a charismatic figure.

    Why do Evangelical Christians go for this? Partly because they have been trained that the Democrats are from Satan so anything that opposes them must be from God. But there must be something in the psychology of the Evangelical which seeks a strong authoritarian figure. They are willing to overlook all his faults, just because they believe he is a unique figure who will make everything alright again. If a Democrat said or did just 5% of what Trump does they would be completely damned by the Christian Right. Jimmy Carter admitted that he sometimes has impure thoughts about women and there was an uproar throughout the whole country. Bill Clinton had an affair and it was treated as if it was the worst thing short of selling the country to the Russians – they tried to impeach him for high crimes and misdemeanors. Trump has had multiple affairs and was facing a lawsuit for raping a 14-year old and the religious right just let it go straight through as if it was a parking infringement.

    It is all very strange, but we are dealing with unconscious forces which are then rationalised later and placed into a religious framework.


  2. CE, RE: “They just could not stand the fact that a woman was running for president”.

    That should read: “They just could not stand the fact that THAT woman was running for president”.


  3. I am not surprised. Christians are gullible. If Hugh Hefner or Larry Flint said the same things Trump said, they would have voted for them too. They just could not stand the fact that a woman was running for president.


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