Donald Trump has a huge stash of bibles

2012 interview


19 thoughts on “Donald Trump has a huge stash of bibles

  1. The people tweeting on here remind me of the clowns on here.

    This is funny!

    Maybe the tweeters listed here paid Wazza and Bones to write their tweets.?


  2. Here’s another one!

    Just wish Bones would have faced the camera and given his educated opinion – which is always wrong!!

    This is hilarious. That’s why they hate him -because they were totally humiliated!

    looney liberals just hate it when they are proven to be totally wrong – which is all the time!

    Come on Buddy…….

    All Greg and BOnes heroes were all wrong!



  3. Whenever the idiotic ravings of girlie-man liberals gets too depressing, I watch something like this.

    Listen and learn.


  4. Really enjoyed those photos.
    Beautiful church.
    I’ve only ever gone to what I think they called “low church” so it’s great to see that ceremonial stuff.
    I know it was a big day for you.

    Good to see a macho guy getting ordained.

    Top marks to the cameraman.


  5. Don’t you love that video.

    Oh my God, What’s gonna happen?

    Love the way, Trump walks off like a Boss.

    I guess girlie men don’t like it huh. too much violenth?

    Just waiting for the Newcastle Angical Priest Society to come out with an official statement condemning it in a feeble attempt to stay relevant.

    tee hee


  6. So I’ve been away for a couple of weeks.
    Let’s see how the world is going.

    US stock market up, ban on immigration from the six nations passed by Supreme Court, illegal crossings way down, Trump nowhere near being impeached, but rather Bernie Sander and his wife, Hillary, Loretta Lynch (now do I have to explain to Greg who that is?), being questioned.

    Wazza is now shocked!!! bbbbbbbbBernie? Yes Wazza. While you were smoking dope in a safe space wearing that pussy hat that you turned into a beret and shouted viva la resistance…..your hero Bernie and his wife have been getting into trouble.

    Now the poor old couple not interested in money that you thought they were.

    Go read up. Shocking. disgusting!

    So CNN is in disarray – people getting fired because of fake news stories.

    Americans losing faith in media.

    Trump is STILL President, and beating down on the idiot hating liberal so called journalists.

    WHat a guy!

    And – Hillsong is still alive and growing and thriving.

    Not sure about those Anglicans though…

    WInners are grinners!

    So, I’m smiling like a Cheshire cat.

    Now, watch Trump smack North Korea down and liberate those poor people.

    Meanwhile…..Obama??? gets hundreds of thousands for speeches and is living it up – all the while talking about the poor.

    He and Michelle must really laugh when even down under liberals fawn over them.

    Okay, if nobody has anything half smart to say, I’ll be back in another two weeks.

    PS Explorer Pants – I think Greg is scared of you! lol


  7. So I was going to post something serious.

    But no. Life has become so funny for me I doubt I’ll be doing any serious posts.

    How can I not smile?

    Bones has surrendered and is hiding out in some educational crevice in Bundaberg teaching kids about whats important in life – like Ian Roberts abs.

    Greg has started writing exegetical treatises……
    And they say in his last one is a record because there were no Koran, Oprah Winfrey or Germaine Greer quotes.

    Explorer Pants is fighting off Greg’s creepy love.
    He doesn’t know which creeps him out more – Christ or a loving Greg…..

    No sorry I’ll behave.

    No more nasty comments.

    The reason for my joy and levity?

    This is just so good.
    Cute little babies laughs or Trump body slamming CNN?

    Come in at tie for that feel good – all is well with the world feeling.

    Anyone who can’t laugh at that and gets enraged is mentally unbalanced.


  8. Ahhh…the exact piece of scripture I did an exegetical essay on…because people have abused that scripture in exactly the way you have done since it was first written. What about the scripture immediately before it that says love your enemy? And after it…let love be the way? Nothing? Hmmm? No, of course not.

    Q is dead…long live Q


  9. God’s to blame.

    Romans 13:1 [ESV]: Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God.


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