OMG! Kenneth Copeland is advising Donald Trump – updated*


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  1. Deacon,
    I’m not the slightest bit angry.,not raging.

    Not at all.
    Just having fun lampooning liberals just like your favorite comedians lampoon trump and evangelicals.
    Harden up princess.
    You’re way too sensitive.


  2. There is all the evidence you need.
    Only Anti/Trump hating liberals would talk about “retarded daughters”

    New low even for the scum that comment on here.

    True colors.


  3. You’re a sad individual Q – I hope you do more with your day than look for things to post on here to try and prove every one expect yourself wrong about everything you seem to be so knowledgeable about – except how the church of England started…Henry VIII started the Church of England so he could divorce and kill his wives – yeah – put that down in a history essay.

    BTW – I’m not a priest – I’m a deacon – big difference, if you like I can explain the difference.

    You rage on and on about how everyone but you isn’t a real Christian, yet you show no love for your brothers – just pour out repetitive streams of anger and misinformed hate.

    Yes, several years ago I managed a blog similar to this.

    Yes, I said awful things and you would be in my shadow for the kinds of things I said to and about people – you’re not even close to being my replacement in that field.

    I’ve apologised -I’ve explained that I was going through a whole pile of my own shit that resulted in my own meltdown. Let it go, dude – its ancient history.

    You and I are the only ones left here…and I hardly post a thing – it’s time for you to go about your business where ever it is in this world you live and let go of all this anger and hatred – you aren’t going to change my thinking and I’m not going to change yours. You may be right about all of this and Islam may well be about to take over the world – Jesus never said that Christianity should be in the ascendancy for all of time – nor did he say that we should try to save the world by political means – his Kingdom is not of this world, and neither is the battle.


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  4. “Refuse Fascism, the group behind this weekend’s multi-city Antifa rallies, claims to be “organizing millions of people to drive out the fascist Trump / Pence regime.” Actual turnout on the first day of their nationwide rallies was far lower.
    The group, founded by Revolutionary Communist Party chairman Bob Avakian, took out a full-page ad in the New York Times to promote the rally, and has enjoyed free press in the national media in the past few days.

    Despite the press attention, turnout was low at many of Refuse Fascism’s rallies, which were scheduled to take place in 20 U.S. cities. The exception appears to have been L.A, where local news reported that close to 2,000 protesters gathered.

    There were no reports of violent incidents, although a woman accused of deliberately splashing her drink on a Trump supporter was reportedly arrested at the Refuse Fascism march in New York City.”

    Pretty bad turnout considering they probably had a contingent from the Bundaberg Bisexual Teachers Association and Newcastle Anglicans.
    One guess who threw their drink over a Trump supporter.
    Okay, two guesses.


  5. The only way they can get rid of Trump is if Antifa convinces enough people to march and do a coup.
    Actually that’s what they’re planning.
    They want millions and say they won’t stop until they drive the Republicans out.

    Probably a fair share of howling hypocritical homosexual Ecumenical priests will be there..

    They should be jailed for treason and insurrection.

    (But don’t go as far as what the Anglicans did to the poor old anabaptists)


  6. “Lawyers representing Facebook and Twitter revealed that Russian groups on their social networks tried to delegitimize Donald Trump’s presidency after the election.”

    So looks like the liberals have been colluding with those dirty Russians!!!

    Maybe there are KGB spies in Newcastle ….


  7. lol

    Actually – yeah the girlie man came out again.

    Just having fun – nobody in real life calls themselves a macho man except maybe Steve Segal.

    As for girlie man – I really loved the old Hans und Franz SNL skit, and of course I love Arnold.

    No, take that back. Since he’s turned against Trump he’s become such a girlie man loser.

    He just keeps whining and I wish he’d just get to the chopper and go back to Austria.

    btw, did you see the Kathy Griffin thing? Disgusting.

    Oh, but the macho comments came up because Wazza ran out of sane arguments and tried to say I was afraid. Just pointing out that I’m not afraid of Muslims. And, yes, because Wazza seems to have an EXTREME pacifist Amish type position, I made the point that I am willing to physically defend people.

    And I also think it was valid biblically to use weapons to defend against the Germans and the Japanese.

    etc etc

    But I certainly do need a couch.


  8. You have a strong tendency toward language that presents you as an alpha man (autocorrect wanted to say ‘aloha’ man! Lol) Q. ‘Man up’ , ‘girlie man’ ‘beat up 3 Muslims’ ‘being inbuff shape to be able to protect your family if ever a Muslim (or anyone I imagine) crosses into their personal space’. Why the need to defend your masculinity? You even thought telling me you took back all the ‘girlie man’ comments was some sort of masculine compliment for me admitting I was wrong. What’s the issue behind all of this Q…go on, the couch is open and I’m listening.

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  9. “Intelligence agencies violated the constitutional rights of American citizens through illegal surveillance during the Obama administration, recently declassified documents from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) show.
    The secretive court also notes a change for the better under President Trump’s team.”

    Prediction. Just like I predicted Trump’s victory, I predict that Trump will NOT be impeached and that the Russian thing will backfire.

    Trump did nothing wrong and will be exonerated.

    Not a prophecy , just a clear prediction.

    Wazza- wait. I’ll be prove not right.,
    Hope you will man up and admit you were wrong!

    Media/Looney left lose – Trump wins!


  10. “The Los Angeles Times devoted precious space on its front page on Memorial Day to a story about how anxious anti-Trump activists are finding ways to relax.
    Apparently, knitting “pussyhats,” conjuring conspiracy theories, painting offensive signs, disrupting town halls in other people’s congressional districts, tweeting “#Resistance,” and scouring the media for signs of President Donald Trump’s imminent impeachment is bad for mental and physical health.”

    “So, in need of relief themselves, they go to a longtime community organizer for help.

    In his workshops and webinars, Victor Narro tells them to unplug, garden, hike, dance, volunteer, build altars at their cubicles and look at photos that bring them joy. They’re in it for the long haul, after all. President Trump still has nearly 200 more weeks in office.”

    So Wazza, I know that pink pussy hat you are knitting would look so good on Greg …
    But you’re stressing yourself.

    This is too funny.
    Almost as funny as Chelsea Clinton being the liberals GReat White Female Hope.

    Media/Liberals are such whining losers.

    Trump rules! #MAGA


  11. Hey, theres a website you guys might like. Its completely staricial, but conservatives often link to it thinking its real news. Its pretty funny. (Not just a little misleading – absolutely off the wall crazy stuff(. But….i often hav to tell my friends that….its..well…. a bit suspicious.

    ITs well done though! Lol


  12. Lol @ Wazza.

    Actually Trump never said that. Howard Stern – and youd probably like him – he swears too much for me, complimented his daughter and asked if he could call her a piece of ass.

    Its a show full of crudeness, wild statements and foul language.

    Greg will probably end up being the Howard Stern of the Anglican Church.



  13. I wanted to see if Q would think differently of me doing it than he does when Trump does it. But glad to report that he’s consistent – he thinks its OK for any man to make comments about women as sexual objects, in fact it’s a marker that he hasn’t been ‘feminised’

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  14. Glad to see you haven’t been completely feminized !

    Yeah – because the mark of a feminised man is one who refuses to objectify women by the way they look. I think you’ll find that Wazza was mocking you – I hope.

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  15. You know I was going to say isn’t Melania a babe.
    Doesn’t she look gorgeous..

    But the “guys” around were probably more impressed with the First Gentleman of Luxembourg.


  16. Linwood Michael Kaine, a son of former 2016 Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine, faces criminal charges for allegedly joining in an anti-Trump riot to attack supporters of President Donald Trump in March in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

    Thugs !

    So glad Tim Caine and Hillary lost.
    That was a close call!!!


  17. So, obama went on his first overseas trip being treated like the messiah, and went around scraping and bowing and apologizing for the USA.
    What happened? Increased terrorism and more instability.

    Total failure. He ended with a meeting with the propaganda machine (i mean the press)

    Trump? The media attacks him all the way majoring in high school level headlines like “Twitter erupts over Melania’s hand slap.

    But the reality is he succeeded in getting the sunnis unified against Iran.
    If you don’t understand the significance of that, look it up.

    And instead of ending with the left wing media mafia he visits the troops who chant USA USA. Kissed his stunningly beautiful wife in front of them too.,

    What a contrast!


  18. Maxine Waters is now saying “Crooked Hillary” and Lock her Up memes were invented by Putin,


    Now the highly informed political analyst for the Newcastle Anglican News may not know who Maxine is …

    She’s the black pin up girl for the Democratic Party.

    You know , the one who convinced Wazza that Trump will be impeached – and who said Putin invaded Korea (she meant Ukraine – but who cares as long as you’re bashing Trump)

    Check out the audio of her getting duped by comedians about an imaginary country.

    You liberals may not have heard about Maxines Korea gaffe – SNL and other late night hosts didn’t touch it.

    Yes – the insane hypocrisy of left wing politicians continues unabated.

    Aunt Maxine !! Lol


  19. One of my favorite league players entered a mental health clinic for depression today.

    I think I’m just tired of the daily attacking of Trump. Every single damn day.
    Try thinking how he or his wife or kids would feel getting pounded everyday.

    There is so much negativity in this world, not to mention North Korea could easily blow up Korea and parts of Japan along with the 200’000 in death camps.

    I react to this.
    I won’t call you an idiot.


  20. 1. I was meaning continual daily criticism that never ended from various media sources.,

    2. Ic you think it’s okay as an Anglican priest to insult and abuse someone online on the basis that you’re not addressing them personally? Then that’s one huge problem with modern discourse and/or Newcastle Anglicans.,

    Okay I’ll refer to you in the third person as an idiot and address Wazza.


  21. If you had daily media attention on Newcastle Anglicans and every word was analyzed you’d understand.

    We did – and it was a good thing that every word was analysed – it needed to be – and, unlike Trump, we have owned our horrendous past and are shaping a safer future for the children in our diocese.

    You call Trump an idiot?
    Okay, then I can ignore your spiel about nice posts.
    Calling people idiots is ok.

    So, Greg you’re an idiot. And a much bigger one than Trump.

    Good grief – If Trump was the one I was talking to on here I would not call him and idiot, I wold speak to him respectfully – Q I’ve told you that if you can’t communicate with me respectfully that I won’t bother communicating with you – its obvious that you can’t, and so – have fun talking to yourself.

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  22. Your next quote.,

    You call Trump an idiot?
    Okay, then I can ignore your spiel about nice posts.
    Calling people idiots is ok.

    So, Greg you’re an idiot. And a much bigger one than Trump.
    You think I haven’t read that?
    I read 100 times the news you go.
    But unlike you, I read both left AND right wing news.

    Trump has great intel. You want to parse and criticize every statement?

    Did you do the same with Biden, Hillary and Obama? Do a search for Obama and his gaffes, for Biden and his gaffes.
    But because you only read liberal news you’d hardly see them.

    Re the latest attack, if you weren’t an idiot,
    You’d be asking why it isn’t a problem that “unnamed officials” passed on so called “classified information” to journalists.

    Name these officials. What exactly was this info?

    Nothing there Greg.

    But we are nearing the end of democracy in the US.
    When you lose an election, the media in cohorts with those who oppose the President can die d everyday trying to get rid of him.
    This is an incredible dangerous precedent.
    If they did get Trump, then they’d start on Pence. Then …..

    So, the next election when the Dems win, the people who lost can start all over again and just form another “resistance”

    Except it will be hard next time because of the media.

    Basically now it’s the same as if Brian Houston were President and Margot and the churvgwatchers contrilled the media.,
    Just daily attacks .

    If you had daily media attention on Newcastle Anglicans and every word was analyzed you’d understand.

    The problem with you is hypocrisy and lack of empathy.

    To try to make you understand , I simply try to give you an idea of what it feels like.

    Here – you guys do the attacking – on churches, Christians , and Trump. You’re allowed to call them idiots , and tut tut at every wrongdoing – even going back to decades old private conversations.

    Can you take it when it’s on you?

    Trump is an idiot?
    And you’re allowed to go back in time because of chickens and eggs? M
    Okay, Bones the idiot quoted anti-Semitic websites and your potty mouth and lack of knowledge of America is almost as idiotic.

    So, idiot…. you think Hillary saying she was shot st was fine, having a private server and deleting 30,000 emails under investigation was fine, that Bill getting hundreds of thousands speaking in Russia and Hillary doing desks involving uranium is okay, Obama, Rice and Hillary blaming Benghazi on a YouTube cartoon was fine?
    I could just keep going on.

    But fine. Be part of the ignorant multitudes led by the nose by CNN.

    Multitudes aren’t always right. Ask Jesus and Barabbas.


  23. First – I’ll address the chicken -egg thing.

    I’m not interested in the distant past sexual sins or statements of a President.

    There was a choice of Hillary or Trump.
    Comparing them morally I’d still pick Trump.
    You don’t seem to have any idea of Hillary’s lies, cover-ups and corruption.

    Trump was a vulgar promiscuous man.

    Now he’s the President . I wish him well.

    And when it comes to private language, I don’t see a difference between a President and a garbage collector.
    And as a person who wants to be an Anglican priest – I’m really mad that you seem to want to make fun of different occupations.

    I’ll remember this quote and others if you ever go into politics or apply for a higher job in the Anglican Church.

    As for echo chamber – you are the one. You quote articles without knowing the details. Wazza gets a quote wrong about Trump below.
    Why because you both have no original thought and even less original research.
    The piece of ass thing was from a Howard Stern interview.
    Now….. have you ever listened to Stern?
    Do I have to explain who he is?

    I have to check everything because your knowledge of America is as shallow as the sexual morality of Newcastle Anglican clergy.

    Btw , what an cesspool you’ve been spending your time in. Groupsects could spend the next three years just on Newcastle. – let alone the rest of the Anglican Church.

    By the time you’re a priest you’ll have to beg Hillsong for premises.


  24. And just to show you what kind of idiot you are supporting:

    President Donald Trump shared sensitive intelligence obtained from a close U.S. ally with Russia’s foreign minister and ambassador in a meeting last week, according to U.S. officials, potentially jeopardizing critical intelligence-sharing agreements in the fight against Islamic State.

    “I get great intel. I have people brief me on great intel every day,” he reportedly said, going on to discuss information gathered by a foreign intelligence partner on a specific Islamic State group plot and the city in which the plot was said to be planned.

    And this is the guy with the codes to get the red button punched? Yeah – he’s great, and your support for him is well founded.


  25. What came first – the chicken or the egg – you defend him as if he’s actually a good president – we attack him because of his past and present – I’m awfully sorry that I expect a certain moral standard of our leaders that I don’t for my garbage collector. I find it bizarre in the extreme that you find it bizarre that we question things that he did in the past (as well as what he’s doing right now) but you are the one who constantly – in nearly every comment you post – refer to things we said in comments years ago. – You’re want your online experience to be an echo chamber and I will leave you to it.


  26. Greg…. you are expecting the President of the United States to go on camera and apologize for everything he’s ever said that you find offensive?

    What kind of self-righteous judgemental person you are.

    Man……what are you? The Taliban?

    SEriously. Now you want a press conference for what? The piece of ass comment? Or are we still on something he said in the back of a bus..??

    Does he hvae to go over previous Howard Stern interviews (now do you know who he is?) and find all jokes that some self-^appointed moral guardians from Australia find offensive, and then say “I am very sorry for what I said 20 years ago. i’m a naughty boy!

    Then Greg and Wazza will discuss among themselves whether he’s REALLY sorry or not.

    Bizarre…..seriously bizarre.

    One day there’ll be a nuke attack, and people will be amazed that old Australian liberal Christians were upset about years old jokes.

    ANd here I was about to tell a joke about a fat woman – lucky for me I didn’t in case I run for Prime Minister in 20 years..

    You guys are too funny!


  27. You still raving on about that?

    Sorry, I’m more worried about North Korea, and the terrible state of the world Obama the Nobel Peace Prize winner left it in.

    Read up on North Korea. Iran. and the real problems of the world.

    Man for a guy who has no problem with men having anal sex with each other and nude church services you’re turning rather prudish and judgemental.

    Let it go Wazza.


  28. Okay Greg.

    It’s frustrating when people talk about what Trump said even 11 years ago though.
    And assume things about me.

    But, Okay.

    Sorry to “kiss” you off .

    You’re on an phone like me I guess.


  29. Even potty mouth Gregory would restrain himself on TV . I think….

    See, this here is what is really kissing me off about your posts…you’re. It even having a conversation that includes me, but you’ve got to reference me from a long time ago on a totally different blog during a time when (unknown to you I suppose) I was good he through some extremely hard times.

    Talk about now.
    Talk about the things we post now.
    Talk about the issues from now, not whether we wrote some strong language once a long time ago.
    Stop referencing people who you aren’t engaging in a conversation with someone you are.


  30. “You call Colbert disgusting and filthy but make excuses for Trump’s insulting, expletive laden speech about women.”

    Yes. Colbert is vile and disgusting. I’m appalled at what is allowed on TV.
    TV… continually for tv broadcast nightly.

    You comparing that to something Trump said to make another guy laugh in the back of a bus is probably your dumbest attempt at debate so far. Maybe….

    That’s how far you will reach?
    Look, you guys could drop the Fbomb in your nude didgeridoo worship services if you want to if it’s private.
    There’s a difference between stupid talking in the back of a bus to make someone laugh 12 years ago, and what’s said on national TV.

    You don’t get that?
    Even potty mouth Gregory would restrain himself on TV . I think….

    Funny though how they sat in that recording and one studio gave it to another network in order to “influence the election” (where have I heard that phrase?)
    And STILL Trump won!
    What a winner!


  31. “but I can’t say “He must be stopped” on a blog without you calling it dangerous, ranting hate speech.”

    You here, and others in the media have continually been saying things that invite violence toward tHE president. It’s way out of hand – totally irresponsible.

    He said in reference to Hillary : “…nothing you can do, folks, Although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is, I don’t know.” . An obvious encouragement to the gun lobby to shoot her.

    No. Absolutely not.
    He is obviously meaning that they can vote. And the very many “2nd ammendment people” including democrats make up a very powerful lobby.

    You gave him a complete pass.

    No. I think he should word things differently because there are too many unintelligent critics who try to skew his words into impossible interpretations


  32. You’re deluded。
    Thanks. That’s about the kindest thing anyone has ever said to me here.

    “you think it’s alright for Trump to attack Hillary at his rallies”

    Yes , he was campaigning.
    Hillary called his supporters racists and deplorable. It was an ugly time.

    “and encourage chants of “Lock her up!”
    Hillary deceived the American public about Benghazi. She should have been punished for her misuse of classified information. Others were jailed for less. Remember what Comey said about her..
    And she repeatedly also just said “I don’t remember” to questions. Outrageous. She’s incredibly lucky.
    Oh, have a think about the Clinton Foundation too.


  33. You’re deluded, you think it’s alright for Trump to attack Hillary at his rallies and encourage chants of “Lock her up!” , but I can’t say “He must be stopped” on a blog without you calling it dangerous, ranting hate speech.

    He said in reference to Hillary : “…nothing you can do, folks, Although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is, I don’t know.” . An obvious encouragement to the gun lobby to shoot her. You gave him a complete pass.

    You call Colbert disgusting and filthy but make excuses for Trump’s insulting, expletive laden speech about women.

    I never claimed the sacking was unconstitutional, but that Trump is trashing the constitution in other ways – eg. the emoluments clause.

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  34. “he only one saying sane things in a mad world.”

    Ok, now I understand. You don’t watch much US tv.
    He’s just saying what all the other liberal personalities and democrat politicians are saying.

    It’s simplistic, boring and unoriginal.
    But scary that young people and older ignorant people get infected.

    If the crazy Russian conspiracy stuff went away and Trumf fired Comey 6 months later , Colbert and co would accuse him of revenge.
    Trump can’t win with the liberal media. They were against Reagan and Bush too.
    But what’s different now?
    They’re just so mad that he proved them wrong.

    Nothing worse than a sore loser who’s been proven to be a fool.


  35. Wazza.
    Colbert is an absolute disgrace. Disgusting. Filthy.
    If I were the Pope I’d excommunicate him.,

    He should stick to non-political jokes.
    Having that show just being used to attack the POTUS every night shows complete lack of talent and imagination.

    Plus – he knows nothing about politics.

    There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING I repeat NOTHIN unconstitutional about the firing of Comey.
    Okay bigmouth, state now what is unconstitutional about it?
    You can’t.
    You have no idea.

    Turn of Colbert and read .

    And realize that Democrats have been screaming for Comey’s firing.

    For all the shenanigans that went in last year … bill Clinton talking privately with the AG while Hillary WAS under investigation . That was okay?

    Study man. And not just Colbert and hypocrite left wing hacks.

    As for “he must be stopped”?
    That rhetoric is scary.
    My concern is that hate speech like that will encourage someone to do something fatal.

    You and others need to stop this insane, hateful, totally uninformed, hypocritical ranting.

    And leave Trump to worry about North Korea.

    Everyone knows Comey had to go.
    It’s just a beat up.

    Your team lost Wazza. I know it makes everything you said last year to be completely wrong – but, making wildly in accurate statements about the constitution of the United States – of which you know nothing about, won’t help.

    Check with constitutional lawyers in the US.
    There was absolutely no problem with firing a Comey.

    Oh, and do some googling about those who were okay with firing him.

    Colbert …..
    He is nothing without Trump.

    But if Truml gets assassinated by some looney unhinged left wing nut job who has been fired up by his ludicrous ranting – I hope he repents.

    I think you should throw away your Bernie Tshirts and stop smoking weed..


  36. I watch Colbert on YouTube every night. He’s the best comedian out there and the only one saying sane things in a mad world.

    Big deal if the audience cheered… In my view the guy should be sacked, just not right now. Why would Trump now be suddenly worried that the Clinton email investigation had not been conducted fairly for her? Another clue is that in his firing letter, Trump thanks Comey for telling him personally on three occasions that he was not under investigation. Strangely in a firing that wasn’t about Trump’s situation at all, he inserts a little thank-you about an unrelated investigation. One of the little courtesies and considerations that’s so like Trump.

    If Comey did personally inform a suspect that he wasn’t under investigation or any details about an ongoing investigation it would be collusion – something that your local plod down the station would never think about doing. Yet Trump thinks he can convince the world that the head of the FBI did it. And then he goes on Twitter and threatens him to keep quiet about the whole thing.

    People put him in to wreck the place and shake it up a bit. Instead he is wrecking the rule of law and the constitution and threatening national security. They put a child in to a job that has to be done by a great man. He’s got no idea what he’s doing and he’s got to be stopped before it’s too late.

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  37. Laugh of the day.
    See Colbert’s show?

    He announced that Comey had been fired.
    So… liberal lemming audience cheer!

    Of course thinking like Hillary and the Dems that he was incompetent, evil, interfered in the election etc etc.

    But they hadn’t been “informed” by their gods (I mean liberal media , Colbert and Dem leaders that NOW its bad of Comey to be fired! Lol

    Colbert had to set them straight.


    Now ….. it’s Watergate lol and no doubt the Russians dod it again.

    Loser liberals are really just getting embarrassing .

    It’s like the funny setup where they asked liberal snowflake college kids about several of Trump’s positions and naturally they were vehemently opposed.
    Until …. they were told it the name had been changed – they were Obama the Messiah’s.

    If only people could think for themselves.


  38. I changed my mind.

    Like Trump re Syria.
    Like Obama and Clinton re gay marriage.
    Like all of you ex-charismaniacs.
    Any obs?


  39. Trump is shit scared of Russia. And just like the marxist Q, is too much of a pussy to go to war with her.


  40. So…. no attacks on Trump re Syria?
    Before you do take note that Hillary thought he should take out the whole air force.

    Dems Shumer supports the strike.

    Your man Hussein Obama double dog dared Syria to cross the red line. They crossed it and gassed over 1000,

    Barry then …. went and played golf and clowned around on late night TV shows. So Syria does it again.

    Go Trump!

    But, Wazza says? he stands with Maxine Waters who despises Trump ?

    The lady who gets Ukraine and Korea mixed up?
    And who is going to take action on “Limpopo”????

    Do you laugh or cry?

    Thank God those cowardly lame-brained democrats are out of power!!


  41. Business confidence is way up. consumer confidence is way up. Lots of jobs created. Ilegal immigrant crossings way down. Sex traffic arrests way up. Stock market up.

    That’s a start.

    Judges not going along with the temporary ban on the 7 countries? Well, that was disgusting.
    You know why that happened. Really, you do. And that will be fought. Just wait.

    Re health care. Obama care will be repealed I think. Wait.

    As for winning. come on Wazza. I know youre not dumb. YOu must realize that the media is attacking Trump mercilessly every day.

    And I’ll make a prediction. Ready?
    There was no treason. Trump won’t be impeached. There was no collusion with Russians.

    This coming from the side that had no problems with Bill Clinton’s speeches and selling uranium?

    Suddenly the Russians are evil? You lefties for decades kept saying conservatives were insane for worrying about Russia.

    Now you’re after them? lol

    And what do you say they did? Wikileaks? So…..the Russians leaked emails that made American realize what a pack of lying deceiving group Hillary, Podesta, the DNC and the media was ^ so that made people not vote for Hillary???


    Good one Waz.

    So, Susan Rice – she’s the real one in trouble here. Remember her? Were you watching news around the time of the Benghazi attacks? Remember? Obama said he had beaten terrorism?
    There was a 9/11 attack and Obama, Susan Rice and Hillary said it was all because of a youtube satirical video??? Remember???

    So people with your mentality in the US all got upset about being more sensitive to not offending Islam – completely hoodwinked into thinking that yes, Obama had beaten the terrorists.

    Keep readig Huffpost Wazza.

    BUt don’t worry. Yes, I do believe Trump will fix up the messes Obama left in Syria and North Korea.

    Trump is doing the best he can. Doing great under the circumstances.

    Give him time. By this time into his presidency Obama was still just doing victory laps and being worshipped by gullible people like you and CNN.

    No Trump youth. That is a completely disgusting remark.

    BUt its par for the course. You want to mock Melania’s English next?


  42. Ok RealQT how has your hero delivered on his promises? After all if you want to identify with someone they really should measure up to your expectations.

    “We’re going to win. We’re going to win so much. We’re going to win at trade, we’re going to win at the border. We’re going to win so much, you’re going to be so sick and tired of winning, you’re going to come to me and go, ‘Please, please, we can’t win any more.’

    Please, please , if this is winning I’d hate to see what losing is like. Healthcare a massive fail – a Republican President who wrote “The Art of the Deal” couldn’t do a deal with a Republican Senate and House. To pass a bill, unlike getting the Presidency, you need a majority of votes.

    The Muslim ban , tried it twice and found that the judges don’t take too kindly to racism.

    Constant whining about being spied on. Yes the FBI was listening in, but only because he was committing treason by consorting with an enemy state to fix the election!

    Anything positive? Oh yes, lets have a rally. Maybe start “Trump youth”


  43. Another stream of consciousness making no sense and as distant from the facts as Hillary is from the Presidency, Greg is from sane theology and Bones is to understanding Internet Research basics.

    Here goes

    “Because Q is in a sense a little like Trump.”

    “Various people on the blog have admitted doubts or weaknesses from time to time. But not Q. ”
    Blatant lie.

    “No, if you listen to Q he looks like a Vogue model”
    Blatant lie

    “and he did it just by being a sensible eater. ”
    No. I look great but I work at it lol
    You guys wouldn’t be obese if you ate sensibly. If you want me to help you lose weight I can do it.

    “When he became a Christian he sensibly researched all the alternative theologies and came to a reasoned and completely rational decision. ”
    Okay that’s true.

    “There was no period of searching, no crisis of faith or of the psyche, no dark night of the soul. ”
    Not true.

    “He looks up to and identifies with great and successful figures”
    That’s bad? You think I should look up to the latest Calvinist Blogger? The ladies on the View? A fat lady wearing a Pussy Hat screaming obscenities at Trump for being sexist after she’s got all hit and bothered watching fifty shades of grey?

    “who have done all the right things”

    Nobody is like that.

    “and hopes to ride on their coattails, whether they be Pastors or Presidents. ”

    You’re getting weird Wazza. You doing drugs??

    “Then comes the disrespect and disgust at all the lowly beings he sees who either have icky problems (and therefore made the wrong choices) or have the audacity to question some of the stories of his gods. In fact the low lifes must be belittled and derided in order to maintain the gods’ place on the pedestals.”

    Okay, if you aren’t on drugs, you were drinking when you write this right?

    “Yes there is something wrong with Trump”
    What? And there isn’t with Hillary who smashed things in her room and blubbered the night she lost? Lol
    Now she’s blaming Obama!!!
    You sulking cry baby liberals. You have to blame the Russians or Obama or Jesus or somebody.

    “but Q must keep pretending that there is something wrong with his critics”

    Not pretending. His critics are hateful raving sooks.

    “Otherwise his whole world will come tumbling down and he will just be another mortal sinner like everyone else.”

    I am the chief of sinners. Have never said anything else.

    On the other hand….. now all of a sudden the looney left who for decades screamed for people to get out of their bedrooms scan Trump and Melanie’s history looking for moral accusations.


    Wazza. You lost. Get it? Lost. Your team lost badly. First Hillary beat Bernie. Then even with the Obamas, the media and Hollywood combined – Trump stood and conquered. Amazing victory.,

    Now instead of spending the next 4 years crying and complaining and trying to attack and bring down Trumo through vicious and illegitimate means – get back to work.
    Chase your dreams , achieve something.
    Life is short.

    That’s much better than putting on a pussy hat and wearing a “Resistance” Tshirt and yelling obscenities .

    Grow up.


  44. True, but Q will never admit it.

    Because Q is in a sense a little like Trump. Various people on the blog have admitted doubts or weaknesses from time to time. But not Q. No, if you listen to Q he looks like a Vogue model and he did it just by being a sensible eater. When he became a Christian he sensibly researched all the alternative theologies and came to a reasoned and completely rational decision. There was no period of searching, no crisis of faith or of the psyche, no dark night of the soul. Just a few hours presumably spent in a library researching.

    People like this love quick and simple answers to complex questions. If they think they have been saved from sin it is only in a very abstract sense and the attraction is that it is again a simple, quick and final answer to a sticky problem.

    He looks up to and identifies with great and successful figures who have done all the right things and hopes to ride on their coattails, whether they be Pastors or Presidents. Then comes the disrespect and disgust at all the lowly beings he sees who either have icky problems (and therefore made the wrong choices) or have the audacity to question some of the stories of his gods. In fact the low lifes must be belittled and derided in order to maintain the gods’ place on the pedestals.

    Yes there is something wrong with Trump, but Q must keep pretending that there is something wrong with his critics. Otherwise his whole world will come tumbling down and he will just be another mortal sinner like everyone else.

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  45. Donald Trump has something very wrong with him – we all know it, I suspect even Q knows it, but just won’t admit it in public.

    Q – or whoever you turn out to finally be, the fact you find it amazing that people continue to post comments attacking Trump on a thread ABOUT Trump is quite telling about your actual intelligence – what else do you expect on a thread about Trump?


  46. Gotta give you this Q, you were consistent and predictable.

    You even argued for Trump’s appointment of Dracula to the executive by saying “Yeah, well Hillary would have been worse…..etc. etc.”

    Next you will be saying “Well I don’t agree with everything this Dracula guy does, but at least he’s successful. At least he has experience with drawing blood. What have you done with your life Wazza, apart from blogging… etc.”


  47. Just as well you said it was a joke or Bones and Greg would have copied and pasted it and it would be read on Huffington Post, Politico and CNN.

    But it could be true. The US had a Secretary of State who said she was fired on by snipers when she wasn’t, didn’t know what Classified meant, blamed a terrorist attack on a YouTube video and her advisers used “password” for a password and fell for the “update your password”scam and , another adviser’s father believed in Shariah and shared govt emails with a guy who sexted with minors and …….

    Nah. That’s either got to be be jokes .. or … or…the Russians did mind control and just made them idiotic??

    Yeah that’s it.

    How else do you explain the idiocy .

    In other news Podesta and Hillary are claiming to be hacked by the Nigerians who tricked them by telling them someone needed to put money in their bank accounts.

    Yep. Can’t have clever business people runnin the country – we need Podesta and Huma and “sorry I misspoke about being shot at and having to run for cover “Hillary.
    She just meant to say Chelsea was chewing bubble gum ….

    Well, Gregory and Explorer Pants believed her.


  48. And… Trump’s secretary of Labour is a food-franchise billionaire who argues against a minimum wage and against overtime. His pick for the CEO of the national blood-bank is an ancient Prince from Romania with very prominent canine teeth who promises that he will do all he can to increase reserves. I just made that last one up but you almost believed it didnt you?


  49. Greg, just like I predicted the election result,
    I will make another prediction.

    In two years, unless there is a major earthquake, terrorist strike or a war, the “little guy” (including blacks) will be better off than they are now.
    (in America anyway)
    Crime will also be down – esp in Chicago where Democrats have utterly and completely failed.

    If this blog still exists, I’ll quote the stats on Dec 31 st, 2018.

    If not, just remember that the only person on this blog who correctly predicted both the nomination and election result, and the only person who reads both left and right wing news , predicted so.

    Of course then when the economy is better and ISIS are eliminated, you will probably be posting about something Trump said that was in a tape from 1985….
    And you’ll be preaching to yourself and some kangaroo spirits in some dusty Anglican. Church somewhere.


  50. The guy heading up Trumps energy task force is a climate change denier, the bloke in charge of the environment is an oil industry lobbyist – and the man heading up securities is someone who has been prepared to break the law to make money off the back of foreclosures…Yeah, trump is there for the little guy…and his swamp monsters will do a great job – if you’re already rich

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  51. Gregorita, you are obsessed with Trump aren’t you?
    You have no interest in ll the problems with the Clinton Foundation, and the lies of Hillary and Obama,

    But you posted this – and of course anyone reading this would think how terrible it is that he was appointed.

    Some questions.
    1. Do you know the background of the financial crisis, why it happened, the lending practices that led to it and who instigated those lending practices?
    2. Can you explain the principles of foreclosures?
    3. Can you explain why many Democrats have no problem with this appointment?
    4. Can you explain why Attorney General Kamala Harris didn’t prosecute? The article insinuates foul play. Harris is a Democrat. Are you accusing her of not doing her job properly? Do you know her credentials and background. I’d say not.
    I’d say once again you just copied and pasted an article by people trying to find something to attack Trump with that has subject matter you have zero understanding about – but which makes you feel clever for posting.

    I predict that this guy who is 100 times smarter than you will do a good job.

    And I am so glad that he gets the job ahead of you!!!

    The problem with Hillary is the speeches she made for hundreds of thousands of dollars on Wall Street, and the corruption with the Clinton Foundation.

    If you think important positions in the treasury and finance should be filled with people with no experience in finance, business and banking, than you’re just another naive little socialist.
    It takes more than a love of Cuban cigars and contemplative listening in deserted Anglican churches while smoking weed to understand the intricacies of global finance.

    Nice try Greg.

    You probably got Explorer Pants and Bones really excited.

    Hey they’re doing the run over people in trucks inIsrael now too!

    Not interested?

    I know. You’re too busy searching for anti-Trump articles.

    An Anglican priest’s work is never done ….


  52. ✉⎕
    Treasury Nominee Steve Mnuchin’s Bank Accused of “Widespread Misconduct” in Leaked Memo
    David Dayen
    January 4 2017, 7:22 a.m.
    Photo: Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty Images
    ONEWEST BANK, WHICH Donald Trump’s nominee for treasury secretary, Steven Mnuchin, ran from 2009 to 2015, repeatedly broke California’s foreclosure laws during that period, according to a previously undisclosed 2013 memo from top prosecutors in the state attorney general’s office.

    The memo obtained by The Intercept alleges that OneWest rushed delinquent homeowners out of their homes by violating notice and waiting period statutes, illegally backdated key documents, and effectively gamed foreclosure auctions.

    In the memo, the leaders of the state attorney general’s Consumer Law Section said they had “uncovered evidence suggestive of widespread misconduct” in a yearlong investigation. In a detailed 22-page request, they identified over a thousand legal violations in the small subsection of OneWest loans they were able to examine, and they recommended that Attorney General Kamala Harris file a civil enforcement action against the Pasadena-based bank. They even wrote up a sample legal complaint, seeking injunctive relief and millions of dollars in penalties.

    But Harris’s office, without any explanation, declined to prosecute the case.

    Mnuchin, the former CEO of OneWest, was already facing challenges in his upcoming Senate confirmation hearings on account of his bank’s ruthless foreclosure practices, ranging from locking out one homeowner during a Minneapolis blizzard to foreclosing on another over a 27-cent payment shortfall.

    “After years peddling the kind of dangerous mortgage-backed securities that eventually blew up the economy, Mnuchin swooped in after the crash to take a second bite out of families by aggressively — and sometimes illegally — foreclosing on their homes,” Sen. Elizabeth Warren said in a statement last month. Sen. Ron Wyden, the top Democrat on the Senate Finance Committee, warned: “Given Mr. Mnuchin’s history of profiting off the victims of predatory lending, I look forward to asking him how his Treasury Department would work for Americans who are still waiting for the economic recovery to show up in their communities.”

    The consistent violations of California foreclosure processes outlined in the memo would indicate that Mnuchin’s bank didn’t merely act callously, but did so with blatant disregard for the law.

    According to the memo, OneWest also obstructed the investigation by ordering third parties to refuse to comply with state subpoenas.

    Whether Mnuchin directed efforts to prevent scrutiny of his bank’s practices could be a focus of the confirmation hearings.

    The memo also raises questions about then-California Attorney General Kamala Harris, who was sworn in as a U.S. senator on Tuesday, and who will soon have to vote on Mnuchin’s appointment.

    Why did her office close the case, deciding not to “conduct a full investigation of a national bank’s misconduct and provide a public accounting of what happened,” as her own investigators had urged?

    State and federal law enforcement have been severely criticized for failing to hold accountable those responsible for the financial crisis and its aftermath. The OneWest case provides another example, and this time, the failure to prosecute could help the nation’s next treasury secretary get confirmed.

    TO UNDERSTAND THE importance of these revelations, one needs to know a bit about California’s nonjudicial foreclosure process. If a homeowner misses mortgage payments and no resolution can be worked out, the lender files a notice of default, starting a 90-day clock where the homeowner can either repay the debt or face a sale of their property.

    In the original deed of trust that establishes the mortgage, the lender designates a third-party trustee to handle the sale process in case of foreclosure. Lenders can change trustees at any time, memorializing this with a “substitution of trustee” document (SOT).

    After the 90 days expire, if the homeowner is still in default, the trustee can record a notice of sale, setting a date for the auction at least 21 days thereafter. The winner of the auction gets the home, and can proceed to evict the homeowner.

    Because no judge oversees this process, adherence to the rules is paramount.

    “Compliance with the law gives us confidence in the outcome,” said Katherine Porter, a law professor at the University of California, Irvine, and an expert on foreclosures. “The whole scheme is a gift from the legislature to the mortgage industry. If the state is giving the industry benefits to take shortcuts, it’s reasonable to expect the industry to comply strictly with that process.”

    And according to the state investigation, OneWest wasn’t following the rules.


  53. Reverse mortgages are advertised as a way for elderly homeowners to get the cash they need and stay in their homes for the rest of their lives.
    They don’t have to make payments as long as they live in the home, so few ever worry about foreclosure.

    But a bank formerly run by Steven Mnuchin, President-elect Donald Trump’s nominee for treasury secretary, has a record of aggressively foreclosing on these homeowners, according to some borrowers and fair housing advocates.


  54. After the 2008 housing crash, Steve Mnuchin swooped in to purchase a failed bank with mountains of bad mortgages on its books. He rebranded the bank as OneWest, and led the bank as it raked in billions in profits by aggressively – and sometimes illegally – foreclosing on people’s homes. OneWest also ran a reverse-mortgage subsidiary called Financial Freedom, which serviced 17% of the reverse-mortgage market but was responsible for 39% for foreclosures. Steve Mnuchin got rich off the backs of working families who were hit hardest by the financial crisis.

    Donald Trump now wants to hand Steve Mnuchin the keys to the Treasury Department, where he can make big banks even richer at the expense of America’s families. Were you or someone you know hurt by Steve Mnuchin and OneWest Bank’s predatory business practices? The Senate Democrats are asking people to come forward and share their stories.
    Steven Mnuchin’s OneWest filed to take a 90-year-old woman’s house after a 27-cent payment error!

    Yeah, Trump is really going to drain the swamp….and Q is going to get half a brain…somehow.


  55. Okay … now do I listen to Elizabeth Warren or not …..

    Elizabeth Warren….

    Where do you start with this woman?
    What kind of idiot would listen to her!?!?

    Lists herself as a minority??! Lol

    Because she “claims” to be 1/32 Indian???

    Oh come on…..

    I’ll listen to it later. But this crazy woman won’t do you much good for politicsl analysis Gregorita.

    No wonder you’re clueless.

    Don’t just listen to the extreme left wackos!!


  56. Explorer Pants – the one who came out with

    “I realise that I am such a nob and I really need to get my head out of my anus – else the smell will be too much and I shall circumenpoop my nasal cavity.”

    comes out with a cutting remark about primary school comments.

    You have no credibility, no manners , and no answers.


  57. Trump was officially certified as America’s next president. At final count, he received 304 Electoral College votes and Hillary Clinton received 227.

    The electoral college challenge is over.
    Jill Stein’s recount is over.

    And Hillary will be attending the inauguration.

    Just in case you missed the latest news..


  58. Okay, just one more.

    Note “GEt your abortions now”

    IS this the same looney liberal or different to the one that said ” I wish I would have had an abortion”

    Greg, wipe your tears, and get on with life.


  59. Okay, maybe this will explain it.

    I was waiting for Greg, Wazza and Bones to be in this one. Can you see how absurd you and you looney liberals are? lol


  60. That comment was too long. Try again.

    Greg. Trump won. You were wrong. You lost.
    Stop whining and spending your life attacking people who have achieved amazing things.

    But, if you must, don’t cry when people make fun of you.



  61. Gregorita the Goose,
    I knew you were copying and pasting from that idiot who wrote the book about Trump.

    I explained that I don’t have time to go through every article you throw at me. I used to do that with Bones remember? He put up a kooky article. I’d demolish it. He find another one. I’d demolish it.
    Finally on the 10th one he ended up publishing that anti-Semitic fake Talmud thing then he descended into an abyss of swearing and cursing and hissing! Lol

    So there was one from and one from that Trump-hater.

    Greg. Here’s the deal. You spend your life in negativity. Just bashing Trump – who has more integrity and testosterone than probably all the Anglicans in Newcastle and Bundaberg.

    So what do you do? Racist, racist, racist.
    You’ll go back to the 70s , but that’s par for the course here. You guys just live for finding out some sin from 30 years ago.

    Make you feel better?


    If you think didgeridoos and boomerangs and trying to tap into the dreamtime will bring revival to your dying church than your sadder than I thought.

    Do your coroboree if you like, and go all out and change the world. But sitting around and spouting the latest Trump insult you heard from political lightweight comedians won’t help one person.


    I’m sick of hearing liberal girlie men squeal “racist”.

    A special needs men was beaten and tortured by four thugs in Chicago yesterday. Forced to yell vile anti-Trump slurs.
    Your hopeless news sources just said four youth.
    I thought they were black – and I was right as usual. Four blacks kidnapped and beat up a white disabled guy.


    Hate crime?
    Not a peep from your left wing rags initially.

    But – if that were four man beating up a black guy?
    There’d be rioting in the streets and that coward Obama would be decrying racism.

    But nothing.

    It’s open season on Trump or Christians or conservatives.

    You don’t answer anything I say anyway.

    Just hide behind yet another article by a hack

    The difference between Trump and you and bones is youcant say anything unless against evangelicals. You guys have probably folded on abortion too.

    Just little people who have to check everything through what’s politically correct that month.

    The church should be more than didgeridoos and Oprah.

    Like I said , you’ll still be here laughing at any future failure of an evangelical , while your own church disappears into obscurity and the others here stop going to church altogether.



  62. The funny thing is, Q, that you bemoan my use of the odd swear word when I get frustrated with your stupidity, yet you seem to think that the use of feminine nouns in addressing me is either clever, or supposed to belittle me in some manner, as if by addressing me using a female name you are somehow putting me in my place! You’re a goose Q, an absolute goose.

    Interestingly, with regards institutional racism in the Anglican Church, whilst I can’t do a single thing to address whatever is going on in England, I can, and am, doing my bit here in Australia. I organised an Aboriginal Family Festival at our church a few years ago, bought indigenous art to hang in our church, and just in December last year we held an “Open Door Cafe” with Indigenous justice as our theme. I personally have Aboriginal nieces, nephews and cousins, and there is some suggestion from a 1st cousin that we actually have Aboriginal heritage ourselves (if that’s true, and in any case, it’s hilarious that your carrying on with me about racism). One last point, in two weeks time I am presenting a short paper at the Australian Liturgy Association Conference on the incorporation of ‘Dadirri’; Aboriginal deep contemplative listening into our church services.

    So Q, I like to think that I am, perhaps only in a very small way, doing something to address personal and institutional racism in the Anglican Church and in our community at large.

    You suggest that I can get by preaching leftist sermons and performing weddings and the odd funeral and await a retirement package (the insinuation is that I’d be happy to simply do so)…well any retirement package I can put together from a clergy stipend over the next 15 years (I’m 51) won’t be very much. Q I’m
    Happy knowing I’m entering (God willing) a calling and ministry and will have a great deal to offer a wide range of people who need to knownGod loves them and doesn’t reject them based on their theology. Blessings to you: I’m not going to be bothering to continue to pull what little hair I have left out because of your blindness, narrow views and stupidity.


  63. So, no, you’ve got nothing. I haven’t sourced the facts from but from The author, Michael D’Antonio who wrote the book,”The Truth About Trump”. It’s plain that you are the one who can’t accept facts when placed before you, so it’s pointless continuing to discuss anything with you.


  64. greg, I read both articles.
    The one I’ve read before.

    No trump is not a racist. And he’s not sexist.

    The articles would convince a high school student probably.

    You need to think more and look things up.
    The fact that you will become an Anglican priest now doesn’t surprise me.
    Good move. That church is dying and desperate.
    You may even get to preach to a small group of dying people, conduct funerals and sit around teaching leftwing garbage while biding your time to get a retirement package.

    You expect me to waste my time debunking that trash line by line?
    So that at the end you can get angry and start swearing?
    Save it for the poor Anglicans .


  65. Yes, Gregorita the Australian Anglican Explorer, I am going to tell you that Trump is not a racist or a misogynist.

    It would take me too long to go through both of those articles to debunk them and to show you how superficially you think and how easily you are fooled.

    Heaven help the Australian Anglican Church – but it’s probably true that the same people who ordain you are the same people who can’t reason well enough to make conclusions about those articles.

    I think probably the Today Show and could persuade you to believe any thing.

    High school students I can understand. But future Anglican priests?

    No wonder the Anglican Church is dying and is scraping the bottom of the barrel. Or should I say – there’s hardly anyone in the barrel.,

    Re the Anglican Communion, read the article by blacks charging racism.

    It’s not the number of blacks worldwide that shows that the Anglican hierarchy isn’t racist.

    You need to argue not with me, but blacks in England. And now judging by what you say the Anglican Cimmunion doesn’t mean much.
    I suggest they change their name there in Australia.


  66. You are now arguing that Anglicans in Australia have nothing to do with the hierarchy in England?

    Uhmmm….yes? I think I made that clear…each province is entirely separate from one another, we are not centrally organized like the Roman Catholic Church. Within each province, each diocese is again separate and distinct from one another….we here in Australia could no more tell another province what to do than you can argue a solid case for Trump not being racist!


  67. Q, you’re an imbecile, so a few people are complaining about one part of the Anglican Church, yet world wide Black people make up more than 50% of members and clergy! The Anglican Church world wide is not racist.

    I have posted in the article below serious evidence that supports the argument that Trump is racist, but you’ve ignored that. Of course you have, it doesn’t agree with your world view. Read the article and then tell me why trump is not racist.


  68. Greg and Wazza are true to form. You can refute their arguments 100 times and they’ll run looking for a technical escape.

    Greg, your church is dying and sinking.
    Trump is not a racist. But blacks claim
    CNN and the Anglican Church (in England) is.
    You are now arguing that Anglicans in Australia have nothing to do with the hierarchy in England?
    Okay……Do I have to use the specific words “Anglican Community”
    Running like a rat! Lol

    And Wazza whose arguments have been shown time and again to be as weak as the tears falling down the faces of Sanders/Clinton supporter college kids still bawling over the “end of the world” flippantly ignores Christian persecution because stats come from a page of Christianity Day. Yeah/ he laughs out loud about Christians dying.

    What a complete sadistic moron.

    You dispute the numbers? Really?
    On the basis that the person who wrote the article quoted them from another organization but she has also written articles about resolutions?

    Here’s a world first accusation. A journalist who writes an article about motivation techniques can’t ever write about serious topics.
    Wow. Check out the brain on Wazza.

    So he’ll have to stop quoting anyone from CNN , Huffpo or just about any news organization.

    Once again Wazza played a card thinking he was clever only to show he not only had nothing in his hand but also that he shouldn’t be at the table.


    He’s like the Iris Chang critics claiming Nanking didn’t happen because she got some spelling wrong.


    Game over!


  69. I told my friends to buy stocks because it would go up again soon.

    I imagine then that you got filthy rich off the back of this stockmarket gain? Or didn’t you back your own horse?

    OK – proof that D Trump is Racist – you wont accept The Late Show – what about – it’s certainly not a leftist loony rag, surely? Here’s what they say about Good ole boy Trumpy McTrumpet

    Is Donald Trump Racist? Here’s What the Record Shows
    Michael D’Antonio
    Updated: Aug 25, 2016 7:34 AM AEST | Originally published: Jun 08, 2016
    Is Donald Trump racist? That question has hung over the presumptive Republican nominee for president as he has called Mexicans “rapists” and proposed a ban on Muslims entering the U.S. Lately, though, the question has taken on more urgency as Trump has repeatedly publicly attacked the judge who presides over Trump University class-action lawsuits. Calling the American-born Gonzalo Curiel a “Mexican,” he said Curiel was therefore biased against him, and he added to the flurry of objections by suggesting that a Muslim judge might also be incapable of hearing a lawsuit involving any Trump entity.
    In between these remarks he managed to offend by singling out a black man at one of his rallies, calling him “my African American” as if the fellow’s presence proved Trump was on the right side of the race issue.
    For the long followers of Trump’s career, however, none of these incendiary remarks are especially surprising. Trump has a long record as a provocateur on matters of race and ethnicity.
    trump administration
    Donald Trump Is Expected to Pick Robert Lighthizer as U.S. Trade Rep
    It starts in 1973, when the United States Department of Justice went to court with a discrimination complaint against the Trump family business, which rented apartments across Brooklyn and Queens. Coming from the administration of Richard Nixon, who was hardly a civil rights agitator, the complaint was based on an investigation that found four different Trump employees confirming that applicants for leases were screened by race. One rental agent said Trump’s father had told him not to rent to blacks and that he actually wanted to reduce the number of African Americans in his buildings. Three doormen said they had been instructed to deflect blacks who came to Trump buildings to apply for apartments.
    See also: Here’s One Big Thing Trump Is 100% Correct About
    Though just 26 years old at the time, Donald Trump was already president of the Trump Organization. Rather than work with the government to bring the company into compliance with the law, as the New York apartment king Sam LeFrak had done, Trump retained one of the most notorious lawyers in the country, Roy Cohn, and commence an all-out legal war. Cohn, who had been Joe McCarthy’s chief inquisitor during the senator’s witch hunt for communists in the government, filed a $410 million lawsuit against the federal government and smeared the justice department attorneys with terms such as “storm troopers” and “Gestapo.” Trump complained in the press of “reverse discrimination” and alleged a “nationwide drive” to force landlords to “rent to welfare recipients.”

    Trump Tower Opening
    Donald Trump, Mayor Ed Koch, center, and Roy Cohn, right, in October 1983. Photography by Sonia Moskowitz Getty Images
    In the early 1970s, “African American” and “welfare” were used interchangeably and it was a well-established hallmark of dog-whistle politics, which allowed speakers to appeal to racist beliefs without using openly racist terms. More whites used welfare assistance than blacks, but welfare was regarded by some as a special benefit for minorities. In 1980 the coded language that matched welfare with undeserving minorities was revealed as Ronald Reagan spoke of “welfare queens” and “strapping young bucks.”
    Trump’s countersuit in the fair housing case brought against his company was dismissed by a judge who considered it a “waste of paper.” The Trump organization eventually accommodated the feds, agreeing to a protocol intended to address the mistakes of the past.
    See also: Donald Trump Calls for Exploding the National Debt
    For two years Trump would be required to supply weekly lists of vacancies to the Urban League’s Open Housing Center. When vacancies opened up in buildings where fewer than 10 percent of the tenants were black or Hispanic, the center would then have three days to submit applications from minority clients who wanted those apartments. If qualified, they were to get preference by agreeing to advertise vacancies in newspapers that served the black community. Trump was also required to advertise vacancies in press outlets serving minority communities.
    Although he wound up complying with federal regulators on his rental policies, Trump had successfully staked out his position on race. He was on the side of those whites who resented civil rights laws intended to redress racism.

    Play Video
    Watch Paul Ryan Refer to Donald Trump’s Comments as ‘Textbook Racism’
    Trump questioned Judge Gonzalo Curiel’s Trump University ruling because of his Mexican heritage.
    “A well-educated black has a tremendous advantage”
    In 1989, he told Bryant Gumbel in an interview, “A well-educated black has a tremendous advantage over a well-educated white in terms of the job market…if I was starting off today, I would love to be a well-educated black, because I really do believe they have the actual advantage today. “ In fact, all the serious studies refuted that. However his statement did serve as a kind of shout-out to those who were ignorant about the racial dynamics in the U.S. economy.
    See also: All You Need to Know About ‘Trumponomics’ In One Chart
    President-elect Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago Club
    North Korea
    Trump Says North Korea’s Intercontinental Nuclear Missile ‘Won’t Happen’
    Earlier in that same year Trump helped fan the flames of racial resentment when black and Latino teens were arrested in the infamous “Central Park jogger” attack. Trump alone chose to pay for $85,000 worth of full-page newspaper ads trumpeting, in capital letters, “BRING BACK THE DEATH PENALTY. BRING BACK OUR POLICE!” In the text Trump objected to then-Mayor Ed Koch’s plea for peace: Mayor Koch stated that “hate and rancor should be removed from our hearts. I do not think so.”
    Trump ny daily news ad
    Trump’s NY Daily News ad on the Central Park Five. ( New York Daily News Archive NY Daily News via Getty Images)
    As Trump and other New Yorkers indulged in hate and rancor, the five accused were subjected to intense interrogation, most without their parents present, and gave false confessions. After years in prison, they were exonerated by DNA evidence. A book and a documentary film on the case showed how fear and race played substantial roles in the wrongful convictions but Trump, who fanned the flames, remained steadfast in his views. When the men received compensation for their imprisonment, Trump denounced the payments and smeared the men by saying, “These young men do not exactly have the past of angels.”

    “Black guys counting my money! I hate it”
    Next in the Trump record on race came a 1991 book by John O’Donnell, who had been president of Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City. O’Donnell quoted Trump saying,“ Black guys counting my money! I hate it. The only kind of people I want counting my money are short guys wearing yarmulkes… Those are the only kind of people I want counting my money. Nobody else…Besides that, I tell you something else. I think that’s guy’s lazy. And it’s probably not his fault because laziness is a trait in blacks.”
    O’Donnell’s report was shocking, but Trump did not contest it at the time. In 1997 he was interviewed for Playboy by author Mark Bowden and he confirmed that the O’Donnell book was “probably true.”
    Two years later, when he was seeking the reform party nomination for president, Trump changed his tune. “I’ve never said anything like that,” he told Tim Russert on Meet The Press.
    The flip-flop that saw Trump affirm John O’Donnell’s reporting and then deny it, must be weighed against Trump’s clear tendency to see things in racial terms and then say what he thinks.
    See also: Here Are All the Billionaires Backing Donald Trump
    A telling moment arose during a 1993 Congressional committee hearing on gambling casino operated by Indian tribes. Trump, who considered the tribes competitors, offered a flourish of insensitivity during his testimony when he said, “They don’t look like Indians to me and they don’t look like Indians to Indians.”
    Trump also said that tribal gaming operators were somehow tied to organized crime and a scandal was about to erupt. “In the 19 years I have been on this committee, I have never seen such irresponsible remarks,” Rep. George Miller (D., Calif.) shouted back to Trump. (Decades later, the industry is still waiting for the scandal that Trump predicted.)
    “Least racist person on earth”
    President Elect Trump Continues His “Thank You Tour” In Grand Rapids, Michigan
    U.S.-Russian relations
    Trump Aide says U.S. Sanctions on Russia May be Disproportionate
    In his businesses, which are private entities not subject to affirmative action policies, Trump did not establish an impressive record for diversity in the executive suite. He has spoken often about providing employment to minority workers, but in 2015 The New Yorker quoted a former Trump casino worker who said that in the 1980s black employees were hidden from view when Trump and his wife Ivana were around.
    No black or Hispanic executive has ever played a prominent public role in the Trump business organization. However the foundation run by Eric Trump includes one African American vice president, Lynn Patton, who is described on the foundation website as “senior assistant” to Donald Trump’s three older adult children.
    See also: Why Does Ivanka Trump Always Get a Free Pass?
    Last year Trump defended himself against complaints about his attitudes by claiming that he’s the “least racist person on earth.” Except for Patton, the Trump team has not presented to the press the name of a single key executive who is either Hispanic or African American.
    Trump did manage to avoid race-related controversies for more than a decade—between the mid-1990s and 2010. Then, in 2011, Trump seized upon the conspiracy theory that suggested that Barack Obama was not an American citizen. This so-called “birther” idea had been discredited as false, and it was widely seen as a racially charged insult and had been abandoned by other leading Republicans including Senator Richard Shelby of Alabama and Rep. Roy Blount of Missouri.
    Trump took up the cause with relish. He also delivered innuendo about the president’s academic record and admission to Columbia University and Harvard Law School, implying that he was academically unworthy but benefitted from affirmative action.

    Which brings us to the current presidential campaign and a candidate who is being criticized by leaders of his own party for the racial tone of his remarks on the stump and in press interviews. Trump said his statements about Judge Curiel have been “misconstrued.”
    Whether he’s mocking Chinese businesspeople with broken English, contorting his body to make fun of a disabled reporter, or calling out to “my African American,” again and again, Trump has provoked anxiety and played to racial divisions. Earlier this week, Joe Scarborough, a lifelong Republican and host of the Morning Joe TV show called Trump’s remarks about Judge Curiel “completely racist.” He didn’t pass the same judgment on the man himself, but from what I see, the record would support him if he did.

    Michael D’Antonio is the author of the book, The Truth about Trump.


  70. Your Anglican church

    Shows yo just don;t understand the structure of the Church of England around the world – The Church of England is not MY church – it is the Church in England – I worship in and am being formed for ordination in the Anglican Church of Australia – in particular the Diocese of Newcastle. I the Anglican tradition, the diocese is the unit of currency – and in our diocese we have a large number of non anglo priests – but still not enough. I don’t have to stop calling out the next leader of the US for being racist just because the church I work for has it’s own issues – it does, i recognise that, and I certainly will be doing my bit to see change occur.


  71. LOL, that report was not by Reuters, it was by Czarina Ong from Christianity Today. Using an untraceable source with no surname, but I’m sure it is as high-standard in the field journalism as her other article: “Why New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Always Stick, And What People Should Do Instead”

    In other news an evangelist reports that he raised someone from the dead in a remote town in Africa. He was named Jimmy.


  72. I’ll leave you with this. Moving? Probably not. It doesn’t interest people here as much as penguin jokes, haircut stories, and attacks on Trump by Left-wing American comedians who know nothing about economics or politics.

    But – for what it’s worth.

    Islamic State (ISIS) militants have destroyed several areas in Mosul and are driving Christians away to refugee camps. Those who fail to escape and are captured by the jihadists face a terrifying ordeal.

    One refugee in Jordan said he was captured by ISIS militants back in 2014 after they took over the house where he and his parents were staying. They forced them to convert to Islam or pay the jizya, a tax on non-Muslims worth $300 per person. The man, who chose to be called Carlos, refused to convert and pay the tax, forcing the ISIS militants to torture him.

    He was taken to an unknown location and was hung upside down on one leg. “They tortured me by electric shock, beat me with sticks, stuck with nails, and bound me with barbed wire,” Carlos told Christian Aid. “They put salt on my wounds. I was shouting from the intense pain.”

    They tortured him until he was dragged in court, where a judge told him to convert to Islam or else face death. “I refused and said, ‘If I die, I will die proud, because I am a Christian,'” said Carlos. “The judge responded, ‘You will be shot and executed on Sept. 26.”

    Carlos was taken to the outskirts of Mosul during that date, but before they could execute him, the militant in charge received a call from a superior, ordering him to leave the Christian there. So they kicked and hit Carlos, then threw him from a car.

    He could not believe his luck, but Carlos was so worn out from all the beatings that it seemed impossible to survive. “I tried to walk, but after a while, my bleeding wounds caused me to fall down and pass out,” he said.

    Thankfully, when he regained consciousness, he found himself in a hospital in Kirkuk. Indigenous Christian missionaries even went one step further by taking Carlos to Spain where his leg injuries were treated.

    “In Iraq, they could not treat my leg and told me it needed to be amputated,” he said. “But then I went to Spain, and my leg was treated in the Spanish hospital through an organisation. Thank God I can walk now, but I have nothing to live on here in Jordan.”

    One very six minutes……
    In the time Bones spent fantasizing about me and Trump or me and Ian ROberts, another CHristian died.

    Wake up. Dont waste your lives.


  73. One Christian died for their faith every six minutes in 2016.
    About 90,000 Christians were killed for their faith, that is one every six minutes in 2016.
    In addition, there are between 500 million and 600 million Christians who cannot freely profess their Christian faith.

    Trump will do something about this. While you feed your face, revel in a sin of a Christian that is reported or chuckle at political satire, Christians are dying.

    Obama? He just lectured Christians to get off their high horses. I wonder what people who lost their kids would think about that? Tell the people cold and hungry without homes to get off their high horses.

    Trump will do something.

    Interesting. The one man who promised to do something is attacked by looney liberals here for being racist. They heard it on the Daily Show……

    Okay, that’s enough from me for 2017.


  74. You haven’t shown me that Trump is a racist at all!

    What – with that piece on Noah? That says nothing. Just because some guy says someone is a racist doesn’t mean anything.

    I won’t start with the evidence re Bones or it will just set him off.

    No, you haven’t given any evidence at all that Trump is a racist. You just alleged he’s a racist, sexist, homophobe…..

    Gregorita – its getting tired.

    I predicted that within a few years this liberal fad of calling anyone you disagree with and can’t beat in an argument a racist, sexist, homophobe, misogynist is going to go out of fashion.

    So CNN and the Anglican church are in trouble for racism. Do you watch CNN Greg?
    They’re being sued.

    Your Anglican church. Racist! The blacks are angry in Engand Gregory.
    Look it up!

    The onus is on YOU to come up with a specific reason why you say Trump is racist.

    While you’re looking for one, tell me why you aren’t outraged about the lies Clinton and Obama said.
    And you have to do better than “They’re on my team and Trump is racist”

    Trump will be a great President. We are in big trouble now on the world stage. Relations with CHina, Russia, North Korea, Iran are the worst they have even been.

    Obama’s hometown which is run my Democrats and is a refuge city and which has strict gun laws saw 800 HOMOCIDES last year. Up by over 200. over 4000 shot.

    Why Gregorita? Because liberals CAN’T FIX anything! THey just call people racists, and sit around on anti=christian websites and tut-tut and feel smug about haircuts.

    Your church – taken over by liberals is dying. No amount of sitting around and saying how bad evangelicals are will stop it.

    But go ahead. Just don’t complain when there aren’t enough people to pay the salary of the vicars with their cushy jobs.

    Your philosophy and theology has totally failed.

    Its not too late to change. That’s the good side.


  75. Trump IS Racist. I’d like you Q to detail how, in the face of all the evidence, that you can say Trump is not racist?

    Bones is a homosexual anti-semite, the Anglican church is racist, and Obama and Hillary are liars.
    I’d like you Greg the Explorer to detail how, in the face of all the evidence, that you can say Bones is not a homosexual anti-semite…etc etc etc.

    I suggest you get back to work, and fix up the inherent racism and increasing irrelevancy of the Anglican church. Raving on for years about how this person is racist and this person is this, is not helping anything.

    Why can’t you liberals just stop attacking and moaning. Its all you do.


  76. Okay, you gave a transcript for your argument… of ….yes, The Daily Show……

    So, I have to argue against the Daily Show….

    Okay, before I begin, let me get your brain moving. The Daily Show people didn’t think Trump could win. They were wrong. But you still listen to them?
    They said the stock market going down showed that the business world had no confidence in Trump. It skyrocketed! They were wrong. BUt you still failthfully drink the last drip of koolaide.

    But here’s a question for you. His rant now is against Trump. Why keep attacking Trump? If Clinton won, would he be attacking the Clinton Foundation? Her delettion of emails? The rigging of the DNC against Bernie?

    Did he attack Hillary for not even meeting her supporters and telling Podesta to go out and to sleep because they wouldn’t know the result till the morning?

    WHeres the mockery and castigation and condemnation?

    No, you won’t think of that, because you can’T think for yourself.

    Below is his crazy rant about Trump being a liar?

    You realize Clinton lied under oath?
    YOu realize Clinton said snipers shot at her in Europe? And he wanted the biggest liar on the planet to be President? How crazy is that?

    Obama’s lie about the server. He said he didn’t know about it until the story broke in the media. Later we found out that wasn’t true, Is that why he’s so mad???

    OBAMA LIED to the AMerican people about the private server. And you are now upset accusing Trump of lying because he’s so gracious he said he won’t push for further proceedings against Hillary?
    What kind of attack is that??? Okay, sign a petition and send it to Trump to keep going after HIllary.


    At a Wisconsin rally, Trump called House Speaker Paul Ryan “a fine wine – every day goes by, I get to appreciate his genius more and more.” But then he quickly added, “Now if he ever goes against me I’m not going to say that.”

    Wow. Trump told a joke. YOu never heard a joke like that?
    Obama and Hillary attacked each other in 2008. Last year he said she was the greatest.
    Guess what? If Michelle and Hillary run against each other in four years……what do you think Obama will say about Hillary.

    “In West Virginia, Trump said he doesn’t call the system “rigged” anymore, a comment he made often during the campaign, because he won.
    “I don’t care,” he said.”

    He said it was rigged – and every day we got examples of how DNC operatives were underhand. And we know there was voter fraud – AGAINST Trump. But he’s right – why worry about that now. He wants to run the country. On the other hand…….lol everyone attacked him for not saying he would accept the results and demonized him. So…he wins? Jill Stein, HIllary you whining crying babies couldn’t accept it. That’s the real hypocricy.

    “And then there are the “Lock her up” chants that were prevalent at Trump rallies leading up to the election, referring to Hillary Clinton. “Truth Trump” dropped a bomb on supporters when this “thank you” tour stopped in Michigan.As the “Lock her up” chants started, Trump told the crowd, “That plays great before the election. Now we don’t care.”

    Many people thought she should be locked up. I still think the Clinton FOundation should be investigated and so should she. But…..there are precedents for pardoning people and also forgoing an investigation so you can get on with running the country.

    I told fellow Trump supporters that he would win and then not proceed against HIllary. And I was right – yet again. Maybe you should start listening to me! lol

    Very gracious. And he was gracious to Obama also. BUt now hes just being attacked again. Very very regrettable. Obama seems to be trying to burn down the house on the way out, and HIllary screamed about the Russians after she stopped crying in seclusion – but i think shes back into seclusion again.

    WHat a sore loser!

    “He’s like a magician telling everyone how he did the trick and still some people are like, ‘Wow, it’s magic,’” Noah said.

    The only magical thing is the way Noah has a job, and people like you cheered and clapped for a year laughting at the idea of Trump winning – and then started crying when he won, and now will spend the next four years listening to Noah and co attack Trump.

    No , its not magic. Its just typical liberal insanity. That just keeps going on and on and on…

    BUt Greg, I’m not interested in pointing out the hypocricy and inconsistency and mistakes of the Daily Show. I could do that on THEIR website.

    Leave the copy and pasting to Bonehead. He loves it.


  77. Where do I start with this?

    First comment.
    You are accusing Trump of being racist. Then you call on me to DETAIL why he isn’t???

    That’s ….. weird.

    Then you put up a video of the anti-Trump host of a liberal political comedy show?

    1. I disagree with most of the views of that show.
    2. Nothing Trevor Noah said in that clip has anything to do with Trump being a racist.
    3. I DO like political satire. But it’s predominantly done by left-wingers against conservatives. You guys obviously get your understanding of American politics from shows like this . If I do something similar here you guys can’t take it and start cursing
    4. Trevor Noah is just another liberal who would have hated any Republicsn candidate. Romney was demonized too.
    5. His saying that Trump winning was the end of the world , criticizing the electoral system with foul language – was ridiculous.

    6. Noah told viewers that a Trump presidency didn’t just concern the country, ” but markets worldwide suffered huge drops as the Republican nominee secured more electoral votes.”

    Remember that? Noah and all the dummies who spoon feed you were going bananas over the stock market. Remember the big headline on

    I told my friends to buy stocks because it would go up again soon.

    What happened?
    Within DAYS record stock market levels. Dumb political/financial pundits who can make young liberals laugh -but have no idea of what they’re talking about had egg on their faces again.,

    So, I’ll get back to you on other stuff- but no, just because young liberals like listening to Jon Stewart’s successor and you and Bones gobble up everything they say, doesn’t mean that I agree with their thoughts.

    But if you like I’ll keep using their satirical style to mock the liberals here.

    Oh for a start

    “I don’t understand how Trump winning the election makes us wrong?”
    Followed by
    ” Yeah, I certainly didn’t think ……but I was wrong. ”

    This is where Jon Stewart would quote that, shake his head while the audience laughs at the idiot who made the statement.,

    Eh….. I said you were wrong about the outcome of the election… and you WERE WRONG. You said you were wrong. After saying you can’t see that you were wrong….

    Okay, I’ll give it a few days for you to think about….

    But stay away from the crazy liberal shows. It’s affecting your brain.

    Blacks didn’t go out to vote for Hillary like they did for Obama. Are Blacks racist?

    Trump won more of the black vote than Romney. So….. Romney is more racist?

    Trevor Noah asked where the Aborigines were in Brisbane.

    So…. you Australians are racist – especially Anglican ones remember!!!


  78. I don’t understand how Trump winning the election makes us wrong? Yeah, I certainly didn’t think the US was stupid enough to elect him, but I was wrong. Seems Trump is going around telling the truth about his election campaign now; all those thing she said for effect like, “Lock her up”

    Daily Show Trump Gloat2 Comedy Central finalComedy Central
    “The Daily Show.”
    In the last few weeks President-elect Donald Trump has been traveling the country on a “thank you” tour, hosting rallies in areas that helped him win the presidential election.

    And on Wednesday’s episode of “The Daily Show,” host Trevor Noah pointed out something he found in these speeches: the emergence of “Truth Trump.”

    “The Donald voices some political opinion and then Truth Trump slips in and tells you the real deal,” Noah said.

    Noah pointed out a few examples.

    At a Wisconsin rally, Trump called House Speaker Paul Ryan “a fine wine – every day goes by, I get to appreciate his genius more and more.” But then he quickly added, “Now if he ever goes against me I’m not going to say that.”

    In West Virginia, Trump said he doesn’t call the system “rigged” anymore, a comment he made often during the campaign, because he won.

    “I don’t care,” he said.

    “It throws everyone off because politicians aren’t supposed to be honest about their lying,” Noah said.

    And then there are the “Lock her up” chants that were prevalent at Trump rallies leading up to the election, referring to Hillary Clinton. “Truth Trump” dropped a bomb on supporters when this “thank you” tour stopped in Michigan.

    As the “Lock her up” chants started, Trump told the crowd, “That plays great before the election. Now we don’t care.”

    “He’s like a magician telling everyone how he did the trick and still some people are like, ‘Wow, it’s magic,'” Noah said.


  79. Bones is back with absolutely unfounded allegations and foul language.

    Are you mad because your election predictions were all wrong, or because Bundaberg is out of Ian Roberts mags.

    Just use the internet man. I’d rather you hit the gay sites rather than anti-Semite sites.

    Okay -that was nasty.
    Stop with the obscene language and I’ll debate nicely.

    But first spare a thought for the 90,000 Christians killed last year, and your brothers who were persecuted.

    Trump won. You were wrong. Completely wrong.
    Get over it.


  80. I must admit it is funny watching Q suck on Trump’s d#ck.

    Heck he’s even a supporter of the fascist Putin now.

    Putin is now the great Crusader (no matter how many journalists he kills or countries he invades).

    It’s hilarious…

    Q now even supports Syria and its Hezbollah and Iranian allies.

    And we know who they’re against……right?


  81. “Islamist terrorism is the biggest challenge facing Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel has said in her New Year message.
    Referring to the deadly truck attack in Berlin by a Tunisian asylum seeker, she said it was “sickening” when acts of terror were carried out by people who had sought protection.”

    Weird huh? Obama thinks it’s climate change….


  82. Obama was cool. Concerts, balls, late night show appearances where it was just fluff with no substance.

    On the other hand

    “Usually a president will come in and they’ll have 10 official balls in addition to the unofficial balls that happen. President Obama had 10 in 2009, President Bush in 2001 and 2005 I believe had nine balls each in addition to the unofficial balls that took place. This president is going to attend three balls. We only have three official balls. We have two that are like the official balls, and then we have a third—it’s a tradition President Bush started in 2005 with the Commander-in-Chief ball, President Obama continued it and President Trump is also continuing it but expanding it. This ball, the general public can’t get a ticket. Historically, it’s only been active duty members of the military—specifically enlisted members. This year, we’ve expanded it to include military families, wounded warriors, veterans, and first responders as well. So you’ll have police, firemen, who will all be there. It’ll be a thank you for them for their service to our country.”

    He’s just going to get to work. Not just bask in adoring fans like Wazza treating him like a messiah.

    The emperor had no clothes -just a wizard of oz.
    now he’s trying to trash the place on his way out.

    What a colossal disappointment.


  83. Congratulations Gregorina and Wazza the Peacenik!

    You attack Trump.

    There is no thug like the Nobel Peace Prize winning inept golf-playing narcissist who has brought Russian-US relations to the worst most dangerous situation since the Cuban misfile crisis.

    Read up on what Russian Politics experts have been saying and warning about.

    If only we could boot Obama out and put Trump in TODAY and get his negotiation skills to work.

    You fools have no idea!!!

    “Obama cracks down on Russian diplomats — gives them just 72 hours to leave the US”

    If you don’t think Obama is dangerous and this isn’t serious then go back to raving about haircuts.


  84. I know the quote below contains facts and figures and wasn’t issued from “women’s studies” and ivory Tower liberal academics who blame white men and the Apostle Paul for every societal evil – and so will be of no interest to the left-wing politico-theological pundits here…. but, just in case……..

    Economists say Donald Trump is right to credit himself for sending consumer confidence to a 15-year high this month as Americans reported a rosy outlook for job creation, business growth and the stock market.

    The news broke Tuesday, when the Conference Board said its Consumer Confidence Index soared to 113.7 in December, the highest level since 2001. The jump surprised economists, who say the economy has been slowing down.

    Trump’s election put the country in a good mood, economists say.

    “There’s a lot of hope that things are going to change and get better,” said Mark Vitner, a senior economist at Wells Fargo. “Let’s see what happens.”

    Yeah I know who cares. There’s some left-wing journalist wiping tears and trying to find something bad from 30 years ago to smear Trump with so he can look smart and give Greg something to copy and paste…

    Bones would be so proud!

    Living your life watching liberals,listening to liberals, reading liberals is probably comforting, but it’s as informative as listening to North Korean propaganda speeches all day.


  85. Yeah, I meant “throw”.

    No, I’m not blind. I’ve read everything there is about Trump.
    It’s why I knew he was going to win.

    And you say I was gloating? I didn’t say anything for a month. But after watching liberals cry, get violent, attack, villify him, write statements, – basically just be pathetic sore losers, I had to step in.

    So, I’ll gloat. And I’m right to gloat. I called it right when you and the others here just gobbled up the totally idiotic drivel that the left wing media spoonfed you.

    I was hoping after the disastress failure that you’d wake up and read and think and research for yourself.

    Unfortunately, I was wrong.

    But i live in hope.

    You’re blind. CNN,, huffpost – they’re just racist, misogyist liberal thugs.

    PS, If you’d like to have your eyes opened, go live in a Muslim country or even a place like Chicago which has been governed by liberals for decades and see how your policies work.

    Venezuala even.

    You’re blind. and you’re being led by the blind.

    If you were biblically literate, which most liberal theologicans aren’t….I’d make a joke about ditches, but you may not get it.


  86. His rivals through those words around hoping it would help them win.

    I’ certain you meant to say that His rivals THROW those words around. Even so, you’d be wrong – he is documented as agreeing with comments which showed him to have racist attitudes toward blacks in his apart,went buildings – in fact he was taken to court about it…and lost! You’re blind -he is a thug, a racist misogynist thug


  87. Yeah, there were girlie men in there too! Lol

    My contention is exactly that.
    Trump is not racist, sexist or homophobic.

    His rivals through those words around hoping it would help them win.

    They failed.

    Then they held demos.
    They failed.

    Then they demanded a recount. They failed.

    Then they tried to influence the electoral college.

    They failed.

    But just like they attacked him for a year with overwhelming numbers in the media and still failed, they will keep this up.

    And they’ll fail again.

    It’s just cry baby liberal loser tactics.
    There are more women than men holding executive positions in the Trump Organization,
    His campaign manager was a woman.

    Are you crazy?

    On the other hand Hillary castigated her husband’s victims.

    Hillary and Bill are the true sexist ones.
    Ask about female salaries in the Clinton Foundation.

    As for racist?
    Ben Carson and Sheriff Clarke don’t think so.

    Is CNN sexist? Your beloved Ted Turner?
    There is a law suit going on right now.

    Facts. Gregory. Not just random insults by left-wing academics who teach “Women’s Studies” and wrote papers about the evils of Patriarchal Society……

    No. Trump is not racist, sexist or homophobic.

    Ever heard of Peter Theil?

    Stop getting your news from CNN, HUFF post, Waleed the Wally and late night comedy.


    They come in handy sometimes.
    Kind of a nuisance to liberals … but, try looking at them sometime.


  88. Calling someone sexist, racist, homophobic is do old hat.

    Don’t those stupid women realize that they tried that pathetic tactic for a year but it backfired.

    Stupid women? Did you read the statement and then check the signatories? Stupid women? Perhaps you know something about the signatories with men’s names that I don’t.


  89. Feminist scholars……..

    Oh. Gregorina pretty Ballerina , that statement was hilarious!

    And the list……

    If only we had a video of them on election night crying!!
    These are probably women who have their cry baby students credit for going on demonstrations.

    It’s nonsense totally biased drivel like that that cost them the election.

    And the same crowd that Hillary couldn’t even face to say thank you for on the night she lost.

    Calling someone sexist, racist, homophobic is do old hat.

    Don’t those stupid women realize that they tried that pathetic tactic for a year but it backfired.

    Just dumb.
    Really dumb.


  90. Greg, what you just quoted there is typical liberal raving that has no basis is truth.
    Brought to you by the Sam dummies who insisted Trump had no chance of winning.

    The same morons who every week said “Trump’s worst week” “it’s all over”

    This is the same insane ranting of the nincompoops criying and wailing in the video.

    Here – yes here is what you should be worried about.
    The results of looney lamebrain liberals who thought bringing in a million Muslim refugees was a good idea.

    I was right about Trump winning the nomination.
    I was right about him winning the election.,
    And I’ll be proven right in about a year when even people like you who accept the spoon feeding of your politicsl opinions from lackey liberal journalists – will realize what Obama and his lane “yes we cans” and “bye guys – I’m off to Hawaii for more golf” FAILED TO DO.

    Seven migrants have been arrested after a homeless man was set on fire on Christmas Eve at a Berlin subway station. 
    The men, aged 15 to 21, are suspected of torching the victim as he slept on a platform bench at Schönleinstraße station. 
    Six of the suspects are Syrian and one is Lybian and an attempted murder investigation has been RELATED ARTICLES
    * Police uncover ISIS plot to set off phone bomb on UK streets in the run up to Christmas after two people appear in court charged with terror offences 
    * Italian president attends the funeral of Berlin Christmas market massacre victim as her heartbroken family lay her to rest
    Thomas Neuendorf, the vice chief of the press office at Berlin Police, told Bild that detectives believe the 21-year-old to have been the main perpetrator. 
    He, along with his alleged accomplices, were arrested on yesterday.
    After torching the homeless man, the suspected assailants hopped onto a train to make their getaway. 
    CCTV footage captured them watching and laughing as the man was burning on the platform. 
    It appeared they were celebrating, according to local press. 

    Oh yes ….. I know. These kids were reading about the crusades and got a little bitter right Wazza?

    Just more poor bitter hurt Muslims.

    Do you think if every Jew and Christian gave every Musiim money and apologized 7 times they’re stop bombing, burning, raping? Driving over??

    Naught trump. Let’s pick on him over and audio????
    You’re still bleating about that???


    Bashing trump still?
    One trick donkey…..


  91. Sure Q – you go ahead and gloat at the election of an avowed racist and bigot. Yeah – the times are a changing alright.

    <blockquote<On Tuesday, November 8, 2016, a sizeable minority of the U.S. electorate chose to send billionaire Donald Trump, an avowed sexist and an unrepentant racist, who has spent nearly forty years antagonizing vulnerable people, to the White House. Spewing hatred at women, people of color, immigrants, Muslims, and those with disabilities is Trump’s most consistent, and well-documented form of public engagement. Trump bragged about sexually assaulting women because, as he quipped, his celebrity made it easy for him to do so. We can only assume that the hostile climate and anxiety about what is to come were contributing factors. The political shift we are witnessing, including the appointment of open bigots to the president-elect’s cabinet, reaffirms the structural disposability and systemic disregard for every person who is not white, male, straight, cisgender, able-bodied, and middle or upper class.


  92. This song is dedicated to the whining, crying, loser liberals who were so smug with their mockery of Trump for over a year.

    Their lack of political awareness is only trumped by their blind hate and theological confusion.

    Pun intended.

    Great video.
    I could watch it every day.

    Just wish the groupsects self-anointed pundits were on it.


  93. Seriously David, I think you have no idea how good he will be. And I agree with Rudd, that North Korea is the country to watch.

    Just like a predicted the election of Trump from WAY back, here’s another one. Trump has been and will be criticized by people who have no idea what they’re talking about, but he’ll actually talk to other world leaders.

    He’ll talk with China about North Korea. And he’ll achieve things that Obama couldn’t.

    Just watch.

    Don’t be afraid, and don’t base your analysis on dummies like Waleed or late night comedy.

    You guys have to start thinking and reading on a deeper level.

    Good night.


  94. In other words …. big picture!
    Look at the big picture.
    You’ll always find a Christian school haircut debacle, a minister somewhere, who goes to brothel, a spelling mistake in a tweet, ONLY 6000 jobs created in a old Trump business, or a nun who cusses. Congratulations. These things make liberals feel temporarily intelligent. They can do a skit or a sarcastic late night monologue and laugh together. They can mock and say See See!

    And then ignore the big picture.

    I’m starting to believe in demons again – because surely people aren’t that dumb!

    So – instead of blaming the Russians like lying crooked Hillary , I’ll blame demons for the inexplicable anti-Christian hate of crazy liberals.

    Remember to take your Christmas trees down girls – liberal priests are warning that you might offend Muslims.

    But –


  95. Obama has played a lot of golf, that’s for sure. He and his wife are cool on TV. I liked their music specials at the White House.

    But North Korea is as dangerous as ever. China has built islands all over the South China Sea. Race relations worse than ever, blacks killing each other in huge numbers in Democrat-run Chicago, black unemployment and food stamp recipients higher than before.
    Yesterday Muslims yelling Allahu Akbar killing in Berlin, Turkey, Switzerland – not to mention the increasing rapes in Sweden, with local populations in Europe living in fear.

    Jill Stein gets millions for a recount from cry baby sore loser dumb liberals – and uncovers Democrat fraud lol
    More sore loser liberals try to influence the electoral college voters – and Hillary loses more than Trump.

    Another truck driven into a crowd of people enjoying Christmas …. death and mayhem and grieving – because of an evil Muslim refugee and the completely insane liberal policies of that fat woman.

    Millions without freedom in Muslim countries, Christians starved, beaten, beheaded.
    Wazza desperately clutching at the fact that only 6000 jobs were created at a Trump golf course, groupsects reports on a student who missed out on one and a half periods because of a hair cut ….
    and Greg becoming abusive because after years of attacking fundies and conservatives feels bad for a post about liberals…? Lol
    Bones? Well – after raving about how Trump can’t win and thus once again proving he knows nothing about politics is licking his wounds .. or something.

    The world is getting tired of liberal insanity.
    It’s not just stupid – it’s dangerous.

    Thank God Trump got in.

    If only he could make the liberals live with the Muslims, build a wall around them – the rest of us could live in peace. We could even say Merry Christmas and sing carols maybe.


  96. Abortion should be retrospective for the next President of the United States?
    Wazza, I thought better of you.

    Good news from electoral college vote.
    Rebellion against Hillary too! Lol

    Great news. But spoiled by yet another insane Muslim murdering peaceful people celebrating Christmas.

    Maybe I won’t piss off after all.

    You guys need educating. Got the election TOTALLY wrong. And your liberal attacks on Christianity while defending Islam will turn the public further against you as the carnage increases.

    I’m glad Trump wasn’t aborted.

    In about a year, I’m sure you’ll repent for that horrible statement Wazza. Other here are too far gone.

    Okay… here goes. I’m going to flex my muscles and try to become like I big tough liberal man…


    Piss off Greg!



  97. Q, actually I’m pretty sure the economy will do well. It has been growing for the last 10 years, the issue is that the profits are not flowing to the people who work in it. 70% of US workers effectively haven’t had a pay rise since 1979. And Trump has brought in all the billionaires who got rich under this system to his cabinet. If you think they are going to change it to help the little guys, then I have a bridge going cheap that I would like to sell to you.

    “Tens of thousands of jobs promised” . Sure, Trump is great at promises. He promised to pay his creditors, promised to love one woman and forsake all others, promised to build an artistic wall higher than the Great wall of China and get Mexico to pay for it, use torture even if it doesnt work, renegotiate and cut the entire US budget by 20%. He has done this before, for example promising to create 6000 jobs at his new golf course in Scotland – when less than 200 were created.

    I believe abortion should be safe, free and rare.. but in Trump’s case I think it should be retrospective.


  98. Piss of Q – I’m sick of you labelling us liberals because you disagree with us on things – go back to wherever it has been that you interrupted whatever it was that you were doing to come here and spout stupid guff.


  99. “then pisses off the Chinese. ”

    I’m all for the President of the US phoning the President of Taiwan. You are worried about angering China? They are building military islands all over under the Obama administration.

    The leaders of every country should phone Taiwan, and let china know that they can’t dictate who makes phone calls.

    Don’t worry. It won’t be a phone call to Taiwan that will cause China to go to war.

    “When will the working class find out the Emporer has no clothes.”

    Stock market is up. Tens of thousands of jobs promised. Things are looking up. There’s really only one problem. The same people who for a year said Trump couldn’t possibly win the nomination, then couldn’t possibly win – proving that they had absolutely NO CLUE what they were talking about, are now crying like babies.

    Wazza, perhaps you could find a safe zone in an US university.

    HIlarious watching all the cry babies on election night. If the poitical talking heads had any integrity, they’d resign. Why should anyone listen to political commentators so dumb that the were wrong about the election?

    Trump is doing fine. His worst enemy are the cooky, crazy liberals. Esp the ones who promised they’d leave the US if Trump won.

    We are in for a great time of prosperity and American greatness.

    Thinking of living in America.

    Liked by 1 person

  100. Hi boys. How is everyone?

    No, not here to gloat. Just hope everyone is doing well.
    JUst wanted to say Merry Christmas and to let you know that there’s a chick who has calculated that Jesus is coming back on Dec 31st this year. So, we don’t have long. lol

    So don’t waste time moping about Trump winning. He won’t even get inaugurated.

    Unless of course….the rapture takes place and you liberals go up, and I’m stuck down here and Trump is the Anti-Christ.

    Now that would really annoy me…!


  101. Heh… Trump invites the Alligators in to help him “Drain the Swamp”, then pisses off the Chinese. When will the working class find out the Emporer has no clothes.


  102. When are people like Mr Explorer (may I call you “the”?),

    Yes, you may call me ‘The’, but cold you[lease ensure you capitalise the ‘T’.

    going to humbly acknowledge that Q was right all along?

    Right now. Q, you nailed it – you knew the world was heading to hell and that it’s leader (Trump) wold romp it in – and you have been most humble in not rubbing our noses in your victory stench. Personaly -I’ve been too traumatised to comment much about mr Trump. I’ve bee considering escaping earth for the sunny climes of Mars.


  103. When are people like Mr Explorer (may I call you “the”?), going to humbly acknowledge that Q was right all along?

    Q, probably one of the world’s foremost Christian prophets. We are greatful for your contribution to the groupsects experience.


  104. It’s funny how Evangelicals are falling over themselves to suck on Trump and Putin….

    They’ll lose……again……

    And will continue to do so while putting up unelectable nutters….

    As for Trump his support is back to between 2-6 % among black voters….

    October 1, 2016

    “It’s an uncontested truth that Trump remains historically unpopular among black voters. And there are no signs of this changing, even with Trump’s recent attempts at African American outreach. In one poll this summer, he achieved the remarkable feat of getting zero percent of the black vote in two key swing states, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Though there have been outliers, his unfavorability rating among blacks is bleak—close to 90 percent of black respondents in one recent survey had “very” or “somewhat” unfavorable feelings toward him—and Trump is currently polling between 2 percent and 6 percent with black voters nationally.”


  105. Black woman on his staff who has worked for years disagrees with you.
    More blacks like trump than they did McCain and Romney.
    After 8 years of Obama, blacks are poorer than ever and kill each other in higher numbers in obamas democrat run home city.
    Obama lied to the American people about not knowing about Hillary’s private server from which she deleted 33,000 emails while under investigation in which Hillary continually lied.

    And Greg the Exploring wannabe priest doesn’t know if killing a baby before taking it out of a womb at eight months is a sin.
    It’s not surprising then that he can ignore the real issues and just sprout “buffoon” and “racist” like he has been programmed by the media to do.
    Heaven help the Anglican Church – which is slowly dying anyway.


  106. Trump is insanely racist and a buffoon…he will not win the election; and. It be user women are stupid or the election was rigged…but because he is a disgusting piece of work who talks about his own daughter as if she’s a lump of meat.

    Liked by 1 person

  107. Sniper fire…..rotfl
    Bones imagined a shirtless Ian Roberts was bashing Q.
    Then he woke up with his trousers around his ankles after going to sleep after a heavy session with some homo magazine.

    Looney liberals. Truth doesn’t matter to them.

    Guys, the truth will set you free!


  108. ““I remember landing under sniper fire,” Clinton said during a George Washington University campaign event on March 17, 2008. “There was supposed to be some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base.”

    Completely made up story by Hillary Clinton who deleted 33,000 emails while under investigation, and who supports abortion in the last trimester.

    Vote for her and you may not be a murderer but you’re insane.

    The latest poll by the one most accurate for three elections puts Trump up by 1%.

    But given that the looney liberals here only watch CNN and read Huffpo and of course 2nd rate down under sources, they wouldn’t be aware of that.


  109. Greg,
    You think your post applies re abortion in the 9th month?

    Does your post apply re abortion in the 7th month?

    You ever seen premature babies – babies at the same age that are aborted.

    For many people it’s not just a matter of a medical procedure but it’s murder.

    Would you post that exact post if people said you could kill a baby the day after its born?

    Would that still be between the person and God?

    Most people think some acts are not just between the person and God.
    Someone kills a baby after its born – you would call that murder.
    But if the same baby a few weeks or months before is killed (and we are talking about killing – ask a doctor) , you then say it’s a matter between God and the person?

    If a woman says to a doctor “abort my baby” at 8 months , the doctor will first kill the baby then extract it. You say that’s something nobody else can make any judgement about. If someone kicks a woman in the stomach at 8 months killing the baby, what crime are they guilty of.

    You still think a woman then can kill a baby as long as it is physically located inside her body and it’s between her and God.

    I disagree.

    Hillary doesn’t.

    Life is precious.
    Babies who are separated from the outside world by a few centimeters of skin deserve to be protected.


  110. Explorer,
    He is not a sexual Predator.
    You have nothing.

    If you are American and not voting for Trump, you are helping Hillary,

    Think. Just don’t slander and waste space and time and bytes.


  111. Haha.
    You guys should check out the videos about how groups affiliated with the Democrats organized the “spontaneous ” demonstrations and disruptions at Trump rallies – which we’re highlighted so many times by the pro-Hillary media.

    It’s laughable the way you guys don’t see how manipulated you are. Or you do know, and you think the end justifies all kinds of deceit and illegalities?
    The Hillary machine is the most corrupt, dishonest despicable machinery around.

    Read about it – instead of pretending to be so righteous.

    You’ll hear worse on groupsects than from Trumps mouth. And that’s in a good day.


  112. Isn’t it funny that Explore thinks it’s better to support a woman who vilified her husbands alleged sexual assault victims , has shown to be a liar and corrupt for 30 years, compromised the security of the United States, been proven to be extremely careless , and is such a liar she falsely claimed to be shot at (what???),
    Than I guy who joked on the back of a bus with a bozo 11 years ago.

    All it shows is that Explorer Pants is either gullible, immature, or unable to remember or research Hillary”s many scandals. (Or all three)

    And simply not intelligent enough to realize that there’s a problem when a Sexretary of State uses a private email server, deletes 33,000 emails while under investigation – including emails to a President who lied saying he didn’t know about it.

    THAT is what’s funny.


  113. “Isn’t it funny that Q supports a sexual predator?
    Has Trump not assaulted enough women for you Q?”

    Is that all you’ve got? For you the whole election comes down to the what the media has been fed by Hillary’s campaign?”

    Study HIllary’s history and get back to me. But maybe you’re really just Bones? He always ignores 98% of the issues and just comes up with a sarcastic comment reducing the argument to the only small thing he’s capable of comprehending.

    If you’re not Bones, are you a teenager?


  114. Explorer Pants. I don’t know how many women has assaulted – if any.

    Okay, I’ll put it this way. If Bill and Hillary divorced, and both were running for President, I would vote for Bill over HIllary.

    Many people would argue Bill was worse than Trump. BUt I’d take Bill, or Obama over Hillary.

    Yes – i think the woman is dispicable.

    Then again, Obama has said he didn’t know about the private server – but now we know he not only knew about it, but sent emails to it!!!

    I don’t know what Explorer Pants supports Hillary. Did he watch the Anonymous video about Hillary.

    Why on earth do you like Hillary?

    If it were Hillary vs Bernie Sanders, I would support Bernie.

    Yes, I think HIllary is completely untrustworthy and corrupt.


  115. It’s telling that Copeland wants to attribute responsibility for abortions to those of his followers who don’t vote for Trump – he obviously hasn’t read that part of scripture which tells us that the soul who sins is responsible for their own sin – regardless of ones view of abortion (and I do not suggest for one minute that it is a black and white issue) no one but the people involved in the abortion are responsible for the abortion – including the bloke who fathered the baby. Whether an abortion is sin or not is only for God to determine.

    Liked by 1 person

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