2 thoughts on “Churches look after illegal immigrants

  1. So Pedro says Wow, of my God! and can’t believe Trump.

    Well Pedro, most normal law-abiding Earthlings say wow, when they hear that you can just waltz into someone else’s country and live there illegally for 26 years.

    Strange that the Pastor doesn’t let this guy and a few dozen of his friends live in HIS personal house.

    And …. if Pedro gets to stay in the US tell him not to build a fence or shut his door at night. Publish his address and let “whosoever will” come and live with him.

    Fortunately Obama didn’t deport him with the other 2 million.

    Yeah … 2 million.
    (This stat was for the benefit of those armchair political analysists who spend their days and nights getting wound up by liberal media hacks but who don’t have any facts)


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