Globalheart Church pastor attacks media


The senior pastor of Perth’s Globalheart Church Gerard Keehan describes media reporting of the church’s mental health policy as a spiritual attack.



5 thoughts on “Globalheart Church pastor attacks media

  1. I know many decent and sane people who are Buddhists and Muslims and Christians. I also know that in this world there have been many ruthless killers who despised religion.

    So, are you an atheist? There is no religion in North Korea. Perhaps you could live there for a while and tell me about the horrors of religion.


  2. A quote from Sam Harris:

    “This is the true horror of religion. It allows perfectly decent and sane people to believe by the billions, what only lunatics could believe on their own.”


  3. Cheap political attack. Pastor explained the mistake in a few minutes simply.
    Not sure I could listen to him every week though.
    Sounds mentally ill.


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