Muhammad Ali Jr. fights faith profiling

The son and ex-wife of the late boxing champion Muhammad Ali testify about being detained at a Florida airport and questioned about their faith.



4 thoughts on “Muhammad Ali Jr. fights faith profiling

  1. Pity he’s not a college student.

    He could go to a “safe space” where there’s play dough, stuffed animals, videos of kittens, crayons.

    No- I’m not kidding. That’s what pussy hat wearing baby liberals have needed since trump won!!!


    And now they’ve want safe spaces for blacks only.
    And for illegal immigrants.

    This is not a parody. It’s life In looney liberal land.


  2. How is a question about religion an act of racial profiling?

    These people have grounds to complain, but why misrepresent the wrong doing?

    As Arthur Calwell, member of the racist Australian Labor Party, said in 1947, “Two wongs do not make a white”.


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