Christian ‘ex-gay’ camp abuse uncovered



A year-long investigation by America’s ABC network uncovers the physical abuse of children in Christian-run ‘ex-gay’ camps.



4 thoughts on “Christian ‘ex-gay’ camp abuse uncovered

  1. Are you referring to Clinton or Kennedy?
    Or how far back are we going. If you are referring to the old silly audio….man you have Trump Obsessive Disorder.

    ARe you part of the “Resistance”? lol
    Another one of Hillary’s paid social media warrior? lol
    Or just another person still crying about losing and making a fool of youself with your failed prediciton?

    Or just upset that you never get much action?


  2. Belting kids is bad.
    Good people need to stand against belting gay kids, beheading of Christians, blacks beating up old white men and girls, Hillary supporters smashing cars, Muslims raping and destroying, abortionists hitting pro-life old ladies.

    Come on guys, we’re better than this. Let love rule in your hearts.


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