Coopers pale ail

A video statement has been released by Coopers Brewery after a boycott of the beer company’s products was launched in response to its partnership with the Bible Society.


7 thoughts on “Coopers pale ail

  1. Look petrified don’t they? Lol
    Waiting for the gay brigade to take on the Muslims.
    Doubt it will happen though.


  2. Man this place is boring without the three liberal stooges!
    I can just imagine Bones, Wazza and Greg getting so excited about lesbian attack dog journalist Rachel Maddow and her big break with the tax returns – then see them descending into raging, blubbering messes when they found out there was no scoop at all!
    Another colossal liberal media fail that made Trump look great!
    Great time to be alive.
    The more the left-wing media keep this up the more their credibility tanks. Fancy, he paid twice the percentage of tax as Bernie (Wazza’s Great White Socialist Hope)

    I’d make a toast with a Cooper’s ale ….. but , that’s not politically correct anymore. No, no. because ….?
    Oh yeah, because a gay politician had a beer with a straight guy and smiled and laughed.
    And even though the Coopers apologized and grovelled and threw the Bible Society under the bus and backed over them …and assured Australians they really liked certain letters of the alphabet …it WASNT GOOD ENOUGH!

    Keep going lefties – you’re probably going to give Trump a second term!


  3. Sensible people should boycott the hotels that are boycotting Coopers.

    The fact that people are boycotting Coopers over that video shows exactly what’s wrong with the country.

    If that conversation on the video offends the alphabet people that much Australia is finished.

    So much for love and rainbows.


  4. Having said that, lol now I’ll be boycotting Cooper’s !
    They had no reason at all to apologize. The only people who are the problem are the terrorists attacking Coopers and the BIble Society. Neither the BIble Society, Coopers, or the three guys in that conversation need to apologize.

    If anythin it proves one thing. Once gay marriage is accepted, certain elements of the LGBTIAQ brigade will be terrorizing anyone with an opinion.

    The insane response to this is ironically a reason why many people are wary of legalizing gay marriage. They know that then churches and religious organizations definitely WILL be threatened unless they teach that gay marriage, transgender, and whatever next comes along is good and okay.

    The good thing to come out of this is that while gays will throw him under the bus, a lot of heteros will come away thinking that gay liberal politician is a reasonable likeable guy.


  5. Well, shows that I’m completely out of touch with Australian society. I’m glad I don’t live there. I thought it was okay to have two guys discuss something.
    I guess Australian’s can’t talk about anything anymore.

    This boycott stuff is getting ridiculous. I thought the MC was okay. I thought the two friendly pollies seemed to get on. So people are boycotting and ruining a company because of the use of the expression “Keeping it light”?

    What next? People fighting over a cute video about kids interupting the Dad’s interview?

    Western society will probably collapse into a heap of insane bickering.


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