C3 Blacktown piracy fraud

From http://www.news.com.au/technology/online/piracy/pastor-mosaic-and-his-disciple-allison-masterminded-australias-biggest-piracy-racket-worth-21m/news-story/2b80939ce4e53ff17f304e68d23857ce


55 thoughts on “C3 Blacktown piracy fraud

  1. Have no idea what you were reading Reverend Colby.
    Nobody has commented here since May and then it was Donal Doolalley, Explorer Pants and Q.
    And the topics? Explorer Pants was saying Americans take too many opioids, can’t spell his wife’s name and is a coward because he doesn’t bomb China.
    Is that the same old?

    One and a half years?
    What’s happened in the religious world since then?
    Hillsong growing and the Anglican Church getting smaller and in danger of splitting over gay marriage.
    Yeah same old.
    Except I heard a rumor that The Anglican’s will allow swearing in the pulpit and are thinking of allowing gay and Muslim priests because many of them read the Bible more than recently anointed priests.
    Don’t think that’s true though.

    On the political front, although liberals and the media (same thing) are saying the recent Summit was worse than Pearl Harbor, Trump is as popular as Obama.

    Your old pals aren’t in the country because they went to England to beat up Trump dolls with their drag Wueen friends.


  2. I am very concerned about that last statement, Q. Now I may be wrong because I have no idea of your life circumstances. But having been in a similar frame of mind many times in the past, I can only suggest you seek the company of someone you trust. Everyone’s life is valuable including yours.


  3. Go away you silly little girl.
    Isn’t there an abortion celebration party yYou were invited to?
    Or don’t you have schoolwork?
    Or an episode of Neighbors to watch?
    Or some panties to steal from a clothesline?


  4. I do value your life, Q, even if you do regard yourself as another species. I would piss on you if you were on fire, for example. I know many would not, but I have a highly developed moral sense.


  5. “When will Trump be outed as a Russian agent?”

    “Not long now. “
    Define “long”. Be brave.

    “Watch rhis space.”
    Zzzxxx won’t be holding my breath, that’s for sure!

    “So yoi value the sanctity of life, Q. “
    Yes. But not yours so much.

    “Hope you’re vegan for consistency. “
    I make a distinction between human life and non-human life. To me there’s a different between swatting a fly or eating sushi and aborting a baby in the 8th month.

    The fact that you don’t is frightening!
    But, given the stupidity of your comments thus far, not very surprising.

    That all you got Pantsie?

    Or do you arbitrarily devalue the life of other species?


  6. When will Trump be outed as a Russian agent? Not long now. Watch rhis space.

    So yoi value the sanctity of life, Q. Hope you’re vegan for consistency. Or do you arbitrarily devalue the life of other species?


  7. @Donald . No. Any other idiotic questions?
    @Pantsie. Yes sad. Not time for stupid jokes. Lose weight, it will be good for your dementia. Nothing funny about a dead baby, you evil sick moron.


  8. I’m too fat to dance. And because of my advanced dementia, too confused. Also I’m too fat.

    It brings me great sadness to hear of the Irish vote results. Apparently the doctors are using the dead foetuses to play Gaelic football inside their surgeries. Isn’t that shocking?


  9. Pantsie has gone quiet. Probably celebrating by dancing in the streets at the news of Ireland’s abortion vote.
    Which is ironic because those who live life and abhor murder are sad.


  10. So….. instead of answering my questions and refuting points, you’ve now gone on to attack the number of Americans who are fat, on opioids, been shot, talked about the Air Force, used vulgar demeaning language insulting women and are attacking the whole of America which you think is my country.

    Really, you are either stupid, on drugs, or so fat that blood isn’t circulating in your brain!

    My guess? You are stupid, fat and your brain has been affected by drugs.

    No you are no Bones. I’ve decided. You’re just a silly little man . (Though I’m still not sure if you’re out of your teens based on your lack of knowledge, inability to debate and your juvenile use of vulgarity and sense of humor. You’re mother would be so ashamed of what you’ve written here.
    If she isn’t…. then that might explain things.

    Go away and be quiet you silly boy.


  11. “Pants, quit taking drugs”.

    According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, “Every day, more than 115 people in the United States die after overdosing on opioids.”

    America ranks third globally in the per capita use of cocaine.

    Thirteen per cent of Americans take antidepressants.

    More jurisdictions seek to legalize cannabis in spite of its controversial association with mental illness and social dysfunction. There’s that word again – dysfunction.

    Welcome to dystopian America. Where everyone is off there skulls on mind bending drugs.


  12. Anothet dumb student exercising his 2nd amendment rights in Indiana.

    Better stock up on some more gunz Q. Or are you one of those girlie left-wing libtards who wants to restrict firearms?

    What a fucking tragedy your dysfunctional nation is. More shootings under Trump so far than the entire Obama presidency.


  13. Fat? Look at the barge arse Americans shuffling through endless shopping malls gorging themselves on deep fried lard balls washed down with super-sized buckets of sugary diabetes juice. Led by a fast-food munching retarded sociopath president.

    And snowflakes Q thinks it’s rude to point out how dysfunctional his fucked up country is. Grow some balls, buttercup.


  14. Explorer, are you mentally unhinged?

    Now you’re raving about drug use in the US Air Force?

    “unfuckable old hags you are either married to”
    “ fugly old unfuckable white women. “

    Man up?
    This is not a locker room. It’s a public place. Your daughter could read this. And even if this were a locker room I think it’s disgusting and demeaning to talk about women that way.

    As for man up, you’re probably a fat weakling.

    Look I get it. I demolished you with facts and logic and you couldn’t answer questions. So it’s the old swearing and insults deflection. So it is you Bones.
    But I don’t get it. You were smarter than this.

    Really disappointed. Not convinced it’s you, because you had a great knowledge of history that made for great debate. I miss the old Bones. If it’s you, I’m sorry that dementia set in.

    If it’s not you- the “Pants” raving about the Air Force now is totally irrelevant and meaningless..

    Probably better we don’t talk.

    This is just embarrassing.

    I feel sorry that someone so demeaning to women EVER counseled a woman troubled about pregnancy.

    You are a pathetic foul-mouthed loser.


  15. Well incel Q is disturbed by a smattering of locker room talk. You should stop lurking around the wrong locker rooms. Man up, Q.

    In further news, Q’s favourite homosexual military is rocked by news of airforce members guarding nuclear missiles using LSD.

    “One airman said he felt paranoia. Another marveled at the vibrant colors. A third admitted, “I absolutely just loved altering my mind.”

    Meet service members entrusted with guarding nuclear missiles that are among the most powerful in America’s arsenal. Air Force records obtained by The Associated Press show they bought, distributed and used the hallucinogen LSD and other mind-altering illegal drugs as part of a ring that operated undetected for months on a highly secure military base in Wyoming. After investigators closed in, one airman deserted to Mexico.”

    Trump – making America high again.


  16. Well you heard it here. Pantsie who while having the filthiest mouth of anyone who ever commented here, makes disgusting comments against women but who counsels pregnant women has no problem with changing legislation to allow third term abortions, and marriages between men and multiple wives – because you “can’t legislate morality”

    Well Pants. That’s your opinion. I’d say less than ten percent of people (whether Trump supporters or Democrats ) would agree with you.

    Extraordinarily strange.


  17. Why legislate against multi-person marriage? As I said, the state should stay out of the marriage business. Let mutually consenting adults form unions as they see fit provided no harm is done to others. A society should accommodate a variety of moral views – not corral people into a dystopian uniformity.


  18. If a woman wants to abort late term, she will find a way regardless of prevailing law. If she is a believer in God, then God will sort out any injustice committed. If there is no God, then it doesn’t ultimately matter as we are all dead in the long run.

    And of course we need to have laws to promote a civil and just society. Who would argue against that? Your other questions are banal in that they have obvious answers.


  19. Pants. Answer the questions.
    Stop the horrible anti-woman slurs.

    Answer the questions.,
    If you can’t just say so.

    Your mother would be so ashamed of you.,


  20. I detect some jealousy in your increasingly unhinged rants, Q. As you can plainly observe, I am God’s gift to women. Young, sexy, desirable women. Not the unfuckable old hags you are either married to, or seem to prefer.


  21. “ fugly old unfuckable white women. “
    Who is that you are talking about you misogynistic cad.
    I wouldn’t say that in public if I were you. What a disgusting foul mouthed creep you are.

    Look, I understand you’re mad because you couldn’t answer any of my questions, but there’s no need to say disgusting anti-female things,

    “Your “incel” tendencies are showing, Q.”

    ? Had to look that up? Lol

    You’re one minute hilarious and one minute pathetic.
    Incel? Never heard of it. Never needed to lol

    If only you knew fat man!


  22. Okay Pantsie. I apologize. Judging by your last post after being asked to state your positions on things, it’s obvious I humiliated you.
    You have thought through much at all have you?

    I’ll leave you to play with Doolittle . You’re out of your depth here son.


  23. I asked you questions. Serious questions..
    And like the sniveling left-wing coward I picked you for, you ran. And shouted insults while you fled.

    There were serious honest questions?
    So you think government should not impose any moral standards at all?
    So abortion in the last trimester, pornographers on tv, and multi-person marriage is all okay with Pantsie ..

    Who is going into politics?
    The above will make a great platform.
    Pantsie, I doubt you’d win an election in a town of three.

    And …. I’d suggest you study up on “Marxist Facism”???
    before you start campaigning…

    Man. This is so much easier than with Bones and Wazza.
    At least they had the courage to answer questions and had some knowledge of political terms and history.

    Sad. Instead of Exploring pants , I suggest you explore the deepest recesses of your brain.
    It won’t take long.


  24. What right do you have to impose your morals on others?. Individual freedom is to be preferred over tribal impulses. Not only are you a fan of marxist authoritarian big government, of which Trump is an example, you have ugly fascist tendencies.

    Don’t ever go imto politics.


  25. Oh while I’m here. Did you see what the woman you worship did?
    HIlarious! Super hypocrisy! After whingeing and whining and moaning and attacking people for not supporting a woman in the election – stopping her from smashing that glass ceiling. She had the chance to support and endorse the FIRST FEMALE governor of New York. AND A LESBIAN!!!!

    Wow. First women. First lesbian. So of course the woman expecting everyone to turn away from OLD WHITE MEN like Republicans do supported the lesbian right?

    Wrong. She endorsed the old white guy.

    Confused? No doubt Pantsie and the other …feminists here are bewildered.

    not me. Hillary has always just been about herself.

    Remember election night? Blubbering depressed supporters waiting for their goddess to appear. She didn’t even have the decency to come out for one minute and thank them for their work.

    No she was drinking and screaming and to embarassed.

    Trump came out and gave a nice concilitory speech.

    No Pantsie. You can insult and attack over auto-corrections on tweets and throw any lame totally invalid insult around, but you haven’t come up with anything of substance here.

    You’ll have to try much harder.


  26. Explorer Pants said.

    “But I also accept that it is not my business to interfere in another woman’s choice when my advice is not sought. Women have rights of choice.”

    Do women have “rights of choice” to have abortions in the 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th months? Two days before the expected birth? Yes or no? If yes, then I think you’re absolutely sick! If no, then you really only believe women have “rights of choice” up to a designated month that you think is reasonable.

    So what is it? The first trimester? Second? Third? Or do you give women total rights of choice.

    Awaiting your answer and your reasons.

    “I am also against unnecessary government interference in people’s lives.”


    You have one example, but what about others? Public nudity anywhere? Is a law about that necessary or unnecessary? How much pornography should be allowed to be seen by minors? Porn on TV? Breasts on TV at 3PM?
    We all have our ideas and standards about how far government should interfere. Whether its drugs, alcohol or cigarette consumption or from what age and to whom people are allowed to marry – and of course how many. I have no real idea about what your concept of “unnecessary government interference” is.

    “For example, government should withdtaw from regulating marriage, other than to enforce valid contracts”

    “Valid”? Not sure how you define “valid” unless the government defines it. Unless you want relgions or individuals to define it? In which case Muslims and some Mornons might define a valid contract as being one man and 17 wives. In which case a “contract” defined by a non-government body can then be “regulated”. You okay with bisexual marriage? eg three party contract? How do you determine if it’s “valid”. Just because someone says that’s their relationship? If so then you want the government to “enforce it” …right? Have no idea what you mean. Not sure you do either.

    “Unlike the marxist Q”

    I’m the furtherist thing from being Marxist. What an unbelievable assertion. I don’t think you know what Marxism is – especially if you define it by a government leader approving clothes colors?
    Are you on drugs? Drinking? or just totally confused?

    “who wants Trump to
    approve everyone’s change of socks”

    No. Absolutely wrong and absurd. You’ll find Trump supporters are the ones who advocate freedom in business and individual freedoms more that left-wingers.

    .” Particularly coloured ones.”

    Okay, i ASSUME this is meant to say I or Trump are racist? I know more non-white people and have them as friends and relatives than anyone I know. Trump appointed Ben Carson. There are less blacks on food stamps and on unemployment lists than under Obama.

    so, you got anything else Pantsie?


  27. I personally dislike abortion and have counselled against it in the past. But I also accept that it is not my business to interfere in another woman’s choice when my advice is not sought. Women have rights of choice.

    I am also against unnecessary government interference in people’s lives. For example, government should withdtaw from regulating marriage, other than to enforce valid contracts

    Unlike the marxist Q who wants Trump to
    approve everyone’s change of socks. Particularly coloured ones.


  28. And while Boner is here….

    “The Federal Bureau of Investigation has announced that they are launching an investigation into allegations that a Texas abortionist killed babies born alive by snipping their spines.”

    Evil, sick. Trump is acting against abortion though.

    Yeah I know Pantsie and Doolslly think anything goes with fetuses.

    Evil punks!

    Liked by 1 person

  29. Once again, Same thing all over again.

    You guys can’t win a trick can you.

    Get your posts totally trashed and you are humiliated – so you resort to filth.,
    Sad, pathetic little boys.
    Or girls – not sure.

    Hey talking about girls….

    “Hillary Clinton had a choice between endorsing incumbent Gov. Mario Cuomo (D-NY) or his upstart rival for the Democrat nomination, Sex and the City actress Cynthia Nixon, who would not only be the first woman governor of the Empire State, but the first gay governor. Hillary chose the old white guy.”

    Lol Hyopcrite!!! Hillary won’t support a woman? Or a lesbian? Goes for an old white guy?
    Then again she looks like an old white guy.


  30. Q is obviously proud of his islamic child porn collection sourced from Holland. Please spare us the details of how its produced.


  31. No Trump is trying to solve the dysfunction.

    Hear about the Muslim grooming gangs in the UK Pantsie?

    They’re in Holland too!

    “Every year more than one thousand underage Dutch girls are groomed and then blackmailed into sex slavery by young pimps with migrant backgrounds, an investigation has revealed.
    With gifts, drink, and drugs, so-called ‘loverboys’ will seduce a girl into agreeing to become his sex partner before taking pictures or video footage of the encounter which will then be used as leverage to force her into prostitution, Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad reports.”

    Would you like to know the nationalities? Or just the religion?

    Maybe all-knowing world expert “Explorer Pants”
    (Hilarious name – are you 13??) can offer his wisdom to solve the problem.

    No. Anyone who comes up with a name like that and thinks it’s funny has to be less than 15 and probably can’t be expected to have much knowledge of history or current events .

    Come back when you graduate Explorer.


  32. YeH it’s you bones.

    “Nutter “
    And accusing someone of not believing in the moon landing?

    Sounds like a bonehead tactic – totally false and pathetic attack mAde when you’ve been made a fool of and have nothing left.

    Lift you game!


  33. So Pantsie (Bones?), If you want to talk about dysfunction, Happy Ramadan

    May 17—Farah, Afghanistan—Taliban kills three foreign engineers.
    May 17—Kashmir, India—Terrorists kidnap, slit throat of 23-year-old man after Indian government declares first Ramadan ceasefire in 18 years.
    May 17—Borno, Nigeria—Suspected Boko Haram jihadists detonated a bomb at camp for people displaced by insurgency, killing four and wounding 14.
    May 17—Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan — Jamaat-ul-Ahrar (JuA) terrorist group claims responsibility for a suicide bombing that kills one and injures 14.
    May 17—North Sinai, Egypt — Sunni hardliners bombed an area, killing one and injuring another.
    May 17—Uruzgan, Afghanistan — Taliban kill two civilians.
    May 18—Raqqa, Syria — Leftover Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) improvised explosive device (IED) kills two civilians.
    May 18—Diyala, Iraq — Suspected ISIS terrorist are behind a bomb blast that kills one and wounds another.
    May 18 —Kirkuk, Iraq — Suspected ISIS terrorists kill a member of Kurdish Kakayi minority group with IED.
    May 18—Kandahar, Afghanistan — Taliban attacked police security posts, killing five police officers and wounding six others.
    May 18—Ghani, Afghanistan — Taliban attacked remote Ajristan district, killing nine security forces and wounding seven others.
    May 18—Nangarhar, Afghanistan — Suspected Islamic State terrorists attacked “Ramadan Cup” cricket tournament in Jalalabad, the capital of the group’s stronghold, killing eight and wounding 55.
    May 19—Chechnya, Russia — Islamic State claimed responsibility for an attack at church that kills two police officers and a worshipper and also wounds another police officer.

    But I agree, too much shooting in the US.
    Recently it’s been done by liberal /atheists.

    So let’s hope Pantsie isn’t armed.

    Angry white left-wing losers who are unpopular with women are really scary these days.


  34. Okay Pantsie,
    You just gave three posts that are ridiculous even by your standards. I shouldn’t answer a fool but I will, just because I’m kind.
    1. Your flat-earth accusation is wrong and stupid
    2. Your 9/11 accusation is wrong and stupid.
    3. America’s racial problems became worse during the Obama years. More blacks voted for Trump than Romney, and less voted for Hillary than Obama. Yes, it’s one of the reasons Hillary lost. Blacks didn’t come out to vote for the non-black. Interesting. And you’d think if they really were worried about a racist Trump they would have flooded the polling booths, but no – they stayed home. Even though black churches offer to bus people to polling booths.
    4. I think you saying that America is dysfunctional is rude.

    5. Okay now for China. I think by your post, you have no idea of US/China relations. If you can tell me what the trade balance situation was like for the last 8 years under Obama maybe we can talk. But you don’t know do you?
    As for saying Trump is a coward for not bombig Chinese military installations – no person Democrat or Republican is suggesting doing that. Are you insane?
    And if you want to argue that the Chinese military build up is Trumps fault …. man , you really are insane.
    You DO know when it started don’t you? Obviously not. Under Obama you idiot!
    Google it Pantsie!

    Trump is having to fix up problems that built up over eight years of Obama inaction.,

    Are you saying that Obama should have been braver and bombed China and North Korea??

    No you just want to come up with something to attack Trump with.

    Stocks, employment , black and Hispanic employment , business confidence, investment, consumer confidence are all higher than they have been for years.

    Pantsie, are you bones in disguise ? If so I’m disappointed. You used to be smarter and much more informed than this. This Pantsie is just like some uneducated America hating yob mouthing off down the pub after too many fosters .

    How the mighty have fallen.
    It can’t be you bones.

    Can it?


  35. Increasing paranoia and fear. Trump is destroying America. Almost daily school shootings, endemic racism, and the increase of conspiracy thinking and superstition. Trump is presiding over widespread social dysfunction and the loss of world power to China.

    What a fucked up place Americs is becoming under Trump.


  36. Flat earther Q and her deep state conspiracy theories. How amusing. She probably thinks 9-11 was a government conspiracy and the moon landings were fake.

    The usual nutter collection.


  37. Why hasn’t Trump bombed and destroyed China’s illegal military installations in the South China Sea? Shit scared, that’s why.

    China is walking all over Trump in military strategy and tariff negotiations.


  38. Oh and the following might be too hard to follow for the twin goons (pants and dolalley)!but Wazza might follow it .

    What’s hilarious is who wrote it. No, not Sean Hannity and not Rush . Mark Penn – Campaign manager for Hillary in 2008!!!

    Hilarious. Obvious for me , but might surprise the Trump haters that a long time Clinton supporter would say it

    “The “deep state” is in a deep state of desperation. With little time left before the Justice Department inspector general’s report becomes public, and with special counsel Robert Mueller having failed to bring down Donald Trump after a year of trying, they know a reckoning is coming.

    At this point, there is little doubt that the highest echelons of the FBI and the Justice Department broke their own rules to end the Hillary Clinton “matter,” but we can expect the inspector general to document what was done or, more pointedly, not done. It is hard to see how a year-long investigation of this won’t come down hard on former FBI Director James Comey and perhaps even former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, who definitely wasn’t playing mahjong in a secret “no aides allowed” meeting with former President Clinton on a Phoenix airport tarmac.

    With this report on the way and congressional investigators beginning to zero in on the lack of hard, verified evidence for starting the Trump probe, current and former intelligence and Justice Department officials are dumping everything they can think of to save their reputations.”

    And now it seems Obama was indeed spying on the Trump campaign.



  39. Btw
    As the only person on this site who correctly predicted both the Republican primaries and the presidential election , and the economic success (everyone here predicted Trump would ruin the economy and the stock market would tank etc etc,
    I’ll make some more predictions.
    1. Trump will not be impeached
    2. Russian collusion will be found to have been false.
    3. Further investigation will show rather that Obana, Comey, Lynch and the FBI were wrong in the way they colluded to let Hillary get off lightly.
    4. The North Korean problem will be solved
    5. More countries will acknowledge Jerusalem and move embassies.

    Bleat on if you like and try to get Stormy to run for Pres and make all the orange jokes you like – but remember these predictions.

    Winners are grinders.
    Trump just keeps winning!


  40. So Doolalley and Pantsie the resident buffoons have realized none of their attacks and conspiracy theories have been correct.
    so they keep losing.
    So …. stormy and her lawyer haven’t worked out for them so now they are on about some anecdote about someone asking about the specifics about the differences between HIV and HVP.


    Ask 1000 Americans to explain the differences and let’s see how we go.

    Oh in other news, Hillary said she was shot at by snipers when she wasn’t, (she misspoke) , Obama said he went to 57 states of America, said he didn’t know about Hillary’s private server …when we now know he did (remember that one? Extremely careless Hillary who deleted 33,000 emails, and both of them blamed a premeditated attack on a badly defended email on a YouTube video to hide the fact that Obana hadn’t eaten terrorism like he said.

    So do you want me token on going?

    Boys… you are way out of your depth here.


    That’s all you’ve got now? Rotfl

    You guys are the Aussie Dumb and Dumber team!


  41. Mr Gates also revealed that Mr Trump referred to himself in the third person.

    “When I walked in, his first sentence kind of threw me off. He said: ‘Trump hears that you don’t like what Trump is doing.’ And I thought, ‘Wow, but you’re Trump,”’ he said.


  42. Im the news today:

    Mr Gates said that while he didn’t know the difference between HIV and HPV, Mr Trump did know a “scary amount” about his then teenage daughter, Jennifer.


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