Hillsong back before Royal Commission


Listen to ABC PM report


Pentecostal churches have told the child abuse Royal Commission they have changed their culture and now have minimum standards.

From https://au.news.yahoo.com/a/34776197/culture-of-pentecostal-movement-changed/#page1

19 thoughts on “Hillsong back before Royal Commission

  1. Christianity is imploding . Frank Houston had many victims. Brian Houston may be charged.

    I hope all of you who used to chat here are okay with this Covid situation.


  2. Does anyone know what happened to Donald Elley? he hasn’t posted for two weeks and he usually posts every day. Is he alive?


  3. Ok, you guys win.
    That previous post obviously wasn’t mine.
    I can no longer post here because nobody will know if it’s Q or just a pathetic cretin.

    I don’t think Greg or Wazza did this , but if it’s Greg that did these series of posts from Q, I’m disappointed.

    But I obviously can’t continue because whoever did it won’t stop.

    Congratulations Groupsects on the Yes vote.
    It’s what a expected..

    I am firmly opposed to gay marriage and think it’s absolutely crazy.

    But homosexuals through various means have convinced people that it’s good – and to do that they’ve totally changed opinions over 20 years.

    It’s an incredible feat. If I were gay and part of the movement I’d be feeling proud..

    But I’m not and think it’s a sad day.

    Any posts from now on after this one from Q are not from me .


  4. So …. interesting line in there.

    Though it probably won’t bother the liberals here who see all for Hillary and Bernie’s abortion policies.

    (Yeah years ago you guys were probably against abortion- but that’s wouldn’t be a cool, politically correct position to take would it., -they’ll make fun of you on the late night shows)

    Notice that line tucked away in there.
    The one about NOT reporting child sex abuse!!!!!!

    So, if a person goes to counseling and wants prayer for a past event, you people will condemn someone unless they report it to police.

    But, if a person who is going to kill a baby , Ando its head off and sell its liver doesn’t have to??

    Greg and Wazza. You must be so pleased with this liberal world you’ve helped create.

    This sickens, saddens, and angers me.

    You guys?
    Yeah – go after Trump.

    Covering up rape and butchering babies is nothing compared to a 15 year old course joke in the back of a bus.

    Where do you guys formulate your ethics?

    Watching porn?

    Unbelievable! The restaurant of the article was too sickening to post.

    “”Federal law prohibits selling body parts, yet the new footage also reveals more haggling by Planned Parenthood executives,” said Lila Rose, president of the pro-life group Live Action in a statement to The Christian Post. “The searing injustice of our time is not the selling of those parts, but the fact that a ‘doctor’ can legally tear apart a fully formed baby as long as that child remains in his or her mother’s womb.”

    At this same conference additional video footage shows an abortion provider arguing against helping young victims of rape and sexual assault by asserting that because clinic workers are not state employees, they should not be required to report known cases of child abuse to authorities.

    In the first video CMP released in 2015, Deborah Nucatola, Planned Parenthood’s senior director of medical services who performs abortions up to 24 week gestation in Los Angeles, revealed that some clinics perform partial birth abortions to secure fetal body parts.”


  5. My dear Wazza, did you read about the sex abuse cases covering decades at exclusive private schools in Brisbane?

    Qualified educated teachers abusing rich kids at exclusive educational facilities while the principals did nothing.
    Maybe you heard about Penn State University. No?

    Your sarcastic comment probably makes you feel good and clever, but it completely ignores the fact that sex abuse of minors happened everywhere and wasn’t prevented with letters behind anyone’s name.


  6. “A person is now required to have a certain level of credentials and training before they can call themselves a pastor of the Australian Christian Churches.”

    – a good start. Perhaps better than the previous system of having the annointing (getting excited whilst talking) or having the right surname.


  7. Background checks on children??
    What the hell is that? You want background checks on children attending Hillsong??

    If the Royal Commission wasn’t satisfied with the policies put in place, they would have or will say.

    You’re still not satisfied? Are you going after the Anglicans too?

    Seems like everything went okay.


  8. Schools and many organizations are doing the same.,
    But, will it help?

    I predict there will be a reduction in people asking for counseling. There are many people who might want to ask questions or talk about an incident without having an automatic investigation.


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