Hillsong back before Royal Commission


Listen to ABC PM report


Pentecostal churches have told the child abuse Royal Commission they have changed their culture and now have minimum standards.

From https://au.news.yahoo.com/a/34776197/culture-of-pentecostal-movement-changed/#page1


9 thoughts on “Hillsong back before Royal Commission

  1. My dear Wazza, did you read about the sex abuse cases covering decades at exclusive private schools in Brisbane?

    Qualified educated teachers abusing rich kids at exclusive educational facilities while the principals did nothing.
    Maybe you heard about Penn State University. No?

    Your sarcastic comment probably makes you feel good and clever, but it completely ignores the fact that sex abuse of minors happened everywhere and wasn’t prevented with letters behind anyone’s name.


  2. “A person is now required to have a certain level of credentials and training before they can call themselves a pastor of the Australian Christian Churches.”

    – a good start. Perhaps better than the previous system of having the annointing (getting excited whilst talking) or having the right surname.


  3. Background checks on children??
    What the hell is that? You want background checks on children attending Hillsong??

    If the Royal Commission wasn’t satisfied with the policies put in place, they would have or will say.

    You’re still not satisfied? Are you going after the Anglicans too?

    Seems like everything went okay.


  4. Schools and many organizations are doing the same.,
    But, will it help?

    I predict there will be a reduction in people asking for counseling. There are many people who might want to ask questions or talk about an incident without having an automatic investigation.


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