Pastor theft charge


A US pastor is accused of misappropriating over $300,000 of his church’s money.



12 thoughts on “Pastor theft charge

  1. Hey Greg. Hope you are doing well.
    If someone posted about the massacre in the Coptic church and I attacked them and put them on anti/Christ levels , that would really be hard to understand.
    I wouldn’t understand that.
    I honestly don’t know what post your referring to.

    If you post theirs and mine I’ll either explain or admit to the inconsistency.


  2. I don’t understand you Q -right here at the beginning of the comments on this thread you say this:

    “And dozens of Egyptian Christians were blown to pieces and others maimed on Palm Sunday by Islamic terrorists. But although this blog claims to be about religion, the horrific world-breaking news won’t make it here.”

    Yet over at another thread someone else has posted a blog article by someone else stating EXACTLY the same thing – and you carried on as if they were the anti-christ. I just don’t understand.


  3. In fact Ecplorer, that makes as much sense as the moronic feminist Swedish politician . Her response to the last truck attack?

    Wait for it…..

    Cars are the problem. Let more Muslims into the country . They’re great. Ban cars from Stockholm.

    Bet your eyes have lit up huh.

    Probably for you and Wazza and co the best answer to Islsmic terrorism in Sweden is to ban Christians and cars!

    Insane. But that’s what we’ve come to.

    But you know what the real issue is?

    You guys had a bad experience. So you hate snd attack Christianity so much you want to justify your actions, but can’t bring yourself to admit the huge real problem in the world.

    So the real answer is for you guys to visit a psychiatrist.


  4. Okay, Explorer, back to the Bible?
    Yes, Christianity teaches forgiveness. Many people have sinned. Some steal 3 dollars, some 300,000 some 3 million. Yes, Christians believe all three might go to heaven because of Jesus dying.,

    You want him to go to hell forever?

    So, the Muslim who ran over people with the bus, the truck , the ones who blew up the church- they were encouraged to do that with heaven as a reward.

    That disturbs me more than a religion that teaches it’s wrong to steal, that you should give the money back, but that the thief after paying back money , being punished , can still enter heaven .

    Btw are you an atheist?
    How’s that helping you with the big questions about justice and the unfairness of life.

    Attack Christianity and ignore Islam if you like, but no matter what you believe things don’t seem fair.

    If there is no God, both the wonderful girl who does good and works for others can get cancer at 15 , get raped 100 times and have her money stolen by a crook who maims 100 other girls. He might live on stolen millions till he’s 98 and die fain free – then they both die. And then nothing.

    Doesn’t seem “fAir” does it. But that’s life. No matter what evil you do you can live in luxury and meet exactly the same end as the good person who suffers . Life sucks eh!

    So the answer for Ecplorer is to spend his time salivating over some crooked minister in America, while ignoring the weekly murder, mayhem and bloodshed ic another religion that strikes fear into people in church, shopping or visiting parliament.

    Yeah, now that makes a lot of sense.,,,,


  5. Back to the pastor who stole money from his church. As long as he asks God’s forgiveness and believes in Jesus and His blood sacrifice, he gets to heaven. And 100’s of 1000s dollars richer to boot.



  6. Oh what a lovely quote by the peacliving Explorer who loves abusing and cursing Christians.
    Here’s another
    “I see trees of green, red roses too…”


  7. “I can picture in my mind a world without war, a world without hate. And I can picture us attacking that world, because they’d never expect it.”

    Jack Handey, Deep Thoughts


  8. No explorer. It wasn’t them killing each other.

    It was one group killling the other. Do you read?
    Seriously? Do you read the news or just glance and spout whatever idiotic conclusion that fits your flawed narrative?

    Me be their guide?

    Sure. I’d be great.
    Rule one. Muslims / don’t blow women and kids up. Not in church , not in department stores, not anywhere.
    rule 2. If you’re upset about …..? …. whatever.. use your brains and muscles and come up with a solution.

    Okay – now for the Coptic Christians .

    If you are in further danger, go to Australia. They can send the dregs like Explorer to Egypt and he can abuse and pontificate there.

    How’s that?

    By the way. I’m not religious.

    I just want peace.

    Explorer, are you really Bones?
    You make about as much sense but without the manic copying and pasting.

    To clarify about as much sense =none at all.


  9. And dozens of Egyptian Christians were blown to pieces and others maimed on Palm Sunday by Islamic terrorists. But although this blog claims to be about religion, the horrific world-breaking news won’t make it here.
    Why? Because it’s not negative press about Christians.

    Isis aren’t the only ones relentless on their attacks on Christianity.

    Have to make sure the rage is kept up against Christians so be sure to stay tuned next week when we find crooked clergyman in Colorado or a naughty nun in Nigeria.

    Bombs in churches, bus killings in Sweden, brutal stabbings in Canberra?

    No tears here.


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