Gloria Jean’s coughs up for ACL – updated*

Same Same reports…

“The Gloria Jeans coffee company is again attempting to clarify its relationship to the Australian Christian Lobby and the Hillsong Church as it deals with one of the most public and powerful boycotts Australia’s LGBT community has ever dished out.

The [revelation] of the café crew’s $30,000 donation to the ACL has prompted a massive backlash, at a time when the Lobby’s clumsily-delivered anti-marriage-equality message is their main activity.

The “boycott Gloria Jeans” message has been all but inescapable this week, even after the company reacted quickly on Queen’s Birthday Monday to declare their support for equality and diversity.

Last night at Oxford Street’s Midnight Shift drag queen Joyce Maynge performed one of her favourite ‘70s songs Gloria, encouraging her audience to loudly boo when she mimed the song’s name in the chorus. Even gay hook-up app Grindr now has this special message for its thousands of Aussie users, linking them to a petition, which now has almost 2,000 signatories…

…But yesterday’s most damning coffee spill came from national youth mental health foundation Headspace, which released a statement explaining why it now wants nothing to do with the annual RU OK? Day mental health awareness campaign which Gloria Jeans proudly sponsors.

“That a major sponsor of the campaign, Gloria Jeans, made a significant donation to the Australian Christian Lobby in 2010 has given us cause for concern,” notes Headspace.

“Headspace supports the right of organisations such as the ACL to free speech. However, when that free speech has the potential to harm the quality of life of young people and perpetuate bigotry, inequality, fear and violence we know we have a responsibility to stand up for the rights of those whose voices are so often unheard.

“It is because of this that Headspace feels it has a moral and ethical duty to withdraw as a partner of RU OK? Day.”

Late yesterday afternoon, Gloria Jeans’ senior management team issued another response to the community’s concern via its official Facebook page.

“Over the last few days there has been a lot of discussion about our company and we would like to take the opportunity to clear the air,” it began, again noting its belief in respect for “equality and diversity”, and even going as far as to stress “We are not homophobic and are proud that our team members come from all walks of life and sexual orientations.”

Unlike its coffee rival Starbucks this week, Gloria Jeans would not pledge its support for marriage equality, noting “we hold no position on marriage law, and in line with our values support people’s freedom to choose who they love.”

As for the company’s Australian Christian Lobby donation: “We would like to apologise for any hurt or offence which may have been caused by the paid advertising we undertook for the 2010 prime ministerial debate event, hosted by the Australian Christian Lobby.

“It appears that there is now a perception that we endorse the views and values of the ACL. This is not the case. Gloria Jean’s Coffees does not support the independent views and values of the ACL.”

What about Hillsong Church? “Gloria Jean’s Coffees is a privately owned business and not owned by the Hillsong Church,” the statement continues.

“This misunderstanding often arises because our founders are active parishioners of their local Hillsong Church.

“We are not affiliated with Hillsong, however we do support a wide range of charities and churches in the communities in which our coffees houses operate including Hillsong.”

That support continues to this very day. Earlier this week, Gloria Jeans was mysteriously removed as a major sponsor of the Hillsong Church’s upcoming conference, but today the coffee brand is back on the list of those partnering with the controversial religious group’s major annual event.”



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  1. But Bill could not, and that description of yours does not match or go far enough for what Bill at times claimed of the agenda. Anyhow I think its a lost cause to have Bill stick to truth.


  2. OldDude – you really are the gift that just keeps on giving……..I must agree with you that the “Gay Agenda” can be accurately described as “a long winded (decades long) process to destroy society and/or Christianity” – well said, it is the 24/7 365 days per year tireless endeavour of supressing the truth in unrighteousness – in fact, these people define their very existence by this sin……trust you dont need anyone to define it for you, when you have done that yourself….


  3. I find their coffee sinfully bad – I think there is a special place in hell for people who don’t train their baristas properly


  4. Maybe you could help Bill out and articulate the agenda that he uses to justify his lying and classing gays as satan’s spawn who are trying to destroy christianity. He (used to?) keep referring to this “Gay Agenda”” but could never articulate it. So that is why I started using the “fabled” tag, part as what it seemed to be and as a way to distinguish it from agendas we all have when trying to achieve some simple task. Bill was using Gay Agenda as a long winded (decades long) process to destroy society and/or Christianity.

    google searches will be the result of both words, and of each word. So the 38.9 million results are for “gay” + “agenda” + “gay agenda” as both of those words are significant words. I have no doubt that there are millions of results as the phrase is used so much since it was invented back in the 90’s. Bones quoted somewhere a source for the often used agenda to prove Gays should be criminalised, and some even want them killed.


  5. How detached from the time/space continuum can you get – OldDude calls it the Gay Agenda a “fable” yet when the phrase “Gay Agenda” is queried in the Google Search engine we are given 38,900,000 reasons to believe otherwise 🙂


  6. I think homosexuals should be encouraged to exercise their right boycott society in general and go and live in tasmania with Bob Brown…….:)


  7. I’l be you’re huckleberry

    Is having sex with your neighbours wife sinful………yes or no ONLY IF SHE”S REALLY UGLY
    Is stealing your neighbours car sinful…………………..yes or no ONLY IF ITS REALLY UGLY
    Is beating up a gay person sinful………………………..yes or no NOT IF THEY ARE REALLY UGLY
    Is worshipping satan sinful…………………………………yes or no YES – UNLESS HE”S NOT UGLY
    Is same sex marriage sinful………………………………..yes or no ONLY IF BOTH PARTNERS ARE REALLY UGLY

    I hope that clears things up for you Bill


  8. You were clearly answered Bill. Even repeated twice very clearly and openly. And even when pointed to the clear answers you refuse to acknowledge them.

    Don’t try the victim game Bill. Conscience starting to prick you Bill? Too many of your lies being clearly exposed for you to hide from your conscience.

    Not semantics Bill, just your lies being exposed.


  9. End of discussion for me
    Someone who clearly can’t answer openly and honestly and hides behind semantics is not walking in the light


  10. You won’t address the issues of your sinful heart that lies, calls people satan, misrepresents what people say.

    And even when shown that you lied there is no repentance.

    No Bill, I can answer yes/no to your questions but these childish games are useless while you continue in your personal sin of lying, deceptions, misrepresentation and so on.

    You cannot even articulate your core argument of the “Gay Agenda” How about Bill, lets hear it and not those attacks, but the real deal the real Gay Agenda. You have to give references so that we can see it is not something you pulled from your behind.

    Oh you forgot a couple of questions Bill, and I wonder why? For example this one
    Is lying Sinful, no matter the ends …………… yes or no


  11. All this time I have been pointing out the lies and deceptions of so-called christians which you have added yourself to.

    At no time did I say that SSM was not sinful!!! I did say that its not the christian’s place to force governments to ban it. Can you see a difference?


  12. Only a deceiver will not answer with a yes or no to a simple question

    Is having sex with your neighbours wife sinful………yes or no
    Is stealing your neighbours car sinful…………………..yes or no
    Is beating up a gay person sinful………………………..yes or no
    Is worshipping satan sinful…………………………………yes or no
    Is same sex marriage sinful………………………………..yes or no


  13. You are really full of it Bill. You pull it from your behind and complain when people show it for what it is CRAP.

    Then you directly lie because you were wrong and now claim that the truth (the proof you lie) is the Gay Agenda.

    So that means the Gay Agenda is showing how you Bill lie.

    Oh Bill that crap you just said This is the Gay Agenda……………twisting what God has created as good and perverting it to promote evil applies to the unsaved as a whole.

    Read my post (above) to you that I wrote while you were spewing forth your hate towards me.


  14. Bill, YOU LIE when you say You have been playing your little games when you never believed SSM was sinful. You are

    READ my previous post you liar

    in it you see
    REPEAT if you cannot read above
    Seriously Bill, I agree on Christian marriage (man-woman joined together becoming one flesh) (must be 5 times now I’ve told you) …….
    NOW 7 or more times.


    “And SSM is no more sinful than …. lying, …..”

    Bill proved again to be lying and I will say it directly. It does not matter if you think SSM is MORE sinful than lying, I still called it as such. Only a childish game needs it in one statement or is it too complex for your lying brain to see it in 2 statements

    Again you call me the devil, because scripture refers to the fraud[ster] and the deceiver.” as satan himself.

    Bill proven wrong AGAIN, and Bill responds by calling me Satan’s spawn by referring to me as Satan.

    Words fail me for the deception and lies you have shown in this string of posts.


  15. Thank you Old Dude for exposing the gay agenda for all to see

    This is the Gay Agenda……………twisting what God has created as good and perverting it to promote evil


  16. Yes Old Dude………….IF you were a christian and a man of INTEGRITY you would have said from the outset you believed SSM was not sinful

    But you have deceived all the readers into thinking something else and using your ‘love, compassion’ to hide your deceitfulness



  17. Just as I suspected form Old Dude. You have been playing your little games when you never believed SSM was sinful. You are the fraud and the deceiver. You had a vested interest and pretended to give a ‘neutral balanced stand’ when deep down hiding your agenda
    Yep you had an agenda all along just like gay activists and surprise surprise you could never see the gay agenda

    Caught out………but God knew all along your sneaky deceitful game

    I would rather stand before God in my current condition than your current condition as those that love him walk in the light and don’t make excuses for darkness


  18. REPEAT if you cannot read above
    Seriously Bill, I agree on Christian marriage (man-woman joined together becoming one flesh) (must be 5 times now I’ve told you) But you have to use truth when trying to present your case and claiming things that are demonstratively false is NOT being a Light and the Salt. Telling lies to present your case is in fact calling lies truth.

    See the words “Bill, I agree”

    The so called games is you trying to imply that I am evil, when in fact you are doing the misrepresentations, stating as fact, lies that are subsequently proven the lies they are. Then having to listen to you attacking claiming we’re the ones calling evil good.

    Sorry Bill I will not play your word games, and do it deliberately (not politically). If publicly agreeing with you on the christian meaning of marriage (actually more scriptural saying joining together) is not enough then nothing will be. And SSM is no more sinful than your antics in lying, misrepresenting, declaring God’s wrath on others who call for you to be truthful (just look above for examples).

    And the biggest so far is the fabled, decades long, calling for christian religion to be destroyed (you have said it) “Gay Agenda”. No articulation, just words games on how we all have agendas because we plan to do something/anything in that day, or react to something. Yes Bill my agenda at this moment is replying to you.

    I Give up Bill, you won’t change. To you “the ends justify the means” and that just doesn’t fit with my understanding of christian ethics of honesty, compassion, love, etc. Its like you have this veneer of love covering your old hateful self that rises in self righteous indignation when gays are mentioned.


  19. Old Dude
    Why don’t you have the courage to just say it. Stop your little games and declare OPENLY what you believe
    Is same sex marriage a sin in God’s eyes…….ever heard of being truthful in answering a question or are you going to give a political answer


  20. Read Bill read. Look up and read. I’d like to think that question was an honest mistake and you’re forgiven. But search your heart Bill and see if it was not just another attempt by yourself to slur/misrepresent me.


  21. Bill: talk attack claim attack claim talk … Gay Agenda … talk attack evil

    Others: Bill you’re wrong, and here is why.

    Bill: woe to those who call evil good and good evil, [you’re going to hell].

    Seriously Bill, I agree on Christian marriage (man-woman joined together becoming one flesh) (must be 5 times now I’ve told you) But you have to use truth when trying to present your case and claiming things that are demonstratively false is NOT being a Light and the Salt. Telling lies to present your case is in fact calling lies truth.

    Learn the scriptures on how to interact with the unsaved, and an unsaved secular society. The New Testament is staged in such a situation. Really it was much worse then now.


  22. The lengths so called christians go, to justify wicked behaviour shows something seriously wrong in their spiritual lives
    The Bible says woe to those who call evil good and good evil


  23. Hi Bill – is this the Gay Agenda you keep referring to ?

    The Gay Agenda:

    1. Minutes of previous Gay meeting read and accepted
    2. Business arising
    3. Reports from officers
    a. Treasurer
    b. Secretary
    c. President
    4. General Business
    5. Date of next meeting (don’t forget everyone is to bring some material to sew for our taffeta sub committee fundraiser..See you all at the next meeting…bye bye blossoms


  24. its only So you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t when you don’t follow scriptural basis for interacting with an unsaved society.


  25. Sorry that is 3rd century commentator/historian (Juvenal)

    The references are not posting correctly so I will try this

    www islandmix com / backchat / f9 / origin-marriage-50901 /

    And another article seems to have borrowed the text from the article I quoted / the-pastors-eye / the-origin-of-marriage-10135 /

    Dunno if this will end up a duplicate, but if it does Lance, can you delete this one. It just doesn’t seem to be appearing.


  26. Just in case you have trouble with the previous article, here is another on the Roman Emperors citing another historian/commentator of the time (first century)

    “Gay marriage is rare in history—but not unknown. The Roman emperor Nero, who ruled from A.D. 54 to 68, twice married men in formal wedding ceremonies, and forced the Imperial Court to treat them as his wives. In second- and third-century Rome, homosexual weddings became common enough that it worried the social commentator Juvenal….

    “Look—a man of family and fortune—being wed to a man!” Juvenal wrote. “Such things, before we’re very much older, will be done in public.” He mocked such unions, saying that male “brides” would never be able to “hold their husbands by having a baby.””

    I am not trying to justify SSM, but showing Bill that just stating things does not make them true. If we are to be the SALT of the earth and a Light in these times of darkness then we must use truth, be they worldly “facts” or scriptural “facts” I actually agree with him on the scriptural basis of marriage, just not his methods of interaction and trying to force his views on the unsaved. Being the light and salt does not imply that we attempt to force the unsaved to do anything, but means living our own lives correctly which includes Truth, Honesty, Love and the other fruits of the Spirit.


  27. OK Bill, if there is this fabled “GAY AGENDA” that you have just berated me over by mocking me. Then articulate it with references. Seriously if you know it well enough to mock me over it then it should be easy for you to articulate it.

    Articulate it Bill with references or realise that you don’t know it and have been misrepresenting the facts.

    I want to hear what the fabled “GAY AGENDA” is so I can be educated and learn.


  28. BS – just used a source that saw more recently history wrongly, but historians from the 1st century say the same.

    It is not one historian who has reported on this fact.

    I use facts and try to provide reputable references, but I used a bad reference in this case, so sue me, but there were plenty of other references including one from the 1st century. Its been a fact for 2000 years and still is even if you claim otherwise.


  29. Well how about other historians. Roman emperors did marry other male(s)

    I will just pick one of the emperors (there are other examples)

    “NERO CLAUDIUS CAESAR …. He even went so far as to marry him, with all the usual formalities of a marriage settlement, the rose-coloured nuptial veil, and a numerous company at the wedding. When the ceremony was over, he had him conducted like a bride to his own house, and treated him as his wife “

    The Lives Of The Twelve Caesars, Complete. by C. Suetonius Tranquillus
    (sourced from “The Annals by Roman historian and senator Tacitus written in the first century AD”)

    Just because a historian does not always sees things as others do does not mean that all his facts are wrong. But I do see your point about John Boswell and wished I had not used his book as reference. But as you can see his source for Roman history was likely from old historical texts. Just for interest sake there are numerous decorated pottery examples from the greek and roman era that illustrates their involvement and tolerance of homosexual activities and unions/marriages. Point being that marriage laws have not always been same as today.


  30. Just more evidence of a gay agenda to distort, lie and manipulate but surely there can’t be an agenda as we have been told by Old Dude

    Notice Old Dude will believe anything if it contradicts the evil right wing christians who it seems are the worst people on the planet


  31. Bill be the SALT and LIGHT. Don’t lie, misrepresent, deceive as you have done to people here, scripture, and articles. Some more blatantly than others. Rather by living your christian life, sharing the gospel, showing compassion, love, tolerance, and the other fruits of the Spirit will you then be the SALT, and a Light to the unsaved. But by using the Word of God as a hammer and telling the unsaved how to live, you can see in your life that untruths come in because you are out of God’s ways. And only by using untruths can you convince yourself that you are right and God must be wrong to tell us to Pray & Share the Gospel.

    Bill we are not of this kingdom. This is important. Many fear the loss of an easy christian walk if this kingdom changes. They want the secular society to live godly lives so that they don’t have to worry about silly things like persecution or resisting temptations or being criticised for their faith.

    Bill if you are saved then your citizenship is not in this earthly kingdom, but of God’s kingdom. That is one reason that Paul could say what right have we to judge the unsaved. The other was we would spend our whole lives judging them.

    Our laws were crafted by a secular government modelled after other secular countries.

    Just because many of our laws follow along similar lines to scripture does not mean they were designed to follow scripture.

    Just because a country is called a christian country does not mean its citizens are biblical christians. Our government is called christian by people who don’t know that it never was, and always was a secular government.

    Originally the laws (england/australia) allowed those in power to authorise murder, kept the serfs enslaved to their Lords, allowed hanging for stealing a loaf of bread to feed their staving family (not in line with scripture) For every law that seemingly is aligned with scripture there is more that is not aligned It is only over time has the law moderated and shown more compassion. Just looking from the 50’s 60’s 70’s 80’s 90’s 00’s I have seen numerous changes to our laws, some closer to christian thinking and others away.

    If you are so concerned about forcing the government to stop SSM then why are you not trying to force the government to stop divorce, or lying, or any other sin that our laws allow to happen.


  32. God is against it
    Scriptures are against it
    Current law is against it
    Christians have every biblical and legal right to be against it as the laws defined what marriage is

    God is in charge of the governments and we are told in the NT to pray for the governments so that we may, if at all possible, live at peace. We are told to spread/share the Gospel to the unsaved. Note: God & Paul do not give the christians the liberty to attempt to force God’s will on the unsaved, nor to legislate God’s will, because that would nullify the commission to spread/share/preach the Gospel since all we would have to do is legislate it.

    So if God is in control then who are you, a piece of clay, to tell God what he should do with the government. That is why we are told to pray, then God’s will will be done and not us trying to force our individual wills on society.

    Scripture itself says what right have we to judge the unsaved. If the government tries to tell christians how we treat the joining together of husband&wife then I would for one commit civil disobedience if I could not live my life according to the Word of God. Rather like what happened in the early centuries.

    Current law is against it, so what!!! Most laws need changing when society’s views change. Duh that what a secular government is there for to change the laws when needed or society changes.

    Christians didn’t have a say in Australia’s marriage law when it was created. The secular governing body set up in Australia at the time created it. Oh it didn’t forbade homosexual marriage, that clause was added in recent times, as another law criminalised homosexuality. Secular laws are not set in stone, but change as times change.


  33. Oh Bill, you don’t comprehend much of what I write do you, otherwise you believe christians are called to legislate (note legislate, not share) what we believe to be the Word of God.

    Do you support gays having legalised same sex marriage.

    I support the government through prayer as the scriptures say, so if possible that the government will make the right decision for a secular society in deciding what to do with the secular law on secular marriage

    I do not support so-called christian activists (eg ACL, right-wing conservatives, etc), trying to tell society what to do. Society in general is unsaved and Paul says what right/place have we to judge the unsaved!

    Since the law says marriage is male and female on what GODLY grounds do you approve of this change of law Noticed your misrepresentation of my views again.

    The secular mariage Law has changed many times in the last 4 thousand years in many cultures. Australia like many countries have a secular government and Australia is bound by its constitution so that the government cannot make laws forcing religious observance.

    The marriage law over the centuries has changed from allowing homosexual marriages in Christ’s time then changed by the “Christianised” Roman emperor around 3rd 4th century to disallow it and kill any homosexuals in the roman empire. Then in about the 1500’s England brought in the buggery act to criminalise homosexual marriage and hang any homosexuals.

    The marriage act/convention in America was only changed in more recent times to allow interracial marriages and Australia was similar.

    The marriage act (secular remember) may get changed yet another time to allow SSM. Do I approve, well Paul says what right have I to JUDGE the unsaved (secular society) so actually I do not condemn the change if it occurs, nor will I lobby the government either way. If they ask then I will tell them what I feel is correct but doubt they will anymore and doubt they would listen.


  34. Why doesn’t society follow Jesus’s teaching on divorce? After all God is against it. Scripture is against it. Does far more damage than same-sex marriage will ever do.


  35. You know if Christians followed Jesus and Paul’s words maybe the gays would be more open to hearing the Gospel.

    They can’t hear it above the condemnation.


  36. Old Dude
    Do you support gays having legalised same sex marriage.

    Since the law says marriage is male and female on what GODLY grounds do you approve of this change of law

    God is against it
    Scriptures are against it
    Current law is against it
    Christians have every biblical and legal right to be against it as the laws defined what marriage is

    It is you and others who approve of changing the law under a false hood of equality
    You are neither biblical or godly in your support of same sex marriage

    Since the LAW ALREADY EXISTS unlike early christians who got saved into a pagan culture with pagan laws. Our western system had existing laws many based on godly principles.
    God expects us to stand for righteousness

    What about christians already in politics…………would you tell them it is unbiblical to vote against same sex marriage


  37. To compare approval of same sex marriage to treating gays with Christian kindness is appalling interpretation and twisting of scriptures. The levels of distortion by those wanting to approve same sex marriage and compare it to christian goodness reveals something wrong in their spiritual life.

    There are many things I don’t approve of doesn’t mean those people who practise those sinful acts should not be treated in a christian way

    If a prostitute, drug dealer, thief, adulterer etc came to church they would all be treated equally well but it doesn’t mean i would approve of their lifestyle

    Christians who are changing the goal posts for gays are the ones twisting and distorting the Bible for their own personal bias and the Bible strictly forbids that


  38. Gay people are sinners like every one else. Are they my enemy? If so, (and I don’t) what does the Bible say about my enemies?

    I need to love them, pray for them, bless them, do good for them.

    Then I am salt of the Earth, light in the darkness, a child of our Father in heaven.

    Matthew 5:43-44
    43 “You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor[i] and hate your enemy.’ 44 But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, 45 that you may be children of your Father in heaven.

    Romans 12:14
    Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse.

    17 Do not repay anyone evil for evil. Be careful to do what is right in the eyes of everyone. 18 If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone. 19 Do not take revenge, my dear friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,”[d] says the Lord. 20 On the contrary:

    “If your enemy is hungry, feed him;
    if he is thirsty, give him something to drink.
    In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head.”[e]

    21 Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.


  39. And you know what, Bill. If there is a gay agenda then so what? Does that change Jesus’s commission to go into the world and make disciples (not legislation)? Does that change Jesus’s words to love our neighbours?


  40. I am now reading up on some of the antics of this Matt Barber, like telling blacks not to trust the American President, and relating voter ID laws back to gay rights. Ummmm maybe the letter is one of his more balanced pieces of work. (Ignoring the introduction of the letter which was designed to inflame the issue)

    Does this man even articulate the Gay Agenda, or does he like you just blame it for whatever suits him?


  41. What is wrong with posting the link Bill, it is a letter that shows both compassion and dangers of homosexual sex. Rather balanced for one classed as right-wing conservative. Better than your attempts Bill to class anyone disagreeing with you as deceived and under Satan’s control.

    But it still does not articulate the “GAY AGENDA” only blames “it” for some things and some claims of “it” will say to others.

    Will read it again later on, and are you trying to nanny us by censoring what we can read?. If it is truth Bill then why hesitate, as your hesitation suggests that you know its not entirely true and uses prejudices.

    Anyhow Bill where is that fabled “GAY AGENDA” articulation. Of course without references it will be seen as a product of your prejudices.


  42. No its easy, just articulate the fabled “GAY AGENDA” with some references so its not just your ramblings.

    Then I will see it, I am not so blinded as you misrepresent.

    Until you articulate it Bill you show you argue from your own conception of the issues and not truth.

    How many times do I have to reaffirm to you Bill that I see Christian marriage as between man-woman joined together and becoming one flesh. Oh thats right your rage over the issues has blinded you and you are projecting that blindness and hate onto others.


  43. Use arguments based in truth, and at least check your facts after thinking them up.

    SSM have occurred in the past and only one example is needed to prove your statement wrong. “also marriage was never associated with homosexuality in pagan societies.”

    See John Boswell, “Same Sex Unions in Pre-Modern Europe.” (New York: Random House, 1995). Pages 80–85. “The first historical mention of the performance of same-sex marriages occurred during the early Roman Empire.” Note: first HISTORICAL mention, which means it could have occurred earlier.

    Please Bill use Truth in your combat.

    Which of course means your statement “It is an invention of satanic origin and yes satan is smart and wants to destroy everything God has created good” is in question and seriously is it just something you thought up to strengthen your position?

    Marriage in Australia is a secular law, Bill, secular. Meaning it does not try and follow the christian joining of two becoming one flesh, and does not matter what you or I believe. Maybe you would be better spreading the Gospel and seeing people saved so that they can then follow the Word of God for themselves rather than you trying to convenience others to force your version of God’s will on the secular society.

    Bill be the Light and the SALT. Do it by using TRUTH, COMPASSION, TOLERANCE and LOVE as we are taught to do in the New Testament. Not force, lies, misrepresentations and hate.

    Truth Bill, use truth in all you say and people will then start believing you.

    “If christians do not stand for God then they will slowly capitulate to other evils and that has already started”

    Got your AK47 Bill, because you will need it to force your views on society. It is so far from God’s ways already. Otherwise stand firm in your faith, using compassion, truth, love rightly dividing the Word of God and share the Gospel, not use it as a hammer to force others to follow God’s ways when they are still unsaved.

    Seriously Bill study up on how God wants us to interact with a secular society. Paul and the Apostles had to live in a secular society that DID allow homosexuals to marry. (see prev ref)


  44. Old Dude
    You wont see it because your heart is blinded in this area. You have already formed your rigid opinion and like atheists no amount of proof will convince you.

    Only humility and admitting to God you are willing to put aside your agenda and opinion and see how God sees will remove the blindfold


  45. The other sad issue is that if believers genuinely want to help gays but can’t embrace certain political issues like same sex marriage then they are called haters

    So you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t

    God loves gays but he is 100% against gay marriage………is he a hater


  46. Bones

    Actually I don’t listen to Alan Jones or Laws

    No one opposes gays having normal basic rights in society nor do I think that gay sex should be punished

    We are talking about marriage WHICH WAS NEVER to be used between same sex in God’s eyes and also marriage was never associated with homosexuality in pagan societies.
    Not even atheist communist nations legalised gay marriage

    It is an invention of satanic origin and yes satan is smart and wants to destroy everything God has created good

    Christians have every right to protest a demonic agenda and it is interesting that the 3 major faiths have united to stand against same sex marriage. Catholics, Orthodox and Anglicans join with majority of evangelical believers includes pentes and non pentes

    Now I know you can’t handle divine revelation but this also was prophesied that sections of the church will go into error and deception and embrace evil.

    You can either stand before God as wheat or tares and yes there are TARES in the church.

    You choose what you want to be be. Satan has twisted love and justice to deceive people into thinking it is a love and justice issue but it is a direct assault against God himself and HIS CHARACTER of HOLINESS.

    Same sex marriage is pure evil in God’s eyes

    If christians do not stand for God then they will slowly capitulate to other evils and that has already started


  47. The article says that in court someone said they were insolvent. They weren’t and aren’t.

    It was no secret that GJs sponsored the Rudd-Abbott ACL event. GJs’ logo was on the ACL website and GJs was mentioned on the webcast. All this hoo ha over what is old news. But GJs bizarre repeated postings on Facebook trying to justify themselves just gives the gay press another opportunity to put the boot in.


  48. When are you going to articulate that fabled “GAY AGENDA” Bill? Been around for a couple of decades at least (your claim). The way you presented it it was some huge agenda way beyond the kind of agenda we have. That is the kind of agenda spoken of here. Not the reactionary agenda displayed by this refusal to buy coffee.

    So Bill, Articulate that GAY AGENDA!

    You know the one where they are out to destroy all ….


  49. So it just happens that gays will boycott Gloria Jeans and there is no agenda at work
    They have legal rights to boycott whoever they want but to say there is no agenda at work is like a ostrich head in the sand

    Put it this way everyone basically has an agenda including many Christian groups but gays somehow don’t have an agenda

    Look at the mass media flooding by gays when Margaret Courts comments came out during the Aussie Open. Dr Karen Phelps went for Margaret’s jugular and it was an amazing backlash by secular aussies who SAW the gay agenda at work and came out and protested publically via different media streams that stopped the rage.
    I think Phelps and her cohorts were taken back and shocked that average aussies had a gutful of their nazi like tactics.

    I watched and took notice very carefully at the time and it was very clear what the average aussie was thinking and finally many decided to speak out with many making references to a ‘gay agenda’

    This was not Christians saying it this was the average aussie who could identify this agenda and spoke out


  50. Hmmmm.

    So if I refused to buy coffee from Gloria Jeans because they gave $30 000 to the KKK, would that mean there was a black agenda?

    Gloria Jeans can donate to whomever they wish.

    People have the right to buy coffee from whomever they wish.

    No wonder the Gloria Jeans owner went insolvent, sponsoring Hillsong, Mercy Ministries and all. He mustn’t have read Houston’s book You Need More Money.


  51. Oh right, call a group of society nazi’s (that is how they see it) and don’t expect them to react. What did Jim say, he said he told his followers to email bomb Sunrise, Channel 7, and their sponsors.

    Tick for tack I’d say. Reaction not Agenda. (My opinion of course)

    You can only be truly effective if you look for the truth in the matter.


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